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TMS Health Solutions is a Sacramento, California based organization that offers effective, innovative treatments for people struggling with clinical depression as well as mental health conditions. The team of clinicians at TMS Health Solutions have spent many years researching new treatments and have had a breakthrough with their Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy. Clinical depression is treatable with the help of the compassionate, comprehensive care offered by TMS Health Solutions. They provide a wide range of comprehensive psychiatry services in combination with medication management that has produced excellent results for people suffering with clinical depression.

While 40% of people with clinical depression do not respond to traditional medicines and medical care, the staff at TMS Health Solutions offers the innovative, effective therapies that have shown the ability to successfully treat patients with even the most severe cases of treatment-resistant depression. TMS Health Solutions is the leading provider in Northern California of the highly effective, non-invasive, FDA-cleared Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment. Plus, most insurance carriers including Cigna, Blue Shield of California, Anthem, Optum and United Healthcare cover the TMS therapy, medication management and psychiatric services TMS Health Solutions offers.

You or your loved ones don’t have to live under the dark cloud of clinical depression. All you have to do is call TMS Health Solutions and schedule a consultation with their well-qualified, experienced clinicians and they will work with you to create a treatment plan to help you regain your clarity of thought and zest for life. Their Patient Access Team can direct you to one their convenient locations near you where you or your loved one can receive the health restoring treatment you need. Thousands of patients have found relief from clinical depression through the services of TMS Health Solutions and their TMS therapy.

At TMS Health Solutions they offers a very unique, patient-centered experience. Clinical depression can be painful and isolating and leave people so disoriented they don’t know how or where to find help. The caring professionals at TMS Health Solutions can help. They can provide the appropriate treatment that can provide relief from the debilitating symptoms of clinical depression and get you on the road to recovery. The TMS health Solutions staff is passionate about helping people struggling with clinical depression to regain control of their lives.

Founded by Dr. Richard Bermudes in 2007, TMS Health Solutions offer fast, effective long-lasting relief for people suffering with clinical depression.

If you are looking to escape the clutches of daily pain but do not want to be under a cloud of fogginess induced by manufactured painkillers or want to avoid the nasty side effects that they can sometimes inflict, Heal N Soothe may be for you. Unlike most painkillers, Heal N Soothe is a healthy and natural alternative, and it is pleasantly effective. And at just $50 for a whole month’s supply, you really can’t go wrong with this product. It’s also easy to get your hands on through Amazon or on the Heal N Soothe website.

Heal N Soothe is not just another gimmick product-it actually has ingredients that have been proven to work for hundreds of years and it repairs the body when ingested rather than just temporarily relieving the pain and inflammation.

In order to get everything out of Heal N Soothe, the supplements should be taken daily. The dosage can easily be adjusted to suit the pain relief needs of the person taking it by taking more or fewer supplements. It is also cruelty-free and does not contain any animal products. It can also be taken with your multi-vitamin. The longer it is taken, the more benefits your body will be able to receive and the stronger your immune system will become. Refer to This Article for more info.

Heal N Soothe only contains natural ingredients such as Papain, Boswellia, Ginger, and proteolytic systemic enzymes. All of these ingredients and the combination of these natural ingredients deliver powerful pain fighting results that do not have eth same unwanted side effects that more mainstream painkillers have on the body. Most of these ingredients have been used for hundreds of years to naturally and effectively combat inflammation and pain.

The proteolytic systemic enzymes in Heal N Soothe not only help to fight inflammation and pain, but they also cleanse the blood, boost immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular function as well as breakdown scar tissue. The citrus bioflavonoids contain L-glutathione helps to keep the body safe from oxidative damage and devil’s claw is very effective in combating arthritis pain. As many as 77 patients in one specific study had relief from pain and swelling thanks to the bromelain found in Heal N Soothe.

Heal N Soothe is not meant to be a magical cure for ailments but it is rather meant to gradually protect the body and to strengthen it so that immunity and health are improved.



Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, two owners of the Phoenix New Times, have given their thoughts about the pardon given to former Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The two who spent years investigating accusations of crime against Joe. They know him very well and the actions that he has committed in the line of duty.

To Lacey and Larkin, this is one person who does not need to be part of the free world. He does not believe in freedom of all people, and his place, therefore, deserves to be behind bars. In performing his duties of enforcing the law, he went to the extra extent of disobeying the same laws that he purported to enforce.

Lacey and Larkin had an opportunity to look at the life of Joe Arpaio, and the information they found about him is disgusting. This is a man who spent years torturing immigrants who were living in his county. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Arizona is a border state, and therefore, the number of immigrants from Mexico were too many. Joe Arpaio used this opportunity to set his parallel system of law where anyone he caught in the county illegally was subjected to inhumane treated which culminated in deportation.

Joe Arpaio committed crimes that should land him in jail according to Lacey and Larkin. Some of the crimes they accuse him of perpetrating are corruption, beating, sex crimes, embezzlement of jail money and setting up of illegal concentration camps.

The concentration camps were used to hold up immigrants before they were deported. Life in the concentration camps was, however, hell on earth. The conditions of living were unbearable.

Lacey and Larkin using their media house Phoenix New Times used to expose the actions of Arpaio, but none of their attempts would stop him from committing these crimes. Instead of changing his ways, he stopped the media house from covering his press conferences.

In 2007, Lacey and Larkin had an encounter with Joe Arpaio; he sent officers to arrest them. Each one was taken to a concentration camp established by Joe Arpaio.

The following day after it became apparent the two journalists had been arrested, media fraternity in the country condemned this action so much that Joe Arpaio released them within 24 hours. The county attorney who was a close ally of Joe described the arrest as unfortunate. He said the arrest was uncalled for just like the arrests and deportation of the immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

According to the attorney, every person has a right to live in any part of the country irrespective of whether they are native or not. Even if one is an illegal immigrant, torture is never an excuse. That is a violation of human rights and should be stopped by all means possible. The constitution of the United States protects every person from discrimination even if they are immigrants.

Lacey and Larkin now have a foundation they established to deal with the issue of human rights violations in the state of Arizona. The Frontera fund is meant to support activities of the human right activist in the state. The action of human rights abuse like the ones committed by Arpaio should not be allowed to happen again.

You don’t need to look very far to see clear examples of the dating app world changing into something much better than what we’ve seen today. It’s very obvious that the way we look at the modern world is changing and that we are forming connections in ways we would’ve never done in the past. Wolfe has simply made it clear that dating apps do not need to go through with the way they do things now. There’s a new way of doing things and she wants to be the one to introduce the world to it in its entirety. Bumble is the first app to give women the power of the first move, but it will certainly not be the last.

Bumble’s unique approach to gender dynamics is popular with the younger crowd and it’s giving people who didn’t think about dating apps before a chance to reintroduce themselves. We’ve seen the challenges involved in online dating but these are no longer problems with this app. Wolfe has made sure to give her app the sterling quality it needs to stave off those criticisms. It’s a change we can all appreciate for the better in the grand scheme of things. There’s a change going on in the world of Bumble and she wants to make sure that it expands into other areas of our life. This app isn’t just about dating anymore and she wants to make the new more business minded side of Bumble well known.

Bumble Bizz is certainly a departure from other dating apps in its drive to make this a more multidimensional app. Instead of simply going on in order to find a hookup or date you can now use it to make connections you wouldn’t have had in the past. That approach is radical and does something very amazing. It makes it clear that we can use the dating app interface for something more. That greater goal is going to make Bumble into a tour de force and give us a way of thinking about the world we haven’t seen before. Whitney Wolfe is trying to change the way we do things in general and she needs to try all of the ideas she can. Changing the paradigm is never an easy task but for those willing it’s always a worthwhile endeavor. We’ll see where this goes when her new ideas have finally kicked in.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina M.D., is an oral surgeon, entrepreneur, and community leader that is based out of London, England. He currently contributes to various Islamic spiritual organizations and holds leadership positions in multiple healthcare companies.

Early Beginnings
Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in 1950. He was determined to achieve great things in life and wasted little time in taking action to build a great future for himself. He studied dentistry at the King’s College London and became a full fledged oral surgeon in 1975. He practiced dentistry for the next 10 years until he got the urge to start an entrepreneurial venture in the healthcare Industry.

Starting in 1985, Dr. Sachedina founded Sussex Healthcare. The company is still around today and is dedicated to caring for the elderly population of the UK. They have multiple locations spread throughout the Sussex area and are well known for having state of the art technology, and expert, caring staff that is dedicated to the well being of the residents of the care homes.


The Institute of Ismaili Studies
One of the greatest honors that Dr. Sachedina has achieved is becoming a leader of The Institute of Ismaili Studies. The institute is located in London, England and has the sole purpose of promoting the study of Muslim culture throughout society in order to break down barriers and make the world a more tolerable environment. Dr. Sachedina is in charge of organizing programs for The Institute of Ismaili Studies and also works directly with the Aga Khan (Spiritual leader of Nizari sect of Ismaili Muslims) in developing new programs for the Institute. Dr. Sachedina has also previously served as the president of Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom for 2 consecutive terms and continues to give back to the community in any way that he can.

Into The Future
The future looks bright for Dr. Sachedina, with his continued volunteer work for the Islamic religion and dedication to bettering other people’s lives through healthcare, he is primed for many more years of great success in the future.

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Boraie Development is leading the housing revolution in the cities of Newark, Atlantic City and New Brunswick in the northeast New Jersey corner. This revolution is an effort by vario us city planning agencies, business organization spokespeople and private contractors to find new ways of improving local neighborhoods and creating a better business climate. Boraie Development has done its part by replenishing old housing with brand new apartments and condominiums that have luxury features like on-site gymnasiums, location near bus or metro lines and in the case of their Beach at South Inlet project which is currently being built in Atlantic City, close proximity to the beachfront. Boraie Development has seen some great returns on these investments especially from younger generation tenants who are currently renting their units.


Boraie Development began with a plan by one man to save a troubled city in New Brunswick. That man is Omar Boraie who moved to the US in the 1960s to pursue a doctorate degree in chemistry and teach at Rutgers University. Whenever he drove around the city, he saw the decay and lack of commerce in the downtown areas and felt something needed to be done. He decided to find out for himself how he could team up with contractors and finance loans for his rebuilding plans, and soon he had purchased a number of abandoned properties including the main center on Albany Street. Most city leaders thought his plans were going to fail, but Omar Boraie went ahead with his building plans.


According to WSJ, Boraie Development first started turning small abandoned buildings on Albany Street into more attractive living and work spaces, and the first big building they transformed was tower one and its parking garage by 1988. The area started filling up with new shops and offices as people started seeing that Boraie’s plan may be working after all. So Boraie continued and by 2003, Albany Street Plaza now had two towers and the Boraie Development office became surrounded by both retail stores and fortune 500 companies, and even city administrative offices started coming there.


Boraie Development decided to start building housing to attract younger tenants around 2005 when they got the idea to put big high-rise apartment on Spring Street. Even though people had started to believe in what Omar Boraie had done with his commercial properties now, they still didn’t believe his plans to put a big New York City style building was going to work. But tenants started renting out within days of its completion, and within three months the condominium was full. Their next big housing property, The Aspire filled up just as quick when it was built in 2014 and the Beach at South Inlet is also expected to fill up quick. Omar Boraie has often reflected back to the day he started and praised Johnson & Johnson’s leaders for choosing to keep their company in the city as his inspiration. You can search on Yahoo for more.



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For anyone who has ever wanted to make use of a local therapist but was never able to get to one, there is a better and more convenient option for you to utilize right now. This amazing option is known as Talkspace, and it is a downloadable app that you can put onto your tablet or phone and use as often or as much as you need. You are going to have quick and easy access to professional therapists who can talk you through any problem that you are currently experiencing. This is why thousands upon thousands of people have already downloaded and used the app for themselves, as it is something that has helped them to cope with everyday life problems.

The amazing thing about Talkspace is that you are going to be able to download it within seconds and be matched with a therapist in a matter of minutes. This means that you are able to receive the help that you need without necessarily waiting days or even weeks for an appointment. Many local therapists have wait lists for patients, which is not necessarily a good thing when you want to go and see someone right now. This is why this amazing app has revolutionized the world of therapy since it was introduced over five years ago.

The moment that you begin to make use of the app known as Talkspace, you are doing something that is going to totally change your life for the better. There are so many different options that are available to you, and this is why you need to make sure that you utilize the app and create your very own account so that you can be matched with a professional therapist who is going to be there for you whenever you need help with any of life’s problems.

USHEALTH Group is a privately-held health insurance provider. It was established in 1982 and is based in Texas. The group was restructured in 2005 to the current organizational structure. It consists of over ten subsidiaries, which execute its mission. These include USHEALTH Advisors, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, USHEALTH Administrators, Pacific Casuality Company and National Foundation Life Insurance among others.

The companies are licensed to offer health and life insurance and related services such as marketing, retail, and finance. Freedom Life Insurance, as well as its sister company, National Foundation Life Insurance, act as the primary underwriters of the group’s insurance policies. USHEALTH Advisors oversees retail distribution and marketing. This is achieved through a comprehensive network of sales and marketing agents.

USHEALTH Group is committed to providing personalized coverage that is affordable and sustainable. The group offers a diverse range of cutting edge coverage plans. These include PremierChoice, MedGuard, Secure Advantage and SecureDental among many others. Additionally, the group offers other customized products covering accidents and emergencies, specified conditions, dental and optical, critical illnesses as well as income protection.

The group offers reliable services. It creates long-term strategic relationships with customers to increase loyalty. The group appreciates that every customer has unique requirements. There is a product for every level of income and healthcare requirements. It provides award-winning customer care. It facilitates quick processing of claims and is dedicated to helping other people daily. Read more about USHealth group at Bloomberg.

The group and its management team led by the President and CEO, Troy McQuagge, has won numerous industry awards for excellence in service delivery. The CEO has been recognized by the annual CEO World Awards as the CEO of the Year in 2016 and 2017. He also bagged the Most Innovative CEO of the Year in the insurance sector under the same program.

Additionally, One Planet Awards recognized him as the best CEO. He has steered the group to achieve rapid growth. The group has set new records in sales and annual revenue as well as shareholder value. Troy McQuagge joined the group in 2010 and was appointed to the top position in 2014.

USHEALTH Advisors was recently awarded gold in the prestigious annual Stevie Awards. This is in the National Sales Team of the Year group. The award honors excellence in sales, product development, and customer care. USHEALTH Group recently won gold in the Corporate Social Responsibility category awarded by CEO World Awards.

The group’s “Month of Hope” program enabled employees and agents to improve the lives of more than 170,000 people in just a month. They donated their time, expertise and money to support local communities. Read:



It is hard for many entrepreneurs to invest in the future technologies. Most people want immediate profits. Jason Hope believes that the future of the industries solely depends on the future technology. Jason Hope besides being a futurist is also a philanthropist and an investor in the healthcare technologies.

Jason says that he believes that any individual after acquiring a degree in Finance and an MBA; the best thing one can do is begin their venture. His first business was in the mobile communication technology. Jason says the reason he chose mobile tech is that it reaches many individuals. It was simply the fastest way to reach out to people. He encourages other investors who want to venture into the mobile sector saying it still has room for growth. Investing in the mobile tech set his pace in his medical research and his dream as a futurist. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Unlike other individuals who take long before achieving their goals, Jason Hope did not face difficulties at the beginning. He says that he made profit fast and this encouraged him to enlarge his portfolio as well as invest in other firms and individuals. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

Jason Hope has a different dimension on which he views the doubts that arise in his journey. He says that all investors have a high affinity for doubts. There are multiple times that one doubts whether their strategy is going to work or failure is going to destroy them. Hope says that this is not the ultimate challenge, the issue is how we chose to deal with the thoughts. For Jason Hope, he says that he uses the doubts to fuel his passion. His love and belief of technology also take him through such moments.

Jason says that he believes that social media is still a valid platform for marketing. He says that it is a proven method of tapping more opportunities. He also says that he loves marketing strategies that keep people connected. Jason gives an example of Twitter, as a good platform for sharing news. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Jason says that one factor that has rendered him successful is having an eye for the future. He always visualizes on the impact that the future technology will have in our lives. This helps when challenges come along because he is not ready to give up his big picture. Practicing philanthropy has also been helpful as he says it helps in making everything feel in place even when the going is tough. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

The majority of people in this world aren’t too familiar with Anthony Petrello or “Tony.” They may not even be familiar with him at all. People may vaguely associate him with the enormous corporate universe in the United States, nothing more and nothing less. Petrello isn’t in the media too often. He doesn’t give speeches like the most widely known politicians do. That doesn’t mean, however, that he’s not an integral part of life in the United States. He’s in many ways a symbol of a nation that’s all about dedication and devoted work practices.

Petrello in the past was the Chief Executive Officer who had the highest salary in the country. He’s the person at the top at Nabors Industries. This is a major drilling company that specializes in natural gasoline and oil. People who get this far in life often make others feel jealous and upset. Individuals who have ever had the pleasure of encountering Petrello, however, realize that he’s someone who is 100 percent modest. He’s not a person who ever takes more than his share.

Petrello’s background wasn’t the easiest, either. This man didn’t start off with all of the riches in the world. His story couldn’t be further from that. His parents weren’t rich or famous in any way. They didn’t give him access to endless funds. Petrello was reared in a Newark, New Jersey community that consisted mostly of Italian-Americans. Newark isn’t exactly a luxurious place. People in this city undoubtedly are aware of the strength of earning their keep. They know better than anyone else that money doesn’t simply grow on trees. Petrello obviously learned a lot from his time in Newark as a youth. That’s the reason that he’s no stranger to giving 100 percent to every work opportunity that enters his life.

This proud executive worked tirelessly to get to his current status. He went to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. This Ivy League institution is among the most well-known in the United States. People all around the planet know about Yale University, too. The young Petrello regularly impressed the people around him with his unrivaled mathematical abilities. People couldn’t ignore his strong mathematical powers. Petrello didn’t stop studying after he completed his time at Yale University. He pushed forward and made the decision to enroll at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He became a tried and tested legal wizard there.

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