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Fortress Investment Group, based out of New York, and founded twenty years ago in 1998, is a leading and highly diversified global investment management firm. They focus on private equity, hedge funds, railroads, red it funds, as well as traditional asset management. It’s subsidiaries include New Senior Investment Group, Railroad Acquisition Holdings, Nationstar Mortgage, New Castle Investment Corporation, New Media Investment Group, and a partial holding of Intrawest Aircastle. The firm has a reported revenue of 1.1 billion US dollars as well as a net income of 180 million US Dollars. The leadership of Fortress Investment Group is as follows: Peter L.Briger, Jr.Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Wesley R. Eden Co-Founder, Principal, and Co-Chief Executive Officer, and Randall A. Nardone Co-Founder and Principal. All three of these businessmen have led successful careers both before founding/joining Fortress and certainly have done well in their role as the Management Committee of Fortress Investment Group., an online employment resource, where personnel (both current and former) anonymously review companies they have worked for and their management reported a ninety-two percent approval rating of the chief executive officer(s) of Fortress.

Personnel ranging from interns to analysts who had worked or were currently working for Fortress had many positive things to say about the company including: There were many opportunities available to them and they were able to learn about many different industries. They felt there was good communication and overall collaboration between teams. Many employees also praised the flat management structure also known as the horizontal organisational structure. This type of management style differs from the more traditional hierarchical structure due to its consisting of few if any middle management positions. This type of management style is favored by companies which prefer temployeeshe removal of excess layers of management to promote communication between executives and staff which in turn allows for personnel to be more directly involved in the decision making process. Certainly the Management Committee of Fortress Investment Group has earned the praise and respect of their employees (as shown in the reviews) due to their diligent and direct business model which has been a cornerstone of their past success.

This past year, in December of 2017, Soft Bank Group Corporation, an internet and telecommunications behemoth, based in Japan, purchased Fortress Investment Group for the sum of 3.3 billion US dollars in cash. The acquisition resulted in Soft Bank Group and it’s subsidiaries owning all outstanding Fortress Investment Group shares. Fortress’s common stock was de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange due to the fact that Fortress’s future financial results are to be consolidated and reflected on Softbank’s financial statements. That being said Fortress is still allowed to operate as an independent company under the umbrella of Soft Bank whois committed to maintaining the leadership, personnel, business model, and brand which over a thousand clients, both corporate and private, worldwide have come to trust in for their investments. Will Softbank now with Fortress’s successful firm in its pocket soar? Perhaps it is too early to tell but if Softbanks numbers from 2017 (after announcing their intent to buy Fortress) are any indication, Fortress Investment Group is a solid boone to the company’s ever growing portfolio.

Any organization or company that is in need of the services of an investment company, like Fortress Investment Group, must ensure that the individuals who are going to be in-charge of the transactions must be aware or should know what are the specific expertise is or specialization of the said investment company. One of the largest private investment companies in the world is Fortress investment Group, which was established in 1998. Fortress is a private equity firm that has a profound knowledge and experience in a wide array of investment areas. And since it is an international firm, it has the capacity to provide services around the world in selected areas or regions. To properly comprehend their field of specialization, Fortress’ core competencies are summarized below.

Asset Based Approach and Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

A company or corporation engage in numerous kinds of transactions that may need a business valuation has the option to obtain the services of Fortress Investment Group’s team of experts who have the skills and experience to deliver valuations and assist with acquisitions and mergers. As an example, a company who would like to merge with another company can request for assistance straightaway from Fortress, especially when their assets based approach competency is urgently needed to ascertain the value of the company.In merger transactions, the Fortress Investment Group’s financial team will concentrate on establishing the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the two companies who are about to become one company. This move is implemented to assist in expediting the procedure. To have the appropriate net value of any company, the standard way of calculation would be to add the net value of all the assets of the company, and then subtract the liabilities. The difference between the assets and liabilities would be considered the overall cost of what will be needed to reconstruct a specific business. Having explained all that, the company has now the data it needs to form a merger or to make an acquisition at any time it desires to do so.

Industry Knowledge

Another exemplary skill the Fortress team have is their industry knowledge. The group has profound familiarity as well as know-how it this capacity since from the time the company was founded it has already conducted plenty of business investments with large corporations and organizations. The company can provide a treasure of industry knowledge in the segments where they are mostly necessary. Based on the past deals and transactions that were productively accomplished by Fortress, it definitely has the proficiency to guide existing and potential clients successfully.The industry knowledge assimilated by Fortress through its years of operation is founded in their effective implementations of various investments including the cumulative growth of their customers’ investment and asset portfolios.Companies, who would want to engage the services of Fortress Investment Group, can at any time have a look at the investment company’s history from 1998 onwards, to familiarize themselves on the core competencies it is offering, and how it conducts its business deals in all the industries it is engaged in.

Founded in 2014, the products of Enhanced Athlete are of the highest-quality, developed and made with the utmost care. The scientists are at the top of their craft. Committed to excellence and moving the human species forward, Enhanced Athlete strives to create the most safe, effective and fair-priced products on the market today. With their eyes set on the horizon of the next step in human evolution, Enhanced Athlete, along with their sister companies: Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear, are striving to move the industry, and the human race, in to a bright, beautiful future.


Their work ethic is second-to-none. Every product is engineered for the top effectiveness, of the highest quality and, most importantly: Safe. Not only all that, the pricing is the market’s best.


Maybe that’s because they’re a not-for-profit company??? This makes this already outstanding company and even better. Research and Development is top priority, and has the funds to keep it that way. You can be sure that Enhanced Athlete products will always live up to their platinum standard of excellence.


If you’re looking to seriously step up your overall health, increase your physicality, Enhanced Athlete has the perfect products for you!!!


Hey, even if you’re just looking to burn off just that little extra, Enhanced Athlete has exactly what you’ll need.


It’s all about moving the human race forward. Enhanced Athlete is not just a company that produces physical products, but promotes evolution of our great race mentally and emotionally as well. Enhanced Athlete is here to help. Plain and simple. The spokesperson for Enhanced Athlete, Tony Huge, has plenty of videos on the company’s website: You should definitely take some time and give them a look as they can give you a a better insight as the mission of Enhanced Athlete.


I believe in Tony’s saying, “Friends of Freedom”. We truly do have the power to be anything we want. We just need the know-how, direction and the motivation to do so. Enhanced Athlete is here to help with just that. Are you ready to evolve into your next you? An even better you than you are now?




Enhanced Athlete: Human Evolution In Motion

If you are researching entrepreneurship or how to become highly successful in your own business, you need to read about others who have achieved success in their own endeavors. Perhaps you want to know about Jose Hawilla and his business success.


There are certain things that successful entrepreneurs do in order to get to their goals. Many of these individuals went through tremendous setbacks and hardship but did not give up. It takes courage and positive mental attitude to be able to overcome such obstacles and stay focused on the ultimate goal.


Jose Hawilla has established operated many businesses and has a lot of respect in the business world. Jose Hawilla is a leading entrepreneur in Brazil and numerous entrepreneurs turn to him advice and guidance.


It is extremely important to consider the type of business or investment that produces significant returns for entrepreneurs. You’ll want to go into a business or industry that is proven to meet the needs of your prospects or potential customers. You’ll also want to have a great team by your side as you plan and implement strategies to make your business successful.


Many people have created vast fortunes by choosing a lucrative business and following in the footsteps of those who have already achieved success. You can choose what you love, or go with other type of business. It is imperative to make sure it is an area that produces significant returns. Keep in mind that the business you’re considering should be one that provides products and services that consumers want and need.


Hawilla surrounds himself with the right team. His team is comprised of experts and professionals from a wide variety of fields. They have experience in their respective fields and are committed to making his businesses successful.


Once you have the right professionals by your side, and stay clear of negative people or pessimists, you can rest assured that you will ultimately make your dream a reality.




Jose Hawilla encourages ambitious individuals to not allow obstacles or setbacks to prevent them from reaching their goal.



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Los Angeles born, Japanese-American venture capitalist, William H. Saito, who grew up in La Verne, California; began what was to become his life-long interest in business startups and IT security software, as an internet geek while a junior high school student in the small city that lies about thirty miles east of Los Angeles. In the years since, Saito has gone on to helm one of the industry leaders in security software technology—I/O Software Inc., as well as see it later sold to industry giant, Microsoft; after it developed the world’s first biometric identification software. While many businessman would have been happy to rest on their laurels and retire to comfortable obscurity; this was only the beginning of Saitos’ enormously successful foray into business and IT security consulting.


He eventually became a venture capitalist who reinvented himself by moving east to Japan and becoming a trusted IT consultant and security advisor to many agencies within the Japanese government—including a direct advisor to then Prime Minister, Shinze Abe; as well as an appointment to the National Diet Committee, which had been dispatched by the Japanese government to investigate the disastrous Fukushima nuclear leak in 2011. Saito also sat on the advisory boards of many private sector companies who were also impressed by the man who had helmed such a widely-acclaimed and innovative upstart company that had altered the IT security software landscape in many ways.

His expertise and deep reservoir of knowledge was sought after by companies and organizations as varied as the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics; the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Japan Airlines. Saito, who was named the 1998 Entrepreneur of the Year by firm Ernst & Young, NASDAQ and news agency, USA Today; has more recently offered his expansive knowledge as a consultant to small startup businesses and believes that based on his own personal experiences and backed by historical evidence—that fate favors the bold and innovative.

He firmly believes that those start up businesses that are most likely to step out of their comfort zone and seek alternative financial backing during times when most economic indicators would caution one to play it safe—are those most likely to survive and thrive in the precarious game of chance known as business start-up as he writes in the Huffington Post. While it may be counter-intuitive to many; Saito believes that history has clearly proven that the most successful startups have followed this formula. And honestly, who can argue with a guy who has provided one of the most epic blueprints of what a successful biz startup can accomplish?


Louis R. Chenevert: The former Chairman and CEO of UTC.

Before his retirement in late 2014, Louis R. Chenevert worked as the chief executive officer of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He had been in the office for six years. Prior to his promotion to serve as the CEO and chairman of the firm, Mr. Louis was the chief operating officer of the company for almost two years.

Mr. Louis Chenevert also has a 14- years’ experience from working at General Motors. At General Motor he held the position of a Production General Manager. He had also worked at Pratt and Whitney. He worked there as the firm’s president. The company really improved with Mr. Chenevert’s leadership.

After his retirement in 2014, he moved to Sachs Merchant Banking Division. Here, Louis Chenevert worked as the Senior Industry Advisor for two years. He has as well been a part of the US- India CEO Forum. Louis Chenevert has also served various numerous positions in a number of companies and foundations all through his career.

Mr. Chenevert attended the University of Montreal. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Production management. In 2011, he received an honorary Doctorate from the same university. He has also been serving as one of the Board of Directors of the institution.

The founding and establishment of United Technologies Corporation were from a collection of numerous ideas from a small group of people and major executives. the ideas were formulated primarily through consideration of consumers’ needs. Being able to provide high-quality services to the consumers was another major consideration.

Mr. Chenevert is a technology enthusiast. He as well explains that the company stresses on using the talents at hand and manipulating the available technology in order to surpass their consumer’s expectations in terms of service provision.

The UTC has a net worth of $63 billion. It has been able to stay on top of the boards when it comes to innovations. Their greatest innovation is in aerospace technologies. They have managed to work on their projects without oppressing the employees and without causing any environmental catastrophe.

During Louis Chenevert’s reign of the company, it was able to rise through tough times and even have an increase in the value of over a hundred million dollars in the stock markets.

It has been an incredible 25 years of Sussex Healthcare providing their clients with customized and support services in their various facilities in England and other areas. The propelling force behind the vibrant Sussex Healthcare lies among others on the shoulders of Shiraz Boghani who has a vast knowledge in hotel management and Shafik Sachedina who is an expert in the medical world. These two experiences and the teamwork of the staffs have seen the center grow to heights to becoming one of the award-winning adult care facilities in the region.

Sussex Healthcare began in 1985 and over the years, it has grown and expanded to have over 20 facilities which are well equipped to cater for the needs of adults and youths who need extensive care. Adults who are frequent in the facilities suffer from dementia and Alzheimer while most youths have some neurological disabilities. The management team at Sussex is made up of professionals who are well trained to take care of their clients. They operate on a common philosophy in the healthcare center which says that every patient is entitled to recreational services, leisure, and various social activities.

One of the best programs at Sussex Healthcare is the one that involves their surrounding community who are educated on how to stay active in their surroundings. The qualified chefs and staffs in the facilities are there to ensure any patient that reports at the center with dietary issues is comfortable in the facilities. The excitement hit the facility in March 2018 when they had a new Chief Executive Officer Amanda Morgan-Taylor who has a vast experience in the healthcare industry from when she started her career as a mental health nurse.

Her career has always been focused on the betterment of the care offered to elderly people hence becoming the most appropriate person to head Sussex Healthcare. With its Training Academy at their facility, they train their staffs to make them more caring, compassionate and even more professional when dealing with their clients and patients. The salaries, benefits, pension programs, free bus rides, reduced accommodation fees, subsidized meals, free vacations and even uniforms are some of the things enjoyed by the staffs at Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare is there to provide emotional, spiritual, physiological, physical and even social care to their visitors. Some the types of care provided here include elderly care – normal and specialized, respite care, palliative care, dementia care, neurological care, and also profound and multiple learning disabilities and (PMLD). All these types of cares are offered in separate facilities.


When it comes to cryptocurrency, you will not find a better expert than Jordan Lindsey who has been in the field since the start. He was one of the early traders to have made money from cryptocurrency by investing in it when it all came into being. He also advises people that cryptocurrency has excellent potential and one can earn high returns by investing in cryptocurrencies. He keeps himself updated on the latest trends in the crypto market and also shares tips with his clients.

Jordan Lindsey shared some of the top benefits of investing in cryptocurrency and the reason why it is believed to grow even further in the coming years. The first reason is that any agency does not regulate it and its prices solely increase through demand. Also, there is a limited amount of cryptocurrency available in the market meaning that its price is definitely going to increase in the future. The blockchain technology, used by cryptocurrency, is highly advanced and it also removes the need for intermediaries. Investors need to remember that cryptocurrency is profitable in the long run and one should not be worried about the decreasing prices. The cryptocurrency is growing in demand because of its usage, and it will lead to higher use in the market.

According to Jordan Lindsey, there are few retailers who use cryptocurrency now, but the numbers will increase since they are quite easy to transact with. They are also used worldwide, and one does not have to trade in a particular currency of the country they belong to. Jordan Lindsey advises people to do thorough research on cryptocurrency before they choose to invest in it. One has to learn about the different cryptocurrencies in the market and pick the ones that are in high demand.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL Capital that he set up back in 2005. He offers investors an opportunity to invest in forex efficiently and also advises them on different investment areas that can be beneficial to them. He has been in the industry for a long time and his expertise is unmatchable.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of options for consumers to choose from when they decide what type of water they want to buy. Consumers that choose to select one bottle of water over another have lots of choices to take into consideration. Is this water filtered? It is spring water? Does it have minerals? Is this bottle contributing to my carbon footprint? One company is helping consumers who have these questions: Waiakea Water.

Is Waiakea Water Good for the Environment?

Waiakea Water is a natural spring water that is rich with minerals like potassium and calcium. The major thing that makes Waiakea Water stand out among competitors is its filtration process, but its packaging is also much safer for the environment than its competitor’s bottles. The Waiakea water bottle is made from 100-percent biodegradable material; they boast degradation rates much more impressive than most water bottles.

About the Filtration of Waiakea Water

Waiakea’s water is filtered through thousands of feet of natural volcanic rock formations, making it the only bottled water of its kind. This process leaves behind minerals that create a PH balance of about 8.8. This number is slightly higher than normal water which sits at exactly 7. This higher PH balance is nothing to worry about, it is merely a side effect of volcanic rock benefits.

Waiakea Water is working to make both humans and the Earth much more healthy. Their efforts to protect the environment make them an excellent choice for environmentalist; the volcanic rock nutritional benefits make it a great option for those living a healthy lifestyle as well.

Whether you are looking to lessen your carbon foot print or switch to a healthier brand of water, Waiakea Water is an excellent brand that everyone should try at least once.

Civil rights as opposed to the aggressive overt oppression of humane treatment of the Jewish community are both very much alive and well. As a matter of fact, the circumstances that constitute current situations are more complex than ever before, yet sentiments on both side have an old flavor to them. It comes down to people in positions of power aligning themselves with values that almost fly in the face of common sense and decency. This is only compounded by misinformed public opinion that seems to reach across the globe.

The real problem for members of the Jewish community is that attacks that historically come from the far right political spectrum now appear from the far left as well. This is on top of attacks to the community that rise from Muslim organizations. It comes down to a single threat that intertwines through three different cultures.

Most surprisingly, this political assault is not just reserved for the Jewish community but for freedom of expression, women’s rights and other protected classes. One apparent cornerstone to this movement is a disdain for the influence that Western society holds on other regions and areas internationally. One way this swell of aggression happens to flourish stems from the basic categorization of Muslims without any distinction to radical sects.

This basic display of ignorance emboldens the same use of blanket terms, when it comes to how different nationalities interact with one another. It results in skewed views of history and fuels very dangerous propaganda on several socio political levels. To combat these turns of events, there are community leaders and advocates like Adam Milstein who inform the public about the discrepancies of political figures. He also shares keen insights on current events that range from publications released and rallies held on University grounds.

However, Adam Milstein is more than a whistleblower. He is a Chairman of the Israeli-American Council and a philanthropists founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Through his foundation, Adam Milstein initiates the growth, development and awareness needed to stifle opposition to the Jewish community.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists