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Don Ressler is the CEO of Fabletics and the co-CEO of Just Fab Inc., but to those in the business world he is known as an entrepreneur who never stops. Since he first entered the business world Ressler has been hard at working creating companies and then expanding them to sell or expand. Don Ressler has watched several of his companies take off and as the co-CEO of Just Fab Inc. has been able to watch his latest venture take on an entirely new life of its own along with his business partner Adam Goldenberg.

As mentioned, Don Ressler has been working hard since he left school and has seen his success through the take-off of various startups. His first startup was called, and he was able to sell it off to Intermix Media in 2001 and then use the funds to help form Alena Media with the then COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg on Together they were able to generate hundreds of millions of revenue from Alena Media. However, Intermix was later purchased by News Corp where they felt that Intermix was being ignored. Since they had no reason to stay, they thought it was time to take their expertise and start afresh.

They already knew about how to propel through the world of online performance advertising and so they created a new brand called Intelligent Beauty at Under this brand name they created DERMSTORE and SENSA which were both innovative products within the fitness and health marketplace. While the company does not release its exact financial results, the companies are both said to be achieving high profits that were likely only tipped higher when they received funding from Technology Crossover Ventures that totaled up to $43 million.

At this point, most people would consider themselves successful, but Don Ressler just kept going. In 2010 they created JustFab, the subscription fashion website that has millions of users to date. It is extremely well known and has even had celebrities such as Avril Lavigne launch products through it. Once again, they continued to expand creating FabKids and then The Fab Shoes. Not done yet, they created Fabletics in 2013 along with Kate Hudson. IN the last few years the company has purchased several rivals and expanded their services opening up an offline headquarters and continuing to raise money leaving the last company valuation to reach $250 million.

Located in lovely Switzerland, Mike Baur’s startup factory is planning a session to assist those who want to make it big in business. Baur is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. He is also the keynote speaker for the Investor Panel that will be hosted there. Baur was formerly a banker with Clariden and Salffort. Baur is assisting Hartweg in identifying budding investors who could potentially make a difference with digital technologies. Hartweg will invest in their companies, if they are viable.

The partnership is scanning Swiss universities for young people who have great ideas that could yield a big return on investment for Hartweg. Baur is focusing on finding digital oriented innovations, giving the ongoing surge in demand that was partly brought about by the popular Apple iPhone. With apps now available, there is plenty of space for young innovators to step in and make something interesting that can be a game changer in the competitive digital market. Baur will serve as a trainer for the group, helping them bring their ideas into reality.

One of the game changing ideas is the free cost of the startup session. Mike Baur is using the no charge as bait to entice new entrepreneurs who otherwise may not be able to attend. Hartweg is hoping for ideas.

For the START Summiteer, entrepreneurs will have a chance to share their ideas before some of Europe’s most prestigious investors. 300 entries have been chosen, and the 30 best will be share their ideas. There will be an audience of 80 investors who will listen in. CTI invest and the Swiss Startup Factory will work together to grow Switzerland’s economic innovation level. Having new ideas from young people should assist these organizations, as many times, corporate bloat impedes revenue growth. They will be emphasizing “Playing Lean,” maximizing return on investment, while keeping the investment total as efficient as possible. CTI Invest is the top startup backer in Switzerland. Switzerland has a reputation for high living costs, so it helps to have an organization devoted to helping businesses succeed there. Mike Baur will lead the way in pioneering new growth for old players, by gathering innovative ideas from students

One of the most successful women in the medical field to come out of Austin, TX has returned to the city to make her expertise and experience available to the residents of the city. There is an old saying that “you can’t have it all”. Dr. Jennifer Walden never apparently was made aware of that colloquialism when she was growing up in Austin, TX. She must’ve heard something more like “You can have whatever you work for” because that’s exactly what she did.


She is certainly one of the most notable female plastic surgeons in the United States. She sits on the board of the National Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association. She is one of the only women to every do that. She has also been recognized as a great plastic surgeon by publications like Harper’s Bazaar. Her hard work, knowledge, expertise, and dedication to her patient’s happiness have not gone unnoticed.


She grew up in Austin. She also went to school there. She received both her undergraduate and her medical degree from the Univeristy of Texas. She studied plastic surgery at the University of Texas at Galveston. she has said that she chose plastic surgery because the operations saw such immediate results for patients. She also likes the creative and artistic aspect of plastic surgery. Walden was also guided by relating to the self-esteem issues of fellow women when it came to their looks.


After college, Walden moved to New York City where she was a resident at the prestigious Manhattan Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital. When her residency was finished it came time to open a private practice. Walden developed this practice for years and was extremely hard working. This is when she decided she needed something a little more out of life. She wanted to start a family.


Her work and lifestyle left little time for dating or romance. She wanted kids but didn’t have a husband. This is why she chose to become pregnant via in vitro fertilization. Once her kids were 2 or 3 she realized that she wanted them to grow up around their extended family. This was the reason that she moved back to Austin to rebuild her practice three years ago.


Davos Real Estate Group, a company associated with David Osio, has introduced to the real estate business an app named Davos CAP calculator. The app will help its users calculate and estimate what they are likely to earn as returns from any real estate investment.

Davos Real Estate Group is an independent company that is under the umbrella of Davos Financial Group. The group is among the Latin American market leaders operating in the financial service sector. The group’s aim is to provide an investment opportunity that suits each of their clients.

The company is keen to provide services and products that are compliant with the industry regulations and meet the high industry standards. This is made possible by a professional team that runs the organization and ensuring that they are duly licensed to sell all the services they offer.

Davos Real Estate Group embarked on a six-month project to design and develop a tool that would enable their clients to determine how much they will gain if they invest in a property. It also makes it possible for a client to share his or her real estate history with Davos agents via chat.

The application was developed and designed to use the latest technology making it possible to be used on Android and Apple devices. The company stated that the app was the first in a series of applications that they are developing. They intend to develop apps that will enable their clients to identify profitable properties using their mobile devices.

The app will also enable its users to estimate the amount of rent that a property is projected to earn. This will help them to invest in projects that they feel will suit their desired financial goals. The investors using the app are set to have a clearer projection of how much their investment can earn them.

Davos real estate agents are led by a competent and experienced businessman, David Osio. He serves as a director in the company. He is a graduate of Católica Andrés Bello University. Read more:

David Osio has worked in various capacities in his career. He started out as the vice president of commercial banking in Banco Latino International where he served for four years before forming the Davos Financial Group in 1993. Learn more:

He has served in the company as president and CEO for over 22 years. He has gained experience and expertise in his reign and is a big name in the Spanish community and in Miami. David Osio is an expert in asset management, corporate planning and tax, succession planning, banking, and portfolio structuring.

Angela Koch is the current CEO of the US Money Reserve, which is currently one of the world’s largest distributors of Gold, Platinum, and Silver products. She is an amazing business leader, and she loves sharing her knowledge and perspective with people around the world. She shares her opinions on her own blog, and on other media outlets. Recently, Angela was invited to share her opinions on a popular website, and she is excited to accept the invitation.

Angela Koch recently accepted an invitation to be a Huffington Post contributor. Huffington Post is a world-renowned site, and thought leaders from around the world love contributing their thoughts to the site. Contributor profiles are coveted by leaders throughout the world.

Angela Koch is CEO of the US Money Reserve. At the US Money Reserve, Angela oversees every aspect of the operation. She sets the culture and the pace within the organization. She is highly motivated, and she loves creating opportunities for others.

She has an extensive amount of experience in strategy, mergers, business planning, and operations. For years, Angela has used her experience to guide her company to success, now she wishes to use the Huffington Post as a platform to share her understanding of the business community. The Huffington Post is an ideal platform because it receives 79 million unique visitors every month.

As a contributor, Angela plans to use the platform to extend her thought leadership. She wants to cover a wide range of topics including business, culture, management, and leadership. Angela sees a bright future for her articles on Huffington Post.  Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Angela has already submitted her first article to The Huffington Post. Her first post was titled “Three Ways the Political Conventions Empowered Women”. Koch looked over the newsworthy moments from both the Democratic and Republican conventions. She tried to highlight moments that inspired women around the country. Overall, she came to the conclusion that women have advanced significantly in the world of politics.

Angela Koch is extremely proud of her work with the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve was founded in 2001. They are the largest distributor of US and foreign issued gold, silver, and other precious metal products. The US Money Reserve has thousands of clients across the country that rely on the company for their precious metal needs. Angela loves leading the company and has seen it grow considerably in the past few years.

Angela Koch is a brilliant businesswoman, and she looks forward to sharing her perspective with others.

With online reputation management rising in popularity, there is a lot of companies that are looking for ways to manage their reputation which includes getting the help of online reputation management companies. One thing that online reputation management is changing is the hospitality industry. Another thing that is changing is reputation management itself. One thing about online reputation management is that it is a lot like marketing. One has to be able to spread awareness about one’s business or new ways to Brand Yourself. Among the things that are changing when it comes to online reputation management and marketing is the use of reviews.

People are now looking to reviews more than ever in order to make sure that the company that they are thinking about doing business with is a trustworthy company. They are also looking to reviews in order to make sure that they know what to expect in a product or service when it comes to strengths and weaknesses. One of the best types of reviews to read are those that go in depth on the company, the products, or the services that are offered by the company. Reviews that consist of one line are not the best types of reviews because it does not go into the specifics of the experience with the product or services offered by the company.

There have been some new structures in online reputation management which involves user generated content. With online reviews, it does show potential customers that the company is actually a good company to consider. Customer reviews can save a lot of time in the other aspects of marketing. When there reviews of all types on a company, more people will be aware of a company. This will also get people more curious about the company. If they visit and like the company, then there may be even more good reviews.


George Soros is making financial headlines again. In 1992, Soros was the talk of the investment industry when he made $1 billion in commission on one bet. George bet that the Bank of England would be forced to devalue the pound sterling because the euro entered the European financial world. The Soros hedge fund made $7 billion when the pound sterling was devalued, and that news spread like wildfire. Fast forward 24 years, and the same sort of scenario is developing in the Soros investment camp. Soros has made some interesting bets lately, and one of them just paid off. The news that the United Kingdom was leaving the European Union wasn’t a surprise to Soros. He tried to use his influence to get the UK to stay, but while he was doing that he bet against a German bank. Soros made another fortune when the German bank’s stock dropped to the lowest level in 30 years.

Making money on risky bets is in the Soros DNA, so that isn’t the most newsworthy thing Soros has done recently. When Soros started to trade again after taking a nine-year hiatus, that was newsworthy. And what he bought and sold was big news. According to a article, Soros invested $400 million in Barrick Gold. Barrick Gold is a precious metal mining company. George also bought $125 million worth of shares in the SPDR Gold Trust. Soros dumped some of the most profitable healthcare stocks on the market at the same time. In fact, the Soros family hedge fund sold 35 percent of the stocks they owned at the beginning of 2016. The move to the gold market signals a change in the Soros investment strategy, and that is worth talking and reading about.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Soros is considered the smartest investor in the business and for good reason. He is worth more than $24 billion personally, and his family hedge fund has $30 billion in assets under management. All of that money comes from Soros investment knowledge. The eighty-five-year-old former refugee fled Hungary to escape Nazi control. He was destined to be an economic genius. Soros got a degree in philosophy from the London School of Economics, and he learned the investment business on Wall Street during the 1950s. It didn’t take long for Soros to make enough money to start his own hedge fund. The first Soros hedge made his investors billionaires.

But Soros is more interested in his Open Society Foundation than investing. He got back into trading because he believes the global recession he has talked about for the last four years is finally here. The European Union is in trouble, the UK is facing a massive economic downturn, and China’s economic stability is fragile. All those signs point to a global recession, according to Mr. Soros.

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The Samsung company has started to negotiate talks once more with Jay Z about taking on Tidal from him. This is merely speculation at this point, but it is pretty clear that the Samsung company has something really big being planned in the future.

Tidal has been losing ten million each year. The exclusive releases from artists like Rihanna, Kanye and Beyoncé did little to balance out the company’s numbers or to add enough additional subscribers to the service. Jay Z’s right hand woman Desiree Perez is likely the person who is aware of what the future of Tidal will be. She is in charge of the business aspects of Tidal, Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sports.

Desiree Perez ( is a tough business woman who knows how to handle negotiations with businesses, business people and within the realm of both sports and the entertainment industry. The New York Daily News even gave her the nickname “Babe Ruthless”, for her no nonsense attitude and tough street credibility.

Along with her husband Juan Perez, she has been close business associates with Jay Z for a long time now. This explains why he holds such high trust in Desiree Perez and Juan Perez to not muck things up for his businesses he owns. Whatever Desiree Perez recommends they do about Samsung’s interest in Tidal, it will ultimately be in Jay Z’s best interest what her opinion is on any deal that Samsung throws their way.

Even Spotify and Google are considering taking over Tidal. Spotify was even willing to create a partnership with Tidal rather than a full out take over by their company. They were thinking the company could be called Tidal powered by Spotify.

The future remains only rumors and speculations really on what the future is for Tidal. There are some reports that the Tidal company is suffering to pay off their royalties on time and that Jay Z has been forced to use his money to pay off debts Tidal has amassed. Softbank and Sprint were also considering buying but the deal must not have been sweet enough that they offered because it led to nothing.

Mike Baur is a strong believer in the power of start-ups. In the last decade, Start-ups have brought exciting new products and new ways to communicate with one another to the entire world. Each start-up has the potential to change the world forever, but many start-ups simply do not have the resources they need. Mike Baur recently recognized that start-ups around the world need support, so he created the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory was launched in 2014. The factory is located in Zurich, and their goal is to help startups accelerate their growth. The accelerator is constantly looking for new digital entrepreneurs because they feel these brilliant minds have the potential to change the world. The Swiss Startup Factory offers a large number of exciting opportunities from the start. Mike has an excellent network in Switzerland and throughout the world. These connections are extremely beneficial to startups that want to grow significantly.

The Swiss Startup Factory program is truly unique. Their program is three months long and they promise to help take businesses to the next level. The program includes a unique array of services. These services include mentoring, coaching, and an office space. The office space is located in Zurich, a major financial center. The program can have a tremendous impact on startups that want to grow. Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory also has an entrepreneurial network that is second to none. You can achieve ambitious goals by partnering with the Swiss Startup Factory.

Mike Baur is extremely proud of the Swiss Startup factory, but the factory is just the crowning achievement of his life. Mike has twenty years of experience in the Swiss banking industry. He has become incredibly successful by working hard and building great connections. His connections have helped him considerably in establishing the Swiss Startup factory. Mike has been able to utilize his connections during the fundraising and financing rounds for the Swiss Startup Factory. The Factory is well-funded thanks to Mike’s extensive connections with people throughout the banking industry.

Startups have a huge impact on the world. They offer cool new ideas that existing firms are too stuck in place to think up. Mike Baur realizes that startups are incredibly important to the world economy, and he wants to help companies take their ideas to the next level. The Swiss Startup Factory should help change the economy for years to come.

After leaving a cell phone service company that charges high prices as well as keeping the person under a contract, it’s unlikely that the person will want to go into another contract. Those who want to be free of a contract should go right over to FreedomPop, especially since their prices are extremely low. Many who want cell phone service want a low price, good service, and good customer service. FreedomPop has all of the above, and their cell phone service is as low as $20 a month for unlimited phone calls, data, and text messages.

The $20 monthly service that’s offered by FreedomPop is one of the best out there, not simply because of its low price but also because of the fact that it’s high quality. It’s possible to make as many calls as one can in a 24-hour period and still have a lot left over for the rest of the month. Text messages are limited as well as the data. The only limit within the $20 phone plan is the 4G LTE data, which is limited to 1 GB and slows down to 3G speeds after the first gigabyte is used.

Best of all, FreedomPop has no contracts, which is something that many people are looking to avoid in today’s day and age. Many contracts will have a person signed up for at least a year or up to two years, and this may be for several different phones. Anything can happen in a two-year period, and if the contract is ever broken, then the fees are outrageous. It’s not impossible for a person to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees to a cell phone company, if they break their contract early, especially when many people are on the contract.

Contracts are in the past, and many are looking to the future, so they want a cell phone service that is contract free, and they can find that at FreedomPop. Those that join FreedomPop can bring along a compatible phone, or it’s possible to buy a great phone from FreedomPop. The phones that FreedomPop carries are some of the latest and best brands of phones available, so there’s don’t worry about getting a phone that can keep up with today’s technology. FreedomPop has great service that everyone wants as well as the low-priced service plans that everyone needs.

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