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    It is no secret that the people of Venezuela are struggling, but now things have gotten even worse. There are already shortages according to expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa on food and water. That is not the only concern. There are shortages of medication as well. Official sources have reported that over 872 medicines are unavailable.
    The medicines that are available are now sold at a surcharge which Velasquez Figueroa says is inhumane. Medicine that once cost $48 is now sold for $100 or more. In a nation that struggles to afford the essentials, this marks a daunting turn for many.

    Patients who are suffering are unable to get access to medication that can help save their lives. It is not simple flu medication that many are missing. Stroke patients report being unable to get medicine that they need. It is not on the market at all. This means that no matter how much money you make, medicines aren’t available.

    It is unclear what will happen next in the Venezuelan crisis. You can continue to follow the story here.

    George Soros is a highly successful entrepreneur. His opinions on various topics in the financial world are closely followed, and the influence caused by his philanthropy is widespread.

    Helping Others
    George Soros feels his financial success obligates him to help those in need and to take a stand on various political topics. Over the last 37 years he has donated over $11 billion to causes such as helping black students attend school in segregated South Africa and helping universities in eastern Europe on Forbes. He also had a hand in Hungary’s shift to democracy from communism.

    The Open Society Foundation
    George Soros created and is the chairman of the Open Society Foundation(OSF). It is an international foundation that supports groups around the world to advance education and health. The OSF has helped organizations dedicated to civil rights and social justice such as the Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment group. The OSF has an average yearly expenditure of over $600 million in 60 different countries.

    George in Politics
    George Soros has participated in politics in Africa on, central and eastern Europe, and the United States. In the U.S. George Soros has actively promoted or fought against presidential candidates. Most recently, he has donated $6 million to Hillary Clinton’s super PAC.

    He is also a big supporter of drug policy reform. He has spent almost $3 million on American drug policy since 2008. These policies include California’s Proposition 5 and Proposition 19. In addition, he has supported immigration reform and net neutrality in the U.S.

    What He Believes
    George Soros on bloomberg has written fourteen books that represent a collection of his philosophies on topics such as economics and open societies. He writes about the potential fall of the European Union, the financial problems in the U.S., and how to achieve open societies and the philosophy behind them.

    George Soros is a world renowned financier that actively participates in international politics. He is a philanthropist that is dedicated to education and democratic societies. He believes that he is in a position to help the world and feels it is only right to do so. His contributions to the world have been vast, but he still has more to give.


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    Slyce Inc., a leading image recgnition technology platform, has informed on march 22, 2016 on Marketwired its partnership with Shoe Carnival, a footwear and accessories retailer, to introduce their automated 3D visual search technology in the retailer’s web page,

    Mobile visitors will be able to upload a picture of any footwear to the web page, and automatically they will be able to find the same or closest matching product from Shoe Carnival wide product line. Shoe Carnival will benefit all of their multi-channel strategy with innovative and efficient ideas for their clients. Slyce will acquire its revenues from the software licensing and service fees over the term of the contract.

    Workers from both companies have demonstrated their satisfaction in the new partnership; Kent Zimmerman, VP of eCommerce at Show Carnival, stated that this innovative idea will benefit their customers with a useful shopping experience. Mark Elfenbein, Slyce’s CEO, indicated that this represents a milestone for the company since it is one of the very first, large-scale visual search placements in the market.

    Slyce Inc. is a leading visual search technology platform that delivers sophisticated image recognition technology to retailers and e-retailers for a developed and efficient costumer engagement founded by Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot through their company Business Instincts. The company was launched in 2013 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and was originally based in Alberta, but later moved its headquarters to Toronto, Canada.

    Slyce Inc. uses their visual search technology to help costumers purchase an item with a picture of the desired product. Slyce develops the technology so retailers can use their software on a desktop or mobile applications, and has worked with the top 20 retailers of the United States such as JC Penney, Neiman Marcus and Urban Outfitters.

    The company offers several products and platforms; however, the Snap-to-Buy product recognition has acquired popularity among retailers. Another product renowned is the Visual Relevancy Engine which compares the characteristics of a product in a picture to deliver similar products. Slyce is now announcing Scout, a product that offers the costumers the best deals on the market so they can save money. Slyce acquires its revenues from multiple streams such as the software licensing, service fees, purchase transactions, program promotions that are delivered over the term of the contract.

    Normally, professionals and academics shun any involvement with Wikipedia, the online open-source encyclopedia. However, professors at the University of Sydney have discovered a way to challenge students by changing the way they are assessed. Some of those professors believe that the traditional academic essay does not engage nor properly utilize their students’ knowledge. The new approach is in tune with the digital age, providing a way for students to use what they have learned to make Wikipedia edits or create a Wiki page from scratch. While Wikipedia gets a bad rap, this exercise allows students to use their imagination and enhance their digital proficiency. 

    As part of a writing course at the University of Sydney, students learn by researching and developing Wikipedia entries. They also contribute better references to already existing articles. They, in turn, get feedback from Wikipedia editors. This allows students to get hands-on with the course material and to get real, useful feedback in return. This is becoming a preferred method of examination in classrooms because it gives students an in-depth look into topics taught the course, and it also encourages digital literacy, which is essential in today’s job markets. So far, University of Sydney has English, sociology, chemistry and biology departments have utilized Wikipedia. 

    An exercise like this shows the usefulness of Wikipedia. It is also a testament to the caliber of writers and academics involved in Wikipedia business page creation. With more intelligent and academically inclined individuals contributing to the online encyclopedia, its reputation might improve as a source of reference. The website has a range of articles with information on historical figures, entertainment icons, prominent locations, and more. So the website can prove useful in many ways. One way is to provide information on businesses and individual for SEO purposes. Whatever is on Wikipedia can be openly seen to the public. 

    That’s where Get Your Wiki comes in handy. On their website, you can hire a Wikipedia writer who is knowledgeable on a range of topics, especially on the format and quality of a Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki is a team of experienced Wikipedia editors for hire who have successfully created, edited and maintained Wikipedia pages for years, all passing the guidelines of the site. Whatever the goal you intend to achieve with your Wiki, you will be pleased with the content created with the help of this Wikipedia writing company. In addition to creating your Wikipedia page, they will also monitor and update a Wiki page as well as provide translation services. With their service, you are guaranteed an accurate, presentable page.

    Philip Diehl, who is currently the president of US Reserve has offered his insight into the demise of the penny and its uncertain future during interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Mr. Diehl also debunked several myths on the penny, including the assumption that getting rid of it would increase prices and lead to a disruption of the economy. The president of US Money Reserve can be considered an expert on such matters. He has served as the director of the US Mint from 1994-2000 and was also a former US treasury chief of staff. Mr. Diehl also served on the senate finance committee where he was the majority staff director. If there is a person that can be considered an expert on the affairs of the US Mint and its coins, it is Philip Diehl as he knows the minting process, the value of currency and its affect on the economy in depth.
    The interview, which took place CNBC’s Squawk Box mentions how it actually costs more money to make the penny that what it is actually worth. Mr. Diehl revealed that the penny has been costing the US Mint losses for the past 25 years now, and he believes it should be removed from circulation. He estimates that such a move would save the US government more than a hundred million dollars a year which is also impacting negetively on the US Money Reserve. The penny which is thought by many to be made out of copper, is now actually made out of 97% zinc, with the remaining 3% copper. This was done to prevent people from melting the penny down and selling the copper at higher prices.

    Another critical point discussed in the interview with US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl is the idea some economists have that taking the penny out of circulation could raise prices and increase inflation. Mr. Diehl responded by saying that the effect should be minimal, and prices most likely will remain the same. “Companies” he says “Can raise or lower the price as they see fit.” The removal of the penny could actually lower prices, if prices have to be rounded. While the penny is slated to remain, it is costing more to produce than it is worth and most of its production is actually done by private companies and not the US Mint.

    Hair is an important aspect of a person’s appearance. It shows one’s state of cleanliness, sense of style and is an embodiment of beauty. That is why many ladies and men in US do everything to make it attractive. What lady in this world does not fancy hair comparable to that of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Reece Witherspoon and Katy Perry? Who is not envious of ladies whose hair swings around as they shake their heads? If you want such hair, WEN by Chaz Dean, a hair care hairline has rolled out yet another amazing product for your hair: Wen Cleansing Conditioners.

    Wen Cleansing Conditioners is a three-in-one beauty hair product that consists of shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. It is noted to be perfect for any hair type and hairdos one might prefer. The performance of WEN Cleansing Conditions was tested and given a clean bill of health for delivery of required results. Fashion and beauty blogger Emily McClure conducted a seven day trail of the conditioner and found it to be ‘a great product for those who shower and style their hair every morning.’

    On the first day, when she washed her hair and applied the product to her hair, she realized that less hair strands of hair were falling off and the hair was more shiny and bouncy than usual. On the second day, her hair became shinier. She says that on the third day that her hair was less greasy but more oily and ‘pretty shiny and healthy.’ On the fourth and fifth days she was impressed by her hair and she says were a ‘confidence booster’. On the sixth day, changes in her hair were noticeable as some of her friends admired how shiny her hair looked. By the last day, the curls were falling free after styling.

    Wen by Chaz is a popular hair care line on which is responsive to everyone’s hair preferences. Wen by Chaz hairline has been developed by widely known Chaz Dean, a company that has high profile clients such as Brook Shields and Nicolette Sheridan.

    The orginal article was published by and can be accessed here:


    White Shark Media Advertising in the New Age

    White Shark Media® founded in 2011 represents the new age, social media and Internet dominated advertising agency. Their targeted audience is businesses in Latin America and in the United States of America that want to increase their customer base and add to their bottom line. Being located in Miami, White Shark Media is able to work effectively with both cultures.
    It is not your father’s advertising agency, but the job being done by this new form of advertising agency is more responsive in connecting customers with specific needs to businesses that can deliver those needs to the customer.
    The Internet has changed everything especially advertising, which went from a print, television and radio dominated media to the SEO, SEM, PPC oriented form of advertising in the electronic world of today. If you have trouble understanding the acronyms (most normal people do) and need help, you only have to examine the White Shark Media’s website. The website is an informative, educational site with a dictionary of terms. The CEO, Gary Garth, understands that businesses are usually owned and run by middle-aged intelligent individuals, who are not as social-media savvy as their children. But here on the website help is available and the White Shark Media complaints website can help anyone, above the age of 30, to understand how SEO works. They even offer a free 189 page book, an eBook for the education of their customers. WSM has created this excellent website to explain the world of acronyms and to make their services understandable in this technical wonderland.
    If you still have trouble fathoming this new type of advertising let’s go back a decade or more, when people relied on the business section (Yellow Pages) of their phone directories. Back then businesses would buy as large an add as they could afford to promote their business. Big was best. A half page ad was better than a quarter page ad. A business could exist solely by relying on a Yellow Page ad. Now many people are doing without their land lines in favor of the constant communication companion, the cell phone. Times do change. Now White Shark Media offers an electronic path to success and it is the correct short-cut path to success. In the old days to find a business for a person’s need, you only had to look into the yellow pages and make a few calls after reading the scant copy on the Yellow Page ad. Now you type a product name or service and you are on your way to being connected. Type what you want into the URL on your computer and you find what you want, and it often is connected to an all-encompassing web page with pictures or review of the product or service requested.
    Follow White Shark Media on Twitter.

    Madison Street Capital is a recognized international investment company that was founded several years ago. The company has proven that it is committed to serving its clients using the highest levels of integrity. At the moment, the company specializes in corporate financial advisory activities, merger and acquisition advisory, financial opinions, valuation activities both in the privately owned businesses and public held companies. The company has its offices in different parts of the world, but it is headquartered in Chicago.
    People who have had the opportunity to work with Madison Street Capital say that they have the specialized expertise needed when partnering with consumers especially the middle market firms and they have proven to bring successfully the bet outcomes through their transactions. The company analysis’s the consumers’ needs, and then they are able to get the best matches for them whether they needed buyers or sellers, make arrangements for appropriate financing, and sometimes they go to the extent of creating capitalization structures that easily optimize the potential of the client. If you are looking for a trusted partner and a reliable provider of advisory services concerning finances, M&A assistance or valuations, Madison Street Capital is the company to choose.
    Since Madison Street Capital is an international company, it issues reports every year, giving all the details about their work to the international clients. They do this with the main aim of helping people to trust them even more and also choose them the next time they are looking for a financial investment company to partner with.

    This year in February, Madison Street Capital announced on Youtube its fourth edition report, giving the annual report to its clients. According to the new report, Madison Street Capital has managed to get a total of forty-two transactions closed or announced during the year 2015. This was a good increase from the third edition report. The company moved from thirty-two deals to forty-two.

    According to the fourth edition report, the transaction volume in the year 2015 was also higher compared to what the company reported last year. By percentage, the company volume of transactions increased by twenty-seven. The value of assets in the hedge fund industries also reported a high value, despite the low strategies most of the company used.

    Apart from working hard to ensure that their clients are served well, Madison Street Capital is also involved in philanthropic activities. The company gives funds to schools and religious groups who need help.


    While dog foods are increasingly going premium by offering higher quality blends for dogs, not all dog foods are the same. Some are designed with very special purposes in mind and there is a vast difference in the quality of each dog food blend. This article will highlight some of the trends in premium dog food and discuss some of the options available on walmart to dog owners.

    The trend in premium dog food is a move towards higher quality food and healthier products. Large brands like Purina Beneful are expanding their organic food options and providing for even higher quality dog food than they were just a few short years ago. To expand on their organic dog food offerings, Beneful has acquired a large organic food specialist named Merrick Pet Care and have gained their expertise to do so. Many other companies have also entertained similar strategies and are now offering organic dog foods to customers.

    Beneful is also offering specialized foods to dogs that are older and having digestion problems which provides these older dogs with a chance to maintain a healthy lifestyle into their old age. Many other brands are offering specialized products to dog owners who are interested in making sure that their dogs are getting the quality of food that they need given their age and circumstances.

    Not all premium dog foods are the same, however. Contrast these new product offerings that Beneful has been releasing onto the market with those of their competitors. Mars has had their brand Cesar Delights, announce dishes that sound as if they are right out of an human cookbook. Some of the offerings are pot roast with vegetables and lasagna. While these dishes sound interesting to a person they simply are not the type of food that many dogs like. Dogs like meat and not sauteed carrots. Other brands are trying to brake into the market with preservative free foods and even raw meats similar to sushi.

    There is a big difference between the various product offerings and premium dog foods should be designed with the health and thoughts of the dogs in mind.




    Dr.Jennifer Walden MD,PLLC,is a Plastic Surgeon approved by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and she been classified as the elite female plastic surgeon in Austin,Texas.
    Her expertise lies in Cosmetic Surgery.
    She transitioned from New York City to Austin,Texas because she wanted her twin sons to be brought up near family.
    She is a highly acclaimed representative of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well, as a prominent associate of American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a Fellow of American College of Surgeons.
    Dr.Jennifer Walden actively participates on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and is Commissioner of Communications where she overlooks the correspondence for this major pandemic ally definitive professional association.
    She also holds the position as a news representative concurrently for American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
    In 2014,she has been acknowledged as one of esteemed Texas Super Doctors as presented in Texas Monthly and was declared as a reputable surgeon in Harper’s Bazaar, as one of the nation’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the United States.
    In New York City she was an accompanying plastic surgeon at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Department and had the collegiate position of Clinical Instructor of surgery at Langone Medical Center.
    Today she owns her own business Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Austin, Texas and conducts her routine in her own fully recognized office and surgical arena at Westlake Medical Center, where she and her dedicated assistants are committed to preserving the utmost quality of patient safety and personal medical concerns pre and post surgical.
    She also has total access to perform medical services at Westlake Medical Center, Seton Hospital, Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Marble Falls where she has not long ago revealed a satellite cosmetic surgery clinic.
    Dr.Jennifer Walden is one of a very few of board ascertained female surgeons in Texas.
    She possesses the superb feminine touch and is involved with women’s health concerns in regards to self ennoblement and independence in achieving resolutions.
    Her roots are in Texas.