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The field of plastic surgery aims to help people look good and feel better about themselves. Plastic surgeons work with patients who need their help in some way to correct a physical problem as a result of a birth defect, an accident or a previous medical problem. They also work with those patients who just want to look and feel younger. A skilled plastic surgeon can help any patient get their desired results. Someone such as Dr. Jennifer Walden, a highly trained plastics specialist, knows exactly how to help her patients get their ideal look as well as how to help patients overcome other kinds of less than attractive physical problems.

Dr. Walden is a highly trained medical professional with an extensive background in the field of medicine and plastics. A native of Texas, Walden grew up in Austin. She earned her undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Texas. After graudation, she decided to enter the field of medicine. Dr. Walden graduated from the University of Texas, Medical branch where she enjoyed great academic success, graduating second in her entire class. She decided to seek further training the field of plastics by applying for and getting a fellowship devoted to helping her explore the world of aesthetic surgery at the highly prestigious Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City. Her work there was wildely praised, allowing her to participate in many kinds of medical trials to help provide her with the kind of training necessary to fully serve the needs of her patients.

Since completing her training, Dr. Walden has chosen to stay in the field of medicine. She has opened up offices in her native Austin in order to help provide locals with the chance to be able to have access to the latest and most advanced medical procedures possible. Her work her has also led her to numerous opportunities to speak out on local and national media in order to show her patients exactly what can be done to help them via the use of present day surgical medical techniques. Many patients have come to Dr. Walden for help and been pleased to realize that she is able to provide them with access to services that can help them get the kind of results they want and need from a skilled medical professional with the right kind of vision and an understanding of surgical techniques. Visit Dr. Walden’s website for more info on her services.

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