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Having a strong, healthy, heat resistant and dandruff free hair it requires you to use quality hair products. Wen by Chaz hair products are the best products to treat your hair. This products are designed and made to strengthen, nourish, refresh and protect your hair from harmful sun rays. They are made from a mixture of unique herbs and natural ingredients needed by your hair. Frequent use of Wen by Chaz hair care products helps ladies with deferent hair types while the ladies with damaged hair experience health improvement of their hair.

WEN products are rich with various ingredients which are meant to improve and maintain the appearance and health of your hair and also provides it with essential oils and nutrients. Wen hare products also have a conditioner which helps to keep your hair strong, moisturized, reduces splits, makes it flexible and keeps it moisturized. It is advisable to use Wen cleansing conditioner with dyed hair since it helps to improve the color retention, improved health and makes it easy to manage.

Wen hair products makes the hair easy to manage and makes your hair easy to brush, style, comb and prevent it from breakage hence it contains ingredients which keeps it moisturized and makes it strong. It is always good to apply styling anti- frizz cream for protection against frizz. This cream lasts seven to eight hours in tropical weather.


Hair is very important to ladies and that’s why Wen by Chaz Dean ( hair products have the best hair products contains all natural nutrients to make sure your hair stays health, strong, smooth and attractive. Wen by Chaz conditioner is one of the best conditioners since it works as a deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, detangler and as a shampoo which saves their customers from spending much cash buying of number of hair products to complete deferent tasks.

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Goettl Air Conditioning has returned to Las Vegas. While announcing the company has now opened a new office in the city, owner Ken Goodrich said that it was a move meant to serve clients in the greater area as well as Henderson, Nevada. The company targets to offer HVAC replacement, repair and maintained from customers in this region. The owner says that it a move that has been in the pipeline for quite some time. Over the years, they have been planning on opening an office in the city but they were just waiting for the perfect time.

New job opportunities

There is good news for the locals. Not only will they get HVAC services from one of the best AC companies in America (Goettl) but there also are new jobs lined up for them. Ken Goodrich says that local HVAC technicians are just part of a larger group that is likely to enjoy the new opportunities. The company will seek to increase new employees to 250 meaning that they will have to hire at least 50 new ones. However, this is an expansion that is likely to happen over three years according to information released by the company.

Jobs for veterans too

According to Goodrich, the company will prioritize hiring veterans. This is because other than creating jobs, the company is more focused on creating successful careers. The company’s policy is more based on education and training even though they also keen to hire.

Goodrich’s connection to Las Vegas

One of the reasons why Goettl has been keen to move to Las Vegas is because that is where Goodrich grew. He was trained in this industry by his father and has gone ahead to establish an amazing career out of it. For him, the move was an opportunity to honor his father.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning has been offering comprehensive HVAC services for many years. They service both commercial and residential properties. Although the company has been mainly operating in Phoenix, they now have a new office in Las Vega.

It is more of a family business because the owner was trained by his father and manages the business himself. Some of the services offered include duct cleaning, furnace repairs, heating solutions and many others. With a large customer base, the company has provided employment for various technicians. It also is still in the expansion process as part of its plans to become the biggest HVAC servicing company in America.

Eric Pulier is a successful American entrepreneur and technologist who has pursued his passion to the extent of enhancing the growth of young startups. He has invested in the acquisition of tools and infrastructure necessary to make the process of managing startups possible. To make this process a success, Eric Pulier has founded and co-founded venture capitals like Trident Capital, which are pushing for support among startups. As a result, Eric Pulier has worked with many successful startups that are now faring well in the market.

To achieve all the success he has recorded over the years, Eric Pulier first spent years learning different programming concepts and languages. His passion for programming kicked off at fourth grade. He would look for materials that contained information about programming to learn about the different languages used. This dedication led to his success at an early age. His first database company was launched when he joined high school and before he completed the course, he had gathered sufficient skills to usher him into the next level.

College education

In 1984, Eric Pulier joined the Harvard University for English and American Literature. During the same year, he also enrolled for Computer Science at MIT. Pursing both courses was one of the best decisions ever in his career as he acquired skills that would help him steer his career forward later.

During the time he spent at the Harvard University, Eric Pulier was given a position to contribute to the Harvard Crimson, a weekly newspaper produced by the university. His main areas included technology and entrepreneurship and he did a perfect job during his time at the university. After four years of dedication, he completed both courses in 1988.


Apart from his success in business, Eric Pulier has also been visible in various philanthropic communities, notably offering solutions in endeavors that require the use of technology. He designed a multimedia educational program that offered support to individuals battling Multiple Sclerosis.

Most importantly, Eric Pulier works with the Painted Turtle, an organization that offers support to children facing life-threatening illnesses. He spends both his time and money to support the development of the foundation.

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Securus Technologies is a highly reputed information technology firm based out of the lonestar state of Texas. The company is focused on providing the greatest and most reliable forms of communication and security software and products to their clients, who are individuals directly involved in the American justice system in one way or another. The company was recently accredited with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a fact that sets Securus Technologies far above its competitors in the industry. This accreditation required a vast amount of time and dedication to meeting strict Better Business Bureau rubric requirements, with Securus meeting these requirements with integrity and purpose. This accreditation has not only increased the prestige of the company but has also recognized Securus as a great humanitarian company as well.


Securus Technologies serves customers from several walks of life, with their main customer base in the form of incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States penal system. These individuals are often overlooked by other corporations as being unmotivated and not worth their time and energy, while Securus identifies them as useful and important members of American society. In order to better support these customers with their communications needs Securus Technologies offers inmates and their family members a free downloadable application that solves many of their problem. This application allows inmates and their loved ones the ability to communicate through a virtual video chat interface, effectively bypassing unwanted security checks and the time that it takes to physically appear at a prison for visitation purposes. BY cutting out the middle man Securus is providing a wonderful service to these customers.


Securus Technologies has gone above and beyond the call of duty to supply customers that others ignore with the highest level of care. This makes them truly humanitarian.

The former owners of the National Basketball Association franchise, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, has gone to court against New Hampshire Insurance Company due to an alleged breach of contract regarding the settlement of claims brought forward by their former general manager Danny Ferry.

The filed lawsuit does not involve the present day Hawks ownership led by the mercurial principal owner Tony Ressler. The previous Hawks ownership group (AHBE) nevertheless included controlling partner Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson is a passionate individual that has single-handedly pushed the firm to the level it is currently.

The lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County on thirteenth September. The complaint described it as an insurance bad faith and a civil action for breach of contract. AHBE’s lawsuit describes that they were insured under a policy that is employment related but not limited to wrongful termination of employees.

On twenty-second June 2015, an undisclosed buyout agreement was reached with the Ferry and Hawks ownership ending a six-year contract deal. The deal was rumored to be worth more than eighteen million dollars. The Ressler-led group then took over the franchise after two days of negotiations.

According to ESPN News, current Hawks ownership spokesperson said that they were aware of the complaint, but since the warring parties no longer have ties to the franchise, they will not be involved in the ordeal hence would not comment anymore on this matter.

The court said that the claim amount is confidential but the limits of the liability are sufficient to pay AHBE’s claim. The insurance company is said to have refused to honor the policy while it had been triggered.

James J. Leonard of Barnes and Thornburg LLP, the firm representing AHBE, stated that the complaint speaks for itself. The lawsuit includes a fifty percent penalty for attorney’s fees and unpaid loss.