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Distraction is not an option within the Rocketship education. Rocketship education is a charter school model aimed at closing the achievement gap in tough communities where the majority of the students are poor, and significantly behind their peers. The goals within the Rocketship education, are just as the name itself; rocket high. By years in the students are expected to perform at 85% or higher in Math, and make 18 months of progress in Reading. To reach those goals the Rocketship model essentially puts students in traditional classrooms. The teachers are Math and literacy specialist, and the students are with them for 2/3 of their day. In line with hands behind their backs the students file into the computer lab 100 at a time. The real strength of a computer is that it can interact 1 to 1, as well as adapt. The Rocketship education system utilizes an adaptive curriculum, so if the student gets something wrong and somehow backtracks, they can be supported with reteaching material. If the student gets an item right, they continue on to advance. This system works effectively to collect data, and keep track of how every student is doing. The students spend 2 hours of their day in huge learning labs. While a single group is in the learning lab, their teacher is working with another group of students. In this way, Rocketship can hire fewer teachers and use any savings to reinvest in professional development. To add to the professional development and computer learning, the 3rd part of the Rocketship model intends parent participation. Parent participation empowers parents and students to take charge in their education. Each student knows exactly what level they are on, and are self motivated to perform higher. The Rocketship system is not a forceful model, each student in the program chooses to enroll in hopes that this new model in education will be the difference between falling too far behind to catch up, and rocketing to the top.


Greg Secker is a famous entrepreneur, master trader, and a great philanthropist and was born in the year 1975. He also happens to have been a great father and a mentor to many people who were able to see him succeed in life while he was very young. He has been able to achieve a big time in life and is always motivated to achieve in life. His greatest mission in life is to help as many people as possible achieve their goals and he has always dedicated his life to the great success of their career. He has never been left behind seeing the majority of his friends succeed in life and he has always sacrificed his time, skills and expertise towards making them achieve in their life.

Greg Secker as an entrepreneur has been able to achieve a big time in their careers and has been on the frontline making them succeed in business. He is always passionate about accomplishing his dreams and has never been left behind in terms of pursuing success. Many people love him for his great commitment and dedication while doing his work and also pursuing his career.

Greg Secker is the founder of the famous forex training company known as Learn to Trade. He has been able to travel across the whole world courtesy of his great company by the name learn to trade., He is always passionate about his desires to achieve in life and has been loved by so many people because of his massive commitment. Learn to Trade has its branches in Sydney, London, Johannesburg and several other cities. He keeps on expanding his companies and has currently been able to amass a lot of wealth in these companies. Other companies include SmartCarts Softwares, a very famous forex technology-based company, Capital Index which happens to have been a brokerage company. All these companies have been able to make him a great person in the world of forex trading and he has never given up on his mission. He is always on the frontline making sure that he achieves in terms of successful forex trading and training.


Many advantages that come along with good diplomatic relations between two countries. This is why their ambassadors to ensure that the bond between states is strong. Sometimes states may need to bail each other at different times. For instance, during wars nations intervene to restore peace to their neighboring countries. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

During the crisis, citizens may need to migrate to other states for safety. Their accommodation is only possible if the two countries are at peace. There is also a financial crisis that the Nations may need a backup. Trade also generates revenue but is only possible for countries that co-exist peacefully. In short, good diplomatic relations are very crucial to every state.

Israel and Britain are enjoying all these benefits. This is because of the great work of Daniel Taub. For four years, he has been Israelis ambassador to Britain.

His reign has been successful. There so many aspects that proof this as true. There is a culture and lifestyle exchange.

Regarding trade, his era has made a significant revenue difference. This is because there are 300 Israeli businesses in Britain. This development has improved the lifestyles of both states. The Britain citizens are the major beneficiaries. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

This is because of the improved quality of products they are enjoying with increased substitutes in the market. They are also enjoying employment opportunities and a variety of products to choose from during their shopping.

Daniel Taub flashes back to his incident with the Queen when he presented his official credentials as the ambassador of Israel. She enquired to know how he would feel representing another country in his country of birth. The hardest part being to let go his Britain citizenship.

Daniel Taub had a simple answer. He told the Queen it was an honor. He saw it as a chance to bring up his kids in their historic country. This was not all; he also had a chance to show appreciation to the two states.

Daniel Taub through his determination and goodwill has been able to gift the two countries. During his farewell, his happy to have achieved his goals. Everyone else in his farewell party seconds him in that he was successful. This is why they are all sad to see him depart. The next Isreali ambassador to Britain is yet to be known. They can only it will be a competent and self-driven individual like Daniel Taub.

Daniel Taub says he had a good experience. His position as an ambassador was honorable, and it gave him a good feeling.

Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Born in the U.K., Daniel Taub was appointed Israeli ambassador in 2011. As a piece negotiator, accompanied by his Palestine counterpart, he once traveled to Northern Ireland to learn from the situation there. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

During Ambassador Daniel Taub’s tenure, trade between the U.K. and Israel doubled. Additionally, cultural, business and academic links between Israel and the U.K. deepened.

Sajid Javid, the British Secretary of State for Skills, Business, and Innovation announced that trade between Israel and the U.K. had entered a “golden era.” More than 300 Israeli businesses have successfully established operations in the U.K. The Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce announced that the yearly bilateral trade is more than $5.5 billion.

More about Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer, Israeli diplomat, and writer. Between 2011 and 2015, Daniel Taub worked as an Israel Ambassador to the U.K. Born and raised in the U.K., Mr. Taub studied at Harvard University and Oxford before moving to Israel in 1989.

In Israel, Taub worked with the Israel Defense Forces as a combat medic and later as a reserve officer. Taub also worked as President Chaim Herzog’s speechwriter before joining the Foreign Ministry of Israel in 1991.

Mr. Taub has held numerous political, legal, and diplomatic posts. He is an international law expert specializing in war laws and counter-terrorism.

During the peace process between Israel and Palestine, Daniel was very much involved. Additionally, he actively took part in the negotiations between Israel and Syria. In 2011, he was appointed Court of St. James’s Ambassador. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

He is a public speaker and a lecturer well-known for his humor. Taub has been widely interviewed on TV, including Sky News, Newsnight, CNN, and Hardtalk. He lectures in policy institutions and universities in Israel and abroad.

Having grown up in the United Kingdom, Taub has built a strong relationship with the country’s Jewish community. Besides acting as an Ambassador to the U.K., Taub became the first Israel Ambassador to London-based International Maritime Organization.

From time to time, Taub writes on the Middle East and Israel. His articles have appeared in the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, the Huffington Post, and The Times.

David McDonald has had a stellar career that many would die to have. He entered the business world at a very young age and ever since he has not looked back. He has been in charge of several high performing companies steering them to greater success,

McDonald was born in the state of Iowa, and he schooled in the nation right from junior school to the university. He enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and excelled highly. His education played a huge part in him having a distinguished career to date.

Soon after he finished school, young McDonald got employed as a project manager for the OSI Industries. He held several positions up until he was appointed the President and the Chief Operating Officer of the company.

His excellent leadership has seen him head several company boards including the North American Meat Institute. He also serves in the capacity of director of the OSI industries food international.

Under his leadership OSI industries has grown tremendously regarding expansions and scaling up of its operation. The company has opened up new and upgraded the existing plants in various countries including Hungary.

Furthermore, the company completed the acquisition of the Baho food industries a Dutch company. McDonald’s went on to claim that the purchase was a big game changer for the company as it served to open up many potential markets within Europe.

He has tried to streamline the activities of the company by overseeing numerous expansions of regional offices across several continents. In addition to that, he has also optimized the logistic activities to ensure that operations go on seamlessly.

China has been the most significant booster in the OSI industries’ operations. The continued stability of the Chinese market has allowed the company to expand massively. It is the sole reason why the company has stayed in China for over 20 years.

David dramatically attributes his success in steering the company to a great height to the continued excellent customer service experience and satisfaction. He believes that getting the customer involved at all stage will help improve the output.

Constant investment in the production assets and machinery is another factor he attributes the success to. According to him guarantees high production of safe and high-quality products.

Besides his tight work schedule, David McDonald tries to give back to the society especially in his hometown by helping the less fortunate.

He further mentors the agricultural business orientated lads and offers them smart business ideas and solutions. Furthermore, he has invested in taking some of them to the company’s other facilities around the globe enable to learn more about the business.

He is a remarkable business leader whom many young people should look up to.

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Fabletics is taking on the giant and winning as they take the activewear segment to new heights in the growing e-commerce world. They are one of the few companies that have an answer for Amazon as their unique business model has paid off handsomely. Just as it’s hard to imagine The Beach Boys without Brian Wilson it’s also hard to imagine Fabletics without the inimitable Kate Hudson. She’s the perfect face for the brand with her active lifestyle and the fact that she wears the brand so well.

The reverse showroom has proved to be a winning concept for the company as members browse online to see what interests them and then make their way to one of the retail locations to finish their shopping. It’s an extension of their highly rated customer service and it gives them an additional edge in discerning the preferences of their customers. It’s one way that Fabletics stands out among retail companies who often suffer the opposite results as people browse their physical locations and then shop online for a cheaper price.

Their Lifestyle Quiz, in particular, enable them to gain a strong understanding of the likes and interests of their members.

An expertise in acquiring and utilizing digital data has helped Fabletics enjoy an amazing growth trajectory. Their offerings are tailored to the preferences of local members as they participate in the Lifestyle Quiz and they also employ data from social media and in-store heatmapping as well.

Fabletics is a growing concern as they’ve gone from a fledgling startup to over $200 million in sales. Kate Hudson has proven to be an energetic and effective spokesperson for the brand and she has been involved from the very start. One concern of hers has been in the design aspect and she insists on a freshness and uniqueness that helps set apart Fabletics. In addition to their acclaimed designs, they offer an extraordinary value as their fashions are typically half the price of their competitors.

Kate Hudson only takes on projects that she finds authentic and she is quite comfortable wearing Fabletics designs.  She is quite involved with the business in other areas besides design and shows an acumen that has helped the company grow at a rapid pace.

Bruno Fagali is one of the rising lawyers in Brazil who has brought a new dimension to the legal system of Brazil. With his in-depth knowledge of administrative law, Bruno has made an excellent reputation for himself. Bruno Fagali has been involved in several law firms from 2006 where he was practicing different legal disciplines. Currently, he serves as the corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB, and he practices independently through his agency by the name Fagali Law Firm.

In the field of law, Bruno Fagali is a very well know name. He is the respected attorney of Brazil, and he is based in Sao Paulo. He specializes in various law branches like ethics, urban, electoral, administrative, regulatory law, and compliance. With his excellent knowledge of the law, he has carved a niche in the Brazil law system. After he finished high school, Bruno joined the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he did his undergraduate in law. Still, at the university, he specialized in administrative law and later he proceeded to do his masters in state law at the University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali also serves the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics as an efficient associate and coordinator of ethics and advertising agency commission. Bruno speaks; French, English, Italian, and Spanish. He also owns a website where he talks about the legal system and different branches of law. His passion for the law is huge because in his free time Bruno Fagali writes and papers and publication. He has actively participated in Brazilian Congress of Government procurement. He is also a member of banking judgment committee.

Bruno Fagali also serves as counsel for some individuals and companies who need public law and business compliance services law. These services are essential, and it helps knowing how a person or a company is protected legally. His knowledge of the law helps his clients choose their direction on each project or case. With his hard work and a good understanding of the law, Bruno Fagali Law firm has recently been appointed the corporate integrity manager in Nova/SB.

For more information about Bruno Fugal, just visit

Life Line Screening services is a preventative health care screening company that provides a wide variety of tests used to help prevent certain diseases or eliminate certain risks. They also offer many different types of screening packages that are suitable for each patient by assessing their history and risks. Life Line Screening consists of physicians and nurses that are dedicated to providing the best services available. They will work with each patient to ensure that they get the proper screening best suitable to each patient that is specific to them.

Preparing for your health care screening can be overwhelming and stressful, however, that’s where Life Line Screening and its associates can help. All of their Life Line screenings are non-invasive procedures that utilize high technology ultrasound machines. Most screenings require very little preparation and some screenings require fastings. Prior to your screening, you will want to ensure that you are prepared for the type of screening process that you’re having. They try to make the process as easy as possible to ensure that each customer takes control of their health.

If you’re going to have any type of carotid artery disease screenings, you’ll want to make sure that you wear a shirt that is open and is also short-sleeved. They suggest not wearing something like a turtleneck or something that would cover your neck. Atrial fibrillation screening is also a non-invasive procedure that requires comfortable clothing that is also loose. They prefer that you wear something that is two-pieces. They do not allow watches, pantyhose, no cell phones and no lotions. The procedure is necessary to screen for strokes or a possible history of strokes. Their advanced machines can help detect possible risks and then they can offer different treatments. They also do screenings for abdominal aortic aneurysm. If you’re having this procedure you will want to make sure that you wear loose clothing during the screening and ensure that you’ve fasted for at least four hours. You can still take your medication as prescribed and be sure to follow your diabetic care plan if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. They also provide ankle-brachial index screenings which also requires loose clothing. If you’re having a complete lipid panel completed you will want to make sure you fast for a full 12 hours prior to your screening. Life Line also offers different packages if you want more than one screening done at a time. Learn more:

A dog food brand that was introduced in 2001, Beneful is a brand by Neatle Purina Petcare, that includes dry food, wet food, and treats. It is the 4th most popular brand of dog food, and one of Nestles’ more popular brands.

When asked what beneful means, a spokesperson said it means full of goodness. As time went on they said they discovered a deeper meaning of the word. The word beneful combines beneficial and full.

The marketing team was using the combination of words to describe to customers what the dog does for the dog, instead of what it is physically. Beneful on Walmart.

Life insurance is often something that people don’t want to think about. In reality, having life insurance can bring peace of mind for the policy holder. There are several differing life insurance policy options. Choosing the right life insurance fit does not have to be complicated. It is a terrific idea to contact an insurance agency for information. Freedom Life Insurance is one example of which insurance company to call. Choosing life insurance policies that fit an individual’s or family’s needs is critical for ensuring financial security for the beneficiaries if something unexpected happens. There are varying ways to set up such policies.

Freedom Life Insurance, like many other insurance companies, offers several kinds of insurance policies. For long-term financial security, permanent life insurance policies are a good bet. When the policy is opened when the covered individual is younger, the payment rates are usually lower. The benefit of this is that rates will normally stay the same regardless of future age. These payments need to be kept up for the policy to remain active. Individuals holding this form of life insurance policy, can often borrow against the value as equity does build up over time. Term life insurance policies will generally not have this convenient bonus.

For individuals that are looking to find a life insurance benefit policy that only covers for a decided on amount of time may want to consider term life insurance instead. Most reputable insurance companies, such as Freedom Life Insurance, will offer this lower payment life insurance option. Parents often get this type of policy for ensuring that any children will be taken care of if a parent dies. The policy is usually set for school age years through college. For many families, this term life policy is the better choice. The policies can be taken out for 10 years, 20 years and so forth.

People can also find convertible term life insurance policies through trustworthy agencies including Freedom Life Insurance. The insurance may be able to transfer to a more permanent type without the need for any medical exam. Learn more: