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In case you did not know, the state of Illinois is a leading energy producer. This state uses many alternative energy forms to provide high-quality services at low prices for consumers. Illinois produces lots of ethanol and biodiesel fuels and it has a robust alternative energy program. Many great incentives, rebates, and discounts are available for energy users within this state.


Stream Energy has been providing low-cost energy services since 2005. This company operates inside of Dallas, Texas but has branches in places such as Georgia, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Stream Energy’s move into Illinois only makes sense. This is because the state is a prime location for people who are conscious about energy production and savings.


The state of Illinois has been upgrading its energy programs for many years. However, in 2017 the region implemented energy programs that would impact the public sector, low-income communities and various market segments throughout the state. Cities such as Chicago, Joliet, and Peoria all benefit from the great energy services that the Illinois energy program provides. The Department of Energy within the state of Illinois created a variety of different energy services.


Stream Energy realizes that customers need a reliable energy program that will not break their pocketbook or cause them to be without electricity ( This company uses a multi-marketing approach to reach consumers. This approach is set up through the use of Stream Energy employees who are out working to bring information and knowledge to the general public about their services. If customers are convinced that this is a great program they typically sign up with Stream.

The company can save consumers anywhere from 2% to 6% on their energy bills. For some people that could equate to thousands of dollars within a year (RenewableEnergyWorld). Stream Energy has a great energy plan for any person wanting to lower their utility bills and to save money in the process.

It’s important to read information about brain research no more than it’s important for us to keep our bodies healthy. One of the most passionate individuals today who dedicate their time to researching the brain and human behavior is Jorge Moll.

He’s the neuroscientist who’s able to investigate the different ways on how morality is judged these days. In a Washington Post article, it is shown that his research would have been one of the many interesting papers today who have proven what morality is to be like in the modern day.


The Washington Post Article

In the article from Washington Post, we can read that Jorge Moll, along with Harvard neuroscientist Joshua D. Greene, has run a series of multiple experiments that show that morality is not something that is handed down by society, but is something that’s handed up by the main properties of the brain (LikePage). It is the brain’s natural make-up to do things that other people consider wrong, but the brain wants to do. This is such an interesting argument considering that there’s a lot of research out there that say that morality can be handed down through lectures and modules.


About Jorge Moll

The key to knowing who Jorge Moll is could come from his educational background. What stands out in Jorge Moll’s educational history is the fact that he went to the University of Sau Paulo to study Experimental Medicine and Neuroscience. Jorge also held the position for the National Institutes of Health, NINDS. This is the experience that honed his expertise and skills to eventually go with the Neuroscience Section of Bethesda USA in 2004-2007.


Another thing that you probably need to know about Jorge Moll is that he has a lot of affiliations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and one of them would be the Instituto D’Or de Pesquisa e Ensino (IDOR). He’s also affiliated with the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, which is an experience that brings him closer to the citizens of Brazil.


That said, it’s amazing to know that people like Jorge Mall exist. It’s the passion that he has that makes the pursuit of medical research all the more exciting to pursue.


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Dr. David Samadi has a successful medical career, and he has traveled around the world treating patients. He is one of the few surgeons who is using surgical robotics to treat prostate cancer. He has also been a urology professor with a leading medical institute and has also hosted his medical TV show. Recently he was interviewed by a leading online magazine, and he discussed his life and his medical career choices.

Dr. David Samadi wanted to enter the medical field from a young age and followed his passion when he grew up. Working as a doctor, the new robotic surgery methods made him even more interested in the urology field. For many years, he had been using the same old surgery methods to treat prostate cancer. A time came when he came to know about the French urologists who were using advanced laparoscopic equipment to perform these surgeries. He found an opportunity to visit France and learn about this new method. He stayed for a year in Creteil where he gained experience in robotic surgery. When he came to America, he was the only urologist to perform such surgeries and became a well-known urologist quickly. People came to him from around the world to get treated for prostate cancer in the less invasive way and that too without the side effects.

Talking about his daily routine, Dr. David Samadi said that he wakes up before 5 a.m. and reaches his office by 6 a.m. he explains that the early morning hours are the most productive time for him and he starts to perform surgeries around late morning and noon. He always keeps aside some amount of time to communicate with his patients and their families after the surgery. For years, he had held the same working scheduled as it allows him to work consistently.

Dr. David Samadi focuses on the positive things in life try to keep negativity out of his lie. He continuously works hard to make his operations more successful, and for this, he has a trained team to back him up. Instead of promoting his services to new customers, he believes in providing excellent service to his patients and in turn, they refer him to their friends and families.

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The idea of a family-owned business unusually brings to mind the image of a tiny “mom and pop” type store. Most people probably think of something that has been passed down from generation to generation. However, those are just stereotypes of what a family business is. The reality is a little different from that when you are talking about Jeunesse Global.

This company is a family-owned business, but the owners are a couple who came out of retirement together in 2009 to give this a shot. They had an idea for a company that would sell products that made people’s lives better. What they created is a company that has many billions worth of revenue and several revolutionary products. Follow Jeunesse Global on Pinterest.

Jeunesse Global focuses on selling people the supplements they need to help deal with some of the most common health and lifestyle complaints that people have in their lives. These include things like a difficulty sleeping, a lack of energy, and even a lack of mental clarity and focus. If some of those issues can be helped or resolved by taking a supplement, why not take that supplement?

A fan favorite from Jeunesse Global is something called AM/PM Essentials. These are two different supplements that revolve around the issue of sleep. As you might imagine, the AM Essential is about helping a person get the energy they need when they first wake up. Meanwhile, the PM Essential is supposed to help them when they are trying to get back to sleep for the night. Both supplements provide those individuals with just what they need for their sleep patterns.


Another great product from this company is called “Reserve”. It is a simple supplement meant to help add a little boost to your diet. If you are someone who is trying to watch your weight or simply watch what you eat, this may be the best thing to throw in to your routine. You can find a little fruity and flavorful boost in this supplement, and perhaps not feel quite as hungry as you might otherwise have felt. If it works out for you, then perhaps you will have better luck sticking to that diet. Learn more about Jeunesse Global at

A quick Internet search will find WebMD articles related to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This well revered cancer center has partnered with WebMD to reach more people that need cancer care and cancer information. This is an excellent source to gain information on current trends, treatments and news on cancer care. WebMD has been a trustworthy source for well researched articles that relate to the healthcare field. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is excited about this new method of sharing relevant cancer facts, details and up-to-date information. Cancer patients, their worried family members and others can get loads of useful information from these two cancer care specialist groups.

More people are getting their news and other information on the Internet today. With the team of WebMD and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, that people group is who the articles are targeting. It is hoped that people will get needed information that will spur them to contact their physicians if they or loved ones develop any of the cancer symptoms posted on the website. Information on current new cancer programs, research trials and drug therapies are all able to be accessed with just a click of a computer mouse.

Informed individuals are more likely to get checked by a medical professional if they notice specific cancer indicating symptoms. If these people do not know where to turn, they will also find details on cancer care healthcare institutions like Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It is a goal of this partnership to inform more people of their cancer care options. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been serving cancer patients for decades. Their all-under-one-roof cancer care and supportive therapies provides unique cancer education, treatments, procedures and dietary, mental, emotional and physical support related to cancer. This convenient network is helping millions.

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and real estate investor well known for supporting Israeli-Americans and Jewish-Americans. He is also the mastermind behind the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, which he uses to support these communities. As a real estate investor, Milstein is affiliated with Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. He is a native of Israel but currently resides in Encino, CA.

Career Beginnings

Born to a Jewish family, Adam Milstein grew up in Kiryat Motzkin, Kiryat Ham, and Haifa. He was part of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) team that fought for Israel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. After his mandatory IDF service ended, Milstein proceeded to Technion where he got his undergraduate BS in business and economics.

Adam Milstein got exposure on how the real estate industry worked when he was an apprentice of his father’s property development and construction business. He decided to travel to the U.S. in pursuit of job opportunities seven years after marrying Gila Elgarby. While in the U.S., he got the opportunity to enroll in USC’s MBA program, which he later completed. He also made a debut in the commercial real estate business in southern California as a sales agent.

Involvement with Hager Pacific Properties

Using the experience he acquired as a real estate agent, Milstein oversees Hager Pacific Properties’ disposition activities. In his position as managing partner, he is also responsible for the firm’s accounting and financing operations. Hager Pacific Properties is reputable for its property development activities. These include repositioning, renovating, and acquiring commercial and residential properties.

Charity Work

Since 2000, Adam Milstein has been working with his wife to educate and empower young Jewish people. They achieve this goal through the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This foundation is on a mission to give Jewish and Israeli people access to knowledge of their cultural origins. Milstein is credited as the Israeli-American Council’s co-founder and national chairperson.

As a philanthropist, he supports Israeli and Jewish non-profit groups through his board membership roles. These non-profit groups include Hasbara Fellowships, Birthright Israel, and Stand By Me. Through Sifriyat Pijama B’America, he provides over 70 Jewish and Israeli families with Hebrew reading materials.

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver who was born to a family of achievers. He grew watching his father, Jack Terpins, excel in basketball and subsequently as a respected sports leader. Given his role as the President of Latin American Jewish Council, Jack Terpins also became a community leader. One thing that Rodrigo Terpins is passionate about is sports. As a rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins has graced many Brazilian racing championships and triumphed over his opponents. Hard work and desire to excel in sports has got him where he is today. As a way of keeping current with the latest technology, Rodrigo owns several social media accounts.

Watching his father excel in sports is one of the ingredients that helped Rodrigo to succeed in rally driving. Today, he ranks as one of the great rally drivers in the Brazilian racing space. Rodrigo Terpins and his brother, Michel Terpins, who is equally talented as a rally driver races for the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The duo recently finished 3rd in the 22nd Sertoes Rally championship in which they traversed seven diverse courses and two states. Overall, Rodrigo and his brother ranked 8th against 38 competitors. Rodrigo Terpins has always loved the T1 prototype category ever since joining the racing world. Check out terra to see more.

Inspired by the success of his father, both Rodrigo and Michel Terpins are making significant strides in the sports world. Michel Terpins started as a motorbike racer before moving to rally driving. Michel Terpins serves as the Chairman of the Cross Country Rally Championship in Brazil. Despite numerous challenges, Rodrigo Terpins feels content with his career achievements. Nonetheless, he is more concerned about balancing between family and career commitments. He didn’t take part in the just concluded Sertoes Rally Cuesta off-road championships in which Michel Terpins teamed up with Beco Andreotti, a fellow racer. Nonetheless, he vows to compete for the next Cuesta off-road championships and is even undertaking prepations for it. Rodrigo Terpins became drawn to the world of sports after watching his father play basketball as he grew. Today, Rodrigo and Michel Terpins are privileged to grace the same racing arena that their father used. You can follow him on Twiitter

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Adam Milstein hails from Encino, California. Together with his wife and children, he founded Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation where he heads as the Chief Executive Officer and President. The organization is non-profitable and aims at building relationships between the Jews and the Israelis.

Apart from philanthropy, he is also successful in his property market businesses. He traces his roots back from Israel where he once represented his country in the Yom Kippur War. He holds earned degrees from Technion. His career majorly focuses on real estate. This led him to work at Hager Pacific Properties, a renowned real estate investment company in the United States of America. At the company, he is in charge of management and finance departments. He also leads in various organizations such as Israeli-American Council, StandWithUs and much more.

In a recent interview, he explained how he discovered Hager Pacific Properties which opened ways to his successful achievements. When he was on campus, he considered some job vacancies but they were not good enough for him. Then, he took a brave step and as a Real Estate Broker for companies dealing in commercial properties. He did this for three years and it indeed paid off. This was the beginning of his own investments with the companies he founded.

According to him, charity is what inspires him to venture into more successful opportunities. He is not the kind of person who gives up when situations get tough. Instead, he keeps moving ahead to ensure that he achieves his dreams. He does most of the activities in his company by his might to ensure that everything is done to perfection.

Additionally, practicing consistency in his day-to-day life has made him the successful man he is right now. This has mad him to like a couple of challenges in his commercial real estate business. Trends in the demand and supply curves thrill him. Normally, the two phenomena don’t go at per. The pricing of the properties during different seasons is another reason why he keeps diving into his real estate businesses.

Generally, he is a passionate worker who focuses on making the right decisions all the time for the success of his company.


Paul Mampilly, an American investor, and former hedge manager, recently published about the events that took place in 1989 in the investment industry. In university, Paul was a member of the financial club, and he visited the New York Stock Exchange where he was welcomed warmly to Wall Street with an investment banker. The club members experienced an exciting moment on the exchange floor, and they learned a lot about investments.

Those were the days before the computer era, and therefore orders were placed by phones. Investors owned portable devices which enabled them to carry out their investments from anywhere. Paul recalls that everyone screamed when opening bell time approached and could not hear sounds. At 9:30 a.m. when the stock market opening bell rang, the floor was full of chaos and busy.

As years went by, the exchange floor became quieter, less in chaos and was brought to control. Today, many investors work with brokers who access complex software platforms or place trades using computers. Wall Street is still influential since it entered the market in 1972. Paul believes that the fantastic investment past days are fading away with the current investment strategies.

Wall Street consists of lawyers, investment bankers, auditors and different exchanges who have the primary goal of selling stocks but they need to work their way out through a complicated network. Mr. Mampilly believes these new financial trends differ with previous concepts of investments.

Moreover, Paul has a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited that recently hit 60,000 subscribers. Profits Unlimited is usually published by Banyan Hill Publishing ever since Paul was signed last year with the aim of leading Main Street Americans into profitable investment opportunities. Monthly, Paul writes an eight-page newsletter on a new stock and updates, subscribers, weekly and also tracks how the investments are doing.

Mampilly does not invest capital for his subscribers but rather than buying the stocks using their brokerage accounts which provides an alternative technique that is different from traditional arrangements between a client and a financial advisor. Paul Mampilly’s subscribers are usually impressed with how most of the stocks suggested by Paul are doing well.

Paul Mampilly is a financial investor who worked on Wall Street for over 20 years dealing with renowned clients like Kinetics and Deutsche Bank. In 1991, Paul worked at Deutsche Bank where he worked tirelessly managing huge amounts of money. Moreover, he worked at other companies like ING, Kinetics and Royal Bank. Paul Mampilly is positive about helping people understand the stock investment business.

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