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Many people may not know about how serious bundled payments are in the healthcare industry. Bundled payments can change medical billing forever. Deirdre Baggot, a healthcare veteran, has spent her entire career serving the needs of people facing issues with bundled payments.

Patients in the United States have the possibility of dealing with over sixty thousand diagnoses, several thousands of drugs and about four thousand surgical procedures. Being billed for so many different medical services adds up to a pricey total rather quickly. For patients dealing with chronic conditions, the amount of bills they receive is an outrageous amount. Deirdre Baggot is working to streamline this process of a patient being priced from some many medical professionals and doctors, especially those who can not afford to pay medical expenses. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot at Crunchbase.

Bundled payment changes everything administrative wise for patients. The traditional system lacks the simplicity that bundled payment options offer for patients. With a bundled patient, a single medical bill is billed out to the patient for all medical services and surgical procedures. Bundled payments are growing more for medical professionals and insurance providers.

Deirdre Baggot is the perfect candidate to be a leader amongst the bundled payment revolution. She graduated summa cum laude from Southern Illinois University with a degree in nursing. She went to the Loyola University for her master’s degree in administration. Then she went onto attain her doctorate degree for philosophy from the University of Colorado. She has spent about a decade of her work career working in healthcare academics for the University of Michigan. She has penned many papers over issues going on in the medical community.

Today, she resides in Denver, Colorado. She works as the senior vice president of the Camden Group. She manages and oversees their bundled payment department. Her work for developing more effective bundled payment systems for people is nationally recognized. She has been invited to many ceremonies to be awarded for her work. Her work is honorary. Her work is commendable. But mostly, her work is making lives easier and more affordable for millions of Americans that face outrageous medical bills. View:


Peter Briger is a professional in investment management and financing services to large-scale – development projects. Peter Briger graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s degree in business management. Due to his passion for the education, he proceeded to pursue a Master’s degree in business management from the Wharton business school, Pennsylvania University.He become a partner of Goldman Sach and coin 1996. In 2002 Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group LLC as a global investment manager. He serves the group’s principal and chairman of the board of directors. In fortress investment group he oversees credit fund business and real estate investments. Peter Briger managers a fund worth $ 65 billion holds membership in council on foreign relations a nonpartisan and independent organisation which helps the government, individuals, professionals understand issues concerning foreign policy. He worked for Goldman Sachs and managed the operations of the group in several business areas.

Peter Bridger was the co-head of the firm fixed principal income investment and whole loan sales and trading business at Global Control and Compliance Committee and Asian Management Committee. Peter Bridger was responsible in managing various divisions in Asian Distressed Debt business, and the Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund.Peter Briger is also a philanthropist and have spearheaded several charitable organisations. He is passionate about improving humanity by assisting the less fortunate. He believes in reinstalling human dignity by improving their way of life and providing the necessary basic needs to them. In Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children,he contribute to enabling the kids to access education, basic needs and providing mentorship to the children’s.

Fortress investment group had private equity and liquids market divisions. Peter is a billionaire who invests in individual assets. Peter wealth has been accumulated as a result of his speciality and thoughts of credit investments. Peter Bridges Goldman, McGoldrick spent buying cars from Thailand. The main aim was to buy products which were not performing well in the market and holding them until when the market stabilises. The strategy was to sell them at a high profit when the market supports.Peter has also invested in the energy sector. He has applied his knowledge in the industry by co-founding Hydromine Inc. the company is focused on collaborating with power generation firms in utilising the available natural resources to provide clean energy. The firm is dedicated to delivering sustainable energy that is affordable to its clients. The firm is currently operating in five continents, in Africa, the firm is working in Cameroon where it is initiating bauxite mining and smelting of aluminium in Libya.


Deirdre Baggot has had an extensive career working in healthcare. Her work has led to her being featured at a host of events and being apart of many media panels. Her career and success is inspirational for many others who are striving to garner personal success for themselves working in the healthcare sector.

She has long list of educational accomplishments. She earned her nursing degree from Southern Illinois University. Her master’s of business administration was earned from Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business located in Chicago, Illinois. She got her doctorate degree in philosophy from the University of Colorado. Today, she resides in the Denver, Colorado area where she works as a strategist and payment expert for healthcare companies. Follow Deidre Baggot on Twitter

Deirdre Baggot began her healthcare career in 1997. Northwestern Memorial Hospital was her first healthcare employer. She had many jobs for this company. She worked as a resource coordinator, nurse, and hospital administration manager. She was employed by this hospital for six years. She then packed up and moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. She got another healthcare job for the University of Michigan Health System. For the university, she was an analyst and administrative manager. She did an excellent job working for this organization. Her work did not go unnoticed. She was awarded an award for her leadership in safety for the three years she dedicated to the organization.

Then in 2006 Deirdre Baggot moved to Colorado. Then, in Denver she began working for the Cardiac and Vascular Institute. She worked as the senior administrator for the institute. She was the leader of about four hundred and fifty people working for the institute. She took on the tasks of acquisition, business development, recruiting, marketing and payer contracting. While working for the Cardia and Vascular Institute she brought on an additional eleven clinics. Her ability to recruit new people to the organization’s team turned out to be a good investment for the company. She brought in a lot of people that had much to add to the company. Her immense work for this company led to her employment at GE Healthcare Partners.

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With their latest track ‘’Closer,” just released after much anticipation from their fans, the Chainsmokers are focused on becoming great artists globally. Remarkably, they have established their brand, and they are yet to make a killing as their fan base grows worldwide.


In an interview, Alex Pall, the duo half talks about how he started as a DJ based in New York City and how his manager linked him with Drew, who moved from Maine. Alex quitted his job to concentrate much on music as his career. It was their love for music and ambition that kept them going despite the challenges. They would consider what was working for them and be more cautious about what was killing their dream.


Pall attributes their growing social market to Drew’s prowess as a producer. They worked for hand in hand in creating an identity and pushing their music to great heights. Hysterically, Alex Pall speaks of how they would work round the clock driven by their core values in the journey of self-discovery to be the best artists.


As an electronic genre artist pushing to build a strong identity, Mr. Pall states that contrary to other artists, they work with songwriters to write the songs with them. Earlier, they had been deliberating on better album concepts as the pressure to release mounts from fans and their recording label. They don’t entertain the idea of launching an album of merely 10 to 12 songs with no constant rhythm.


Pall considers working with Halsey on the hit “Closer,” as excellent due to her unique and loud voice. Notably, they wrote the song on their tour bus never to imagine how far it would take them in the right direction. Strangely, Drew was singing on the song as they got their hands on producing, which was unfamiliar to many of their audience.


Pall accredited social media such as Instagram for his precision on connecting with the sense of their audience. He speaks of how the young and old from places like the Philippines and South Africa find an emotional connection with their music. This proves that it cuts across different age and origin, which inspires them even more. Lastly, Pall explained how they are continually working to satisfy their growing audience in improving their live shows. They have toured the world twice or thrice to bring a new and delightful show experience.

Infinity Group Australia is a company that helps people get their finances in order. They help people get financially fit by reducing the amount of debt they owe and build their wealth. They create a long-term relationship with their customers which is built on a base of trust, integrity, care, and passion to help others. They believe that most Australians have gotten a pretty bad deal from financial institutions and want to provide people with relief.

This company was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, both of whom serve as director’s at Infinity Group Australia. Graeme was an Australian indoor soccer rep and now has more than 15 years of experience in the financial industry while Rebecca transitioned from being a personal trainer to being a financial trainer. They started the company working out of Rebecca’s parents home and quickly had 30 clients. They then opened an office and hired their first employee. Within a year they had 25 employees and expanded from there to what it is today.

Banks in Australia talk about offering the best rates to help families and small businesses grow however there is never any talk about reducing debt. Infinity Group Australia helps people establish a plan to reduce debt such as coming up with strategies to pay off a home in half the time. On their website they offer a financial health checkup that takes just five minutes to complete. Once debt has been gotten under control it frees up money which can be used for something more useful such as retirement savings.

Wealth creation is the second big thing that Infinity Group Australia helps families with. They know that many people don’t save enough for retirement and other long-term financial goals because they are focused on paying their bills every month. They manage their customer’s portfolios so that they get the best returns on their investments. They also educate their customers about how true wealth is built and what financial strategies are the best ones to pursue. These services are offered on a long term basis through the use of a financial coach who guides their clients on how to make the best financial decisions with their money.

Infinity Group Australia has won a number of awards in recent years. They were the winner of the Customer Experience Management Award for 2018 and were a finalist for the 2018 The Adviser – Australian Broking Award. They won the Altitude Awards in 2016 and were a finalist for this award in 2017. They have also been finalists for a number of other awards such as The Adviser – Innovator of the Year 2018, The Adviser – New Office of the Year 2018, and The Adviser – Rising Star 2018 among others. Learn more:

The Academy of Art University is one of the top schools for the arts in the United States. The California-based school has well-over 12,000 students, and it has over 283 full-time teachers. Founded in the late 1920s by Richard Stephens, the school has grown at a considerate rate thanks to its many programs. Academy of Art University offers online courses, offers undergraduate degrees and offers certificates. Its goal is to prepare students for careers in communications, in entertainment and in liberal arts. So, where does fashion come into the picture? Well, the Academy of Art University has an excellent program for fashion journalism and many of its former-graduates have gone on to successful careers.

Fast-forward to today and AAU has just released the name of the winner for its Fashion Journalism Scholarship Contest. This contest wants to know the effects of fashion on modern-day social sites. For 2018, a South African named Adriana Georgiades took home the award thanks to her brilliant portrayal of the subject. This woman comes from a background in this particular field as she currently holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Georgiades, 23, was awarded with a $1,500 scholarship. In addition to that, she was awarded with an opportunity to intern at TRC Marketing. It doesn’t get much better than this. “Is social media the future of fashion?” This was the title of the contest as social media and fashion seems to go hand-to-hand.

Social media is definitely taking over where standard media has left-off. Millions of people spend hours a day in cyberspace instead of reading physical publications. “Social media is certainly the future of fashion journalism,” said Georgiades. She has also stated that a lot of ideas for the contest came from reading the FSH 628 Social and Mobile Reporting class.

The Academy of Art University is doing its job to prepare its students for a successful career in a variety of subjects. The school has a huge presence in fashion as it attends New York Fashion Week on an annual basis and that speaks volumes.


It has become necessary for the private and public companies to hire third-party financial services companies to be able to manage their finance as well as avail a wide range of financial services. One of the leading financial services companies in the United States that provides its services to a vast array of public companies in the country is Southridge Capital. The company was established in the year 1996, and since then has grown at a rapid pace to become one of the primary financial services providers in the industry.


The growth of the company has primarily taken place due to its innovative and unique financial services it provides that specifically meets the financial requirements of its clients. One of the reasons behind the rapid growth of Southridge Capital in the last few years is its focus on few essential services such as mergers and acquisitions, financing solutions, restructuring analysis, legal settlement services, and credit enhancement. These are the services that are in high demand by the public as well as privately held companies, and Southridge Capital has been able to establish itself as a leader in these domains.


Southridge Capital understands that as a responsible company it commits the community as well. It is why it takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and has put into effect various measures to give back to the community in different ways. The company is also engaged in formal as well as informal philanthropy and is associated with various charitable organizations across the country. The founder of Southridge Capital, Mr. Stephen Hicks founded Daystar Foundation along with his wife Mary Hicks that collaborates with various charitable organizations to provide monetary and volunteer support. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Southridge has established itself as one of the leading financial services provider in the country in a relatively short period amidst heavy competition in the sector from other heavyweights. Southridge Capital has focused on few particular services and has been able to become a leader in that specific segment, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the most sought-after financial services providers when it comes to credit enhancement, legal settlement services, financing solutions, and securitization. You can check out their Facebook page.




According to Brooklynite Hilary Reid, designer re-seller the RealReal is “a Radical Vision of Second-hand Luxury.” In an article published by The New Yorker on May 14, 2018, Reid takes readers on a journey through the RealReal’s carefully curated SoHo location on Wooster street, and in part, experiences her first brand authentication workshop (offered for free and lead by the RealReal staff). Detailed in Reid’s article, is the RealReal’s captivating approach to consignment culture, where a blending of re-sale content, industry knowledge, and community outreach redefines the ways in which a complex consumer market (varying income levels) relates to “high fashion.” In “The RealReal’s Radical Vision of Second-hand Luxury,” Reid explains the history of this booming marketplace, which was established online in 2011 by San Fransisco entrepreneur Julie Wainwright. The RealReal, which receives fifty percent of their business from first-time consignment shoppers (many designer buyers are new to consignment) looks to fill a specific niche in the second-hand industry; certified authenticity. As felt in Reid’s account, The RealReal raises the bar by demanding a new level of thoroughness and quality control which simply cannot be matched when shopping in thrift stores such as Goodwill or searching for designer brands over mass online re-sellers such as Amazon, Ebay, and Poshmark. Reid briefly comments on the clear differences between thrifting and RealReal shopping, suggesting that the RealReal’s strict quality standards may undermine it’s original intentions of consumer inclusivity. Nevertheless, any buyer looking for a shopping experience to compliment their fashion intel will find a home at The RealReal. Each and every item (online or in-store) is carefully inspected and certified by hand-picked horologists, gemologists, and authenticators. Once approved by “The RealReal Experts,” the products are professionally photographed for the online marketplace, or creatively displayed in-store with honor and integrity in mind. As detailed in conversation by Reid and creator Julie Wainwright, this process of quality is the only process that Wainwright, her fellow curators, and over fifteen hundred employees can see fit. After all, one hundred and seventy three million dollars in venture capital last year just can’t be wrong.

Michael Lacey was born and raised in New Jersey. He attended school in the late 1960’s at the University of Arizona state.

He dropped out in 1970 to join a group of students in publishing opening matter of Phoenix new times as retort to the ultra-conservation home-grown media’s exposure of campus anti-war complaints. Lacey became the executive editor at the New Times while Larkin headed the advertising department. They worked together to expose both social and political issues affecting the country in this newspaper. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Jim Larkin: and

Jim Larkin, John Brunst, and Scott Spear were arraigned as defendants at Sandra Day United State courthouse in Arizona before magistrate Bridget Bade. The three were accused of being involved in money laundering.

Spear and Larkin had been also accused of facilitating and devising on prostitution. The three suspects pleaded not guilty and two of them were released. Larkin was however left behind pending hearing.

Michael Lacey was also arrested by some law enforcement officer days before his marriage party celebrations which were to be held at his home in Paradise Valley. This veteran newspaperman’s house was invaded by the FBI days before this celebration and according to passers-by and witnesses; Lacey’s belongings were carted away by the FBI agents during the raid. The FBI agents also raided Jim Larkin, who was lacey’s partner in business for a couple of years, Paradise Valley home.

Larkin and Lacey owed a seventeen alternative weeklies news empire together that emerged from initiating the flagship Phoenix News-Times in 1970. Joe Arpaio conducted Lacey and Larkin arrests. The two vended chain, which was by then known as the Village Voice Media (VVM), but still held on to their interest in the giant online listing which excluded VVM from the deal. The FBI also seized the Friday’s back page after the raid.

The company denied the allegations of it being a sex trafficking facilitator and an online brothel. In 2015, Lacey and Larkin ventured their Backpage interests to Carl Ferrer, the CEO. The 93-count accusation is said to have involved seven individuals, but only Lacey and Larkin’s names were tabled at the time.

Larkin and Lacey filled a lawsuit for wrongful arrest which saw them awarded three million, seven hundred and fifty dollars as compensation which was paid by Maricopa County. In 2017, Larkin and Lacey initiated Front Page Confidential which they used to analyze and provide news on issues pertaining to the first amendment.

The move by the government to suppress the website and the arrests made are a clear indication of assaults on the press freedom. Cambria, who is highly knowledgeable in first amendment jurisprudence, said that his client would plead not guilty to all accusation during the hearings that had been set by the court. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

According to Cambria, the FBI’s move of eliminating the Backpage was an act of suppression of media freedom and he expressed his believe in the release of Lacey and Larkin. He also stated that the acts by the government were unconstitutional and he was ready to go head on to ensure the release of the two.

Richard Blair is the owner and founder of Wealth Solutions company. Blair boasts extensive experience and expertise of over 23 years in industry securities registration. Richard Dwayne Blair launched Wealth Solutions with an objective of helping small businesses, families, and individuals grow economically.

Richard grew in an education environment. His mother and grandmother were teachers. His wife too was a teacher. He learned the value of education and knowledge from them. Dwayne understood how training gives one insight into the things that they engage in the day-to-day. He combined education and his passion for finance to come up with the idea of training and educating ambitious people in the society on methods to create, develop and safeguard wealth.

Richard Blair believes that every individual, organization or group of investors needs financial planning to allow them to achieve their financial targets. Dwayne provides economic insights particularly in planning to the people of Austin, Texas. He aims at equipping his fellow community members with financial tips that can drive them through their financial lives.

Mr. Richard Blair uses a three-pillar strategy to create a complete financial plan. He uses the customer’s present financial positions and retirement goals to come up with the best financial plan for that client.

The following are the pillars that Richard incorporates in his financial plan.

  1. Pillar one

The first pillar is drawn with the aim of laying down the customer’s economic roadmap. Richard identifies the client’s financial strengths, growth opportunities, risk tolerance and goals. He then works towards building a sturdy and long-lasting relationship with the client.

  1. Second pillar

The second pillar of the strategy is drafted to develop a long-term investment approach that is effective and customized depending on the client’s needs, desires and preferences. Richard ensures that his plan helps the client to maximize incomes during the high market periods and minimizes losses in the times of low markets.

  1. Pillar three

The third pillar involves implementation and management. Every financial plan is aimed at implementation and monitoring. Without well-conducted surveillance of the implemented financial plan then its impact may not be felt. Dwayne works on this pillar with the client. He uses the client’s goals, expectations and history information to come up with the best implementation program.