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Alastair Borthwick – a Scottish author and broadcaster was born on February 17, 1913 in Rutherglen. He attended Glasgow High School. Though not tailored out for school, he dropped out at 16years to work for a newspaper company – Evening Times. He later moved to Glasgow Herald where he worked transcribing information from telephone calls made by correspondents. Things worked out to his favor and he became an editor. Later on he became the intelligence officer at Glasgow Herald.

A former veteran soldier, Borthwick had a passion in writing. He believed in jotting down every piece of words that inspired him or crossed his mind as relevant and substantial. This saw him move on with his wife to a much serene environment after the war. The former soldier later on wrote and published a battalion history of how the war was breathing life in every bit of using his words.

Borthwick continued writing and even used to compose weekly columns for newspapers and television scripts. He termed himself as a natural fit and without a doubt he was. Full of talent with a rich personality that enchanted not only his countrymen, but readers at large.

In his solitude he got amused by his surrounding residence and how it’s inhabitants enjoyed strolling the hills during their free time. He found it adventurous and refreshing to synchronize with nature at a time when such activities were only seen as for the wealthy.

He is a famous author who brought life to his words vividly especially in his well known book – Always A Little Further. He talks of his time in battle and the whole uprisings before it. He mentions both the rosy and ugly sides of his journey believing that they all played an important role.

Alastair will be remembered for his skill and warm welcoming heart. An authoritative author of his kind is one sure to rank up among the hall of famers. He was laid back and full of life. Not forgetting his words that could bring up images in the atmosphere. He died at the age of 90 years but having fulfilled his course on earth – write in people’s hearts.

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