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Highland Capital Management is a force to reckon with in the financial services industry. The firm has thrived as a result of strong leadership, which is provided by its founders, James Dondero and Mark Okada. It has similarly diversified its investment portfolio, which now extends across various sectors. This has enabled the Dallas-based firm to morph into a corporate giant. It has made significant investments in emerging markets, healthcare, equity markets, and the emerging markets.


Highland Capital Management’s operations are overseen by a team of financial and investment experts, who are experienced in all aspects that pertain to the money markets. The firm leverages on the expertise of these professionals when pursuing investment opportunities on behalf of its clients. Before making any investment, an in-depth cost-benefit check is undertaken to ascertain that it has both short-term and long-term benefits. This explains why the firm has been able to build a sizeable asset portfolio, which is estimated to be worth more than 15 billion dollars.


Credit Strategies


Highland Capital Management is registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisory firm. It operates alongside its subsidiaries, which also hold significant assets in various industries. The firm is regarded as one of the most experienced and largest alternative credit managers in the world. It specializes in different credit strategies including credit hedge funds, separate accounts, and long-only funds.


To serve its clients more conveniently, the company has offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paolo, and New York besides its Dallas base. Highland Capital Management is an autonomously owned investment advisory firm, which is led by experienced industry heads. Dondero serves as its CEO and president. He leads a veteran management team, which has enabled the firm to offer unparalleled financial services for more than 25 years.


Since its formation, Highland Capital has endeavored to abide by its investment philosophy, which is the provision of consistent services that exceed the expectations of its investors. To achieve this, time-tested approaches to investing are applied in all its operations. The company is equally committed to changing livelihoods through volunteerism, donations, and the award of grants and scholarships. Its humanitarian activities are mainly concentrated in Southern Texas and its environs.



Every human being should be afforded the same rights. One’s social status, race, sex, age, sexual preference, etc., should not be a factor that should give one person preference over another. There have been many acts of discrimination of civil rights, human rights and migrant rights captured on video, thanks to modern technology. These videos are bringing discrimination to the forefront without the discriminator being able to deny his/her acts. With these new tools we will be able to fight back even harder.

Now we are taking technology one step further with “big data”. Big data companies are compiling data that is revealing discrimination that is hidden. Hidden discrimination is the worse kind because if you don’t even know you are being discriminated against then you can’t fight back. This type of racism goes way deeper than anyone imagined. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

A company called Cedar Grove Institute For Sustainable Development upon compiling census data for Moore County, N.C. noticed that the city had redrawn it’s boundaries around historically African-American neighborhoods excluding them. With the African-American neighborhoods no longer within the boundaries, they were no longer eligible to vote on public issues or even receive public services like water and sewage.

Most recently, Wells Fargo, an American international bank, is in hot water for the violation of the “Fair Housing Act of 1968”. The act was put in place to provide equal housing opportunities regardless of race, religion, or national origin and made it a federal offense if violated. The city of Philadelphia claims that through collections of data it was discovered that Blacks and Latinos, despite having good credit, were given higher interest rates and were lead into high risk loans. It was also noted that house refinancing was made difficult for these groups as well. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The great thing is that individual states are beginning to take matters into their own hands. They are tired of waiting on equality that seems to never come. And with technology proof can now be shown, undeniable proof. Big data is showing that there has been hidden discrimination that is being brought to the light.

This sense of urgency to bring justice to these perpetrators is also being shown on an individual level. Two such individuals are Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin who were dragged out of their homes one night by the police and arrested for something they had not done. This incident sparked a multi-million dollar lawsuit which Lacey and Larkin won.

With some of those proceeds they formed the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. They support many organizations such as No More Deaths-No Más Muertes, Si Se Puede Foundation, Justice for Immigrants & Families Project and Justice that Works to name a few. To know more about the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund visit and learn what you can do to make a difference. Browse through the many articles and also learn about all the organizations they support.

Boraie is credited for being the founder of Boraie Development, LLC. This is a private firm that is based in Brunswick, New Jersey. Mr. Boraie is credited for his prowess as a very visionary individual who for saw New Brunswick as a potential real estate region forty years ago. Over the years New Brunswick has taken shape from the many high-rise developments that have sprouted with the increased investments by big investors. At the age of 73, Mr. Omar still goes strong through his developmental investments that recently saw him finish a new deluxe luxury high-rise residential complex o the Somerset Street.

Through his company, Omar has left a mark in Brunswick through his great constructions that have brought about new developments to a place that no-one else saw its potential. When Omar began his visionary plans of developing the area many people doubted his ambitious plans. The drive to rebuilding the Brunswick was motivated by what Omar had previously observed when he had visited Europe when he was a traveling student from Egypt. This resulted in him embarking on a life journey that saw him build his empire in real estate making him one of the richest real estate developers.

Apart from his success as a developer, Mr. Boraie is also an active member of the community who values giving back especially to the new comities that have sprouted in the New Brunswick. His company also is involved in giving back to the community through the sponsorship of many programs. One good example of these sponsored programs is The Summer Movie Series which Boraie Development co-sponsored with The Provident Bank Foundation at the State Theatre New Jersey.

This is an occasional free six movies that Boraie Development offers to pay for the community. This offers the community a chance to watch and enjoy some of their favorite movies with family and friends during summer camps. In addition to being a charitable act from Mr. Boraie, the free films also help in promoting the attendance at the remarkable historic venue where the movies are frequently shown.

Now through Mr. Boraie’s visionary ambitions, New Brunswick has become a very vibrant place for families to live and work with well-established residential buildings and various office space. Boraie’s development company continues to invest heavily in the area by building new residential areas that fully meet the requirements of the increasing number of people that are still moving to the area.

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Equities First Holdings is an international financing solution for shareholders. The focus of the organization is to expand and make their services more accessible to the business associates and clients. For this reason, they came up with the decision of relocating Melbourne office.

According to Mitchell Hopwood, EFH managing director of Australia, the relocation of the office will offer bigger space that will give the company a better room of expanding and accommodating more clients. Equities First Holdings offers customers with loans that are stock-based so that they can be able to get business capital, strategic investment or use it to benefit their business in any way since the loan is unrestricted.

Equities First Holding was established in 2002, and since then, it has provided their clients with extra financing solutions, offering them with capital that can help them meet their goals. EFH offers loans that are of high value with interest rates that are fixed and manageable. They provide an alternative capital against the public exchange of shares traded globally. The company is located in nine countries which include, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, London, New York City, Indiana, and Indianapolis.

The main clients of EFH are investors who are given loans after a thorough evaluation of future risk and performance related with the treasuries, bonds, and stocks. Investors get to enjoy flexible securities, and they can use the loan in anything they want to since it does not come with restrictions. The loan also comes with lower interest rates compared to other financial instruments.

EFH clients also enjoy dividends since the pledged collateral is returned to the customer who borrowed the loan. Furthermore, they also enjoy high valued loans of a ratio of up to 75%. The borrower has to wait for only a short time for the loan to be processed. EFH made investors and individual lives much easier through their products and by relocating, more people will benefit from the services offered.

Amazon usually has nothing to worry about, especially when it comes to selling clothing online. This retail giant has been commanding at least 20% of the retail market in this space for a long time, and a new company backed by any celebrity doesn’t rattle their cages often. What is different with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is her company has already made over $250 million selling her clothing in three short years. If she is not on Amazon’s radar yet, she will be in short order.


Talk to Hudson about her success with Fabletics, and she will tell you how it is a unique marriage of memberships and reverse-showrooming. To see these processes in action is something to behold, because she is blazing a trail not too many clothing retailers would take. Women who come to the Fabletics stores at the mall are encouraged to get their free membership and take part in the Lifestyle Quiz. These are keys to the success of the brand because now these women can shop at the retail stores and try on as much as they like, without having the pressure of having to buy anything for the company to succeed.


Hudson says that women love to try on clothes and shop, but many just don’t have the money at the time to make these purchases. Once home, these women head over to the Fabletics website at their convenience, and all the high-quality workout apparel they tried on is still waiting for them in their shopping cart. Since they have already tried on the clothing, all they have to do now is to find something that appeals to them and off they go.


Hudson says the big bonus of filling out the quiz is you get assigns a personal shopper who uses the results of the quiz combined with your size and selects items each month they think you might be interested in buying. There is no pressure, buy, decline, or keep shopping, this is why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is such a huge success.


Another reason that her sales are exploding is the athleisure brand is high-quality. These are pieces that look great and wear well. If Amazon is not afraid of the reverse-showrooming experience, they might be surprised in another few years how Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand commands an even bigger piece of the pie. This company is doing everything to please women, and it appears they have found just the right formula.

Beneful Dog Foods are foods processed frоm natural foods. They аrе high-quality foods thаt are balanced giving the dog all it requires for a healthy lifestyle. They do not contain unnесеѕѕаrу іngrеdіеnts like fillers, flavors or соlоrs and meet the AAFO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for a development of puppies and upkeep of adult dogs.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals

Good ingredients are what one will find at the heart of our Originals with Real Salmon recipe. Real salmon accentuated with sweet potatoes, green beans & carrots is 100% nutrition with a taste all adult dogs will love.These foods are compared and considered as canine’s fast food.

Chopped Blends™ with chicken, carrots, peas, and wild rice

Keep the dog’s taste buds excited with this finely diced, savory mix with real ingredients that can be seen served a little sauce to let its delicate flavor and delightful texture shine through. Many canine lovers know that thе diets of their pets are as vital аѕ thеirs.

Beneful® Dry Dog Food Playful Life with real beef & egg

At the heart of our Playful Life recipe, there are healthy ingredients. This product is made from real farm-raised meat and blended to perfection with whole grains and accents of vegetables. It’s 100% nutrition, a taste an adult dog will love and the protein essential for active muscles.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Savory

After every meal of meaty chunks, wholesome grains and veggies the canine will be happy. It will love digging its teeth into this prepared blend. If there are any leftovers, just reseal the tub.

These foods are simple to digest, and the nutrіеnts are quickly absorbed. Pеt оwners have noticed that thеir dоgs produce fеwеr and lеѕѕ smеlly stools. These foods enriched with nutrіеnts соrrеcts imbalаnces thаt аrе іn a dоg’s system.

People who don’t feed Beneful dog food don’t know its advantages. They can’t comprehend that thеir pets may be sick frоm consuming unhealthy diets. Dogs that feed on a well-balanced meal feel gоod both іnside аnd оut.

In the Baltimore area, the real estate industry is continuing to re-emerge from the adverse impact of the 2008 real estate crisis. The slow but steady growth has resulted in the improvement of property sales in the region and a significant drop in foreclosures. According to industry data, in the Baltimore metro area, foreclosures fell by about 7 percent. Through his vigorous marketing strategy, Todd Lubar has been able to enhance the real estate industry in the region

Lubar started his career in 1995.

Crestar Mortgage Corporation recruited him to work as a loan originator. In this position, he gained much knowledge on conservative mortgage banking. In addition, Lubar refined this skills and became an expert in issuing loans. Lubar realized that networking was a powerful tool in the real estate industry. To this end, he began interacting with CPA’s, Insurance agents, real estate agents, and financial planners. Today, these individuals continue to form the core of Todd’s referral base.

In an article on Hackronym, Todd made his first entrepreneurial step in 1999 when he quit his position at Crestar and accepted an equity position at the Legacy Financial Group. This new role presented him with new challenges. However, the hardworking entrepreneur kept pushing and soon mastered the skills needed to work for the company. He was involved in brokering loans to investors and lending money directly as a mortgage bank. This information was originally mentioned on Patch as outlined in this link

Armed with knowledge and experience in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar ventured into business by founding Legendary Property, LLC. His leadership skills and extensive know-how of different fields helped the company to grow quickly. Todd was able to incorporate other companies, including Charter Funding and Legendary Financial. He opened these two companies after realizing that most people could not secure loans from traditional banks. Through these corporations, he was able to issue loans to many deserving clients. Legendary Properties purchased, rehabilitated, and sold different residential properties. The company specialized in different properties varying from single-family homes to multi-family properties. The company was affected by the real estate crisis of 2008. The adverse effects of the crisis forced Lubar to focus on other businesses. To this end, Todd ventured into commercial demolition. In addition, Lubar started recycling automatic scrap metal.

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Jason Hope is a business consultant, philanthropist, futurist, and investor. He earned his degree in Finance, and MBA at Arizona State University. Jason believes that “the internet of things” is the new wave of the future. Connecting all of our everyday devices, has come to make our lives more efficient, therefore creating greater productivity. It certainly has benefited retailers, to reach out to previously unobtainable customers. It also creates competition among businesses, because he who does not keep up, loses out.

Jason believes that we are just on the brink of technological efficiencies. It will, in the future be a part of our everyday routines. Mr. Hope is also a philanthropist, who believes everyone should try to “give” in some way or another, whether it be with money, time, or products. Jason Hope feels you should seek out an organization that shares the same passions as you do. Not only does this benefit the organization, it helps others too.

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Mr. Hope, donates to the SENS Foundation which is an organization that researches ways to prevent aging, by trying to prevent the diseases that increase aging. They also focus on the after effects of diseases, such as heart, lung, and Alzheimer’s disease. If you would like to learn more about Jason Hope, and read his blogs, you can go to,

With an abundance of hair care products on the market to choose from, it can be especially frustrating when you see minimal results after trying nearly them all. One little lady who worked at a hair salon was especially getting frustrated because her livelihood depended on her looks, and her hair was less than inspiring to anyone close enough to see it.

Before we can follow along with this little lady’s journey, we need to look at the creator of the Wen By Chaz products, see: Chaz Dean is the owner of a hair salon in Los Angeles, and he too was frustrated with the way the products in his store left his client’s hair. He decided to create the Wen line of hair care products and change the world.

So when Dean decided to use only organic ingredients in his products, he was able to separate himself from the crowd. Dean developed such a successful line that celebrity clients began to line up at his door demanding he work on their hair.

Getting back to a story originally posted on Bustle, we see a young woman who was frustrated with her greasy hair and decided to make a case study of the Wen By Chaz conditioner for fine hair. Looking at the first picture in her journal, we can see that she did need some work, but were not sure what to expect after 7 days.

Throughout her journey, we see that she doesn’t stick to a plan, and some days she is so flustered she forgets to even apply the conditioner correct. But by day 7, her hair has literally undergone a transformation. With minimal effort using the hair care conditioner, we discover that her greasy and flat hair has undergone the transformation she was hoping to achieve all along.

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