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Andrew Rocklage is a well-read individual with an extra sharp mind. He attended the prestigious Suffolk University Law School for his undergraduate program and went on to enhance his skills, knowledge base and counsel qualifications at the Isenberg School of Management.

As busy as such intense studies should have kept him, it is surprising that the legal scholar could be as versatile as to successfully indulge in business, making a fortune from a business that he started from scratch.

The man has made a remarkable name for himself, having the reputation of being a brilliant and hands-on businessman. The Sky Zone Trampoline Park, which he founded and owns, benefits from the fact that he runs it himself, thus making plenty of profit. The business is reported to be one of the most innovative concepts to be implemented in Boston as it features indoor trampoline parks.

Andrew Rocklage proves to the world every day just how endowed he is with the understanding of how Boston business works. His in-depth understanding is evident in the way he operates the Sky Zone, Trampoline Park.

He ensures that customers visiting his establishments receive stellar customer services. The overall effect of his insistence on pleasing his clientele has always been increasing referrals and happy return clients. Read more: Andrew Rocklage | Facebook

To ensure that his business is run exactly the way he intends it and to have the impeccable services he desires delivered to his customers, Rocklage only hires the most talented and diligent employees to work at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

He takes his time to screen the potential employees to determine just how interactive they could get with his customers at the park. He insists on the quality of customer services that he would like all Sky Zone Trampoline Park visitors to be accorded because he knows that customer service is at the heart of the business success.

Already, he is happy with the way his customers happily go on exclaiming how well they get treated at the establishment. Fortunately, his talent search always yields the impressive business results and he never runs short of good employees. Also, Andrew Rocklage has an innate talent for growing the talent of his employees, keeping them focused and motivating them.

The corporate mind does not only do business. He does many other things which reflect on his ability and qualification to be one of the best legal counsels one could decide to hire in Boston. He has served as one of the corporate counsels with whom the EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals have worked.

Apart from legal counsel, Rocklage is also appreciated for his innovative ability. Owing to the uncanny decisions that the young attorney has been making since clearing his legal, Rocklage remains to be unpredictable.

One can only tell that he has almost finished dominating Boston and is likely to blow out to the rest of the country because he is known to love new people and new places.

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Securus Technologies has been the market leader in the inmate communications and investigative technology industry since its inception in 1986. The company offers a vast array of services, such as video visitation, video services, phone services, email messaging, voicemail messaging, money transfer services, photo sharing services, and more. Such services help tremendously in ensuring that the law enforcement officers can do their duty with ease, and inmates can communicate with their loved ones without having to spend a fortune. The services of Securus Technologies are much more advanced and superior in all aspects than what is offered by other competitors.


Securus Technologies’ products and services are used by more than a million and a half prisoners across the United States and Canada. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, which is where the company also has its specialized technology center used for research and development. The company recently announced that it had invested more than $600 million for patent acquisition as well as research and development, which shows the commitment of the company to the industry and helping build products that are safe, reliable, and futuristic. One of the primary focuses of Securus Technologies is to bring down the cost of the inmate communication services and open up more communication opportunities for the prisoners, which it aims to achieve shortly.


Recently, the company displayed the admiration it receives from the law enforcement officers through a press release. The law enforcement officers feel that the Securus Technologies is doing a tremendous job by offering advanced investigative technology, which is giving the law enforcement personnel an edge over the criminals and making it easier for them to keep criminals in check. I feel Securus Technologies is the company to look out for in the future as it continues to roll out new products and services in the sector.


Summertime means it’s time to crank that air conditioner. However, there are some little secrets that AC company, Goettl, wants everyone to know about the most efficient way to run an AC unit. In the article “Goettl’s Tell All Secrets to Staying Energy Efficient This Summer“, on TheBroTalk blog, Goettl gives some most beneficial tips for air conditioning in the summer.

Starting off with maintenance, Goettl warns everyone to keep a good eye on their AC unit and what it needs to run. They advise that an owner should clear out all debris from the system, and replace the air filter every ninety days. It is also a good idea to make sure there is no vegetation directly under the unit.

What’s another good way to keep an AC unit running strong? Simply don’t overuse it. Goettl recommends the use of a ceiling fan alongside the AC unit, to spread the cool air out and about the house. This will allow an owner to run the AC less and at a slightly higher temperature while receiving the same cool feeling. The company also suggests putting a shade over the AC unit, preventing it from having to work harder than it should.

Rounding out the article is, essentially, an advertisement for Goettl. And why not? They are a highly acclaimed, family run company based in Arizona. With strong values in quality, honesty, reliability, innovation, and attention to detail, the company has won the Map Presidential Award in both 2015 and 2016. Goettl takes great pride in getting the job done right the first time around. Their success in Pheonix, Arizona has allowed the company to branch out into new areas such as Southern California, Tucson, and Vegas.

To learn more about Goettl and their services, view their website here.

As most people approach retirement and or when they are retired, they have many misconceptions about social security. The chief of distribution and sales at Nationwide Financial Distributors, David Giertz, gives some advice on pension. He notes it is important to create a retirement income plan that maximizes social security benefits. He continues to say that most people think that at 62 years of age is when they can begin talking about social security on The highest percentage of retirees are receiving a benefit that is much lower than they expected.

Most people cannot accurately identify the factors that determine the number of social benefits one receives. The biggest misconception is one should start thinking of social security when they grow older. They forget that social security fund was established to assist in retirement and not to fund it entirely. It is therefore crucial for individuals to have a pension plan to follow according to As David Giertz points out, a study conducted revealed that about 37% of retirees cite health problems as one of the factors that prevent them from living their retirement as they intended. The health care expenses are huge and are affecting one out of four retirees at The affected are prevented from living the life they had planned before they retired.

About David Giertz
David Giertz well known as Dave was the senior vice president of Nationwide Financial distribution and sales at nationwide life insurance. He assumed the position on April 3, 2013. He has served as the president of nationwide financial Distributors Inc. from March 2013. He is also the president and the senior vice president and the director of many other nationwide companies at Previously, he served as the president of sales at nationwide financial services Inc. as well as the vice president of the sales department. David Giertz was the vice president NF sales a bank channel from 2004 to 2009. Additionally, from 2009 to 2013, he was the FI/WH.

Traveling Vineyard is perhaps one of the most exciting new business opportunities to come along in a very long time. But what exactly is traveling vineyard and why is everyone talking about it? To put it at its most basic, Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling program that allows you to be your own boss, work from home, set your own schedule and profit goals, and meet interesting new people from all over your community.

At the core of the Taveling Vineyard concept is the idea that everyone loves wine, and if they don’t love wine, it’s because they have never been exposed to good wine in the right way. That’s where you come I, you have a passion for wine and want to make money sharing that passion with others, then you already have all of the qualifications to be a Traveling Vineyard wine guide.

So how does being a Traveling Vineyard wine guide differ from other work from home opportunities. Unlike other programs where you annoy your friends to buy items they already have an overstock of, or have to head out and find strangers online to sell drop ship items to, Traveling Vineyard lets you bring the joy of wine to people you already know in a casual setting with all fun and no pressure. Wine is the great unifier, it has been said, and as a wine guide you will have the unique opportunity to expose your friends to an ever-changing array of great wines from all over the world on a regular basis.

Getting started is super easy, just submit a message about being interested in being a wine guide and you will soon be contacted by a guide leader from your area. Once you have made the decision to take the plunge you get access to the “tasting room” a comprehensive online training center that teaches you everything that you need to know to be a success. Soon you will learn how to approach customers “new friends” as they are called, and invite them to a wine tasting party. You will also learn everything that you need to know about setting up your party, what foods to pair with the wines, what music styles to work with, and even conversation topics to get things going smoothly. You will also learn everything you need to know about the featured wines and how to present them.

After this all you need I your tasting kit, and you’re ready to go. Host a function, share good time, good food, good music, and most of all good wine with your new friends and when it’s over with take their orders. Not long after you will be presenting them with their ordered bottles and you will be ready to share new wines with them next month.

Traveling Vineyard is a great way to make money, share the joy of wine, and make new friends all at the same time. Why not give it a shot today? Who knows, maybe the next glass you raise will be to toast your success.

Every human being should be afforded the same rights. One’s social status, race, sex, age, sexual preference, etc., should not be a factor that should give one person preference over another. There have been many acts of discrimination of civil rights, human rights and migrant rights captured on video, thanks to modern technology. These videos are bringing discrimination to the forefront without the discriminator being able to deny his/her acts. With these new tools we will be able to fight back even harder.

Now we are taking technology one step further with “big data”. Big data companies are compiling data that is revealing discrimination that is hidden. Hidden discrimination is the worse kind because if you don’t even know you are being discriminated against then you can’t fight back. This type of racism goes way deeper than anyone imagined. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

A company called Cedar Grove Institute For Sustainable Development upon compiling census data for Moore County, N.C. noticed that the city had redrawn it’s boundaries around historically African-American neighborhoods excluding them. With the African-American neighborhoods no longer within the boundaries, they were no longer eligible to vote on public issues or even receive public services like water and sewage.

Most recently, Wells Fargo, an American international bank, is in hot water for the violation of the “Fair Housing Act of 1968”. The act was put in place to provide equal housing opportunities regardless of race, religion, or national origin and made it a federal offense if violated. The city of Philadelphia claims that through collections of data it was discovered that Blacks and Latinos, despite having good credit, were given higher interest rates and were lead into high risk loans. It was also noted that house refinancing was made difficult for these groups as well. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The great thing is that individual states are beginning to take matters into their own hands. They are tired of waiting on equality that seems to never come. And with technology proof can now be shown, undeniable proof. Big data is showing that there has been hidden discrimination that is being brought to the light.

This sense of urgency to bring justice to these perpetrators is also being shown on an individual level. Two such individuals are Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin who were dragged out of their homes one night by the police and arrested for something they had not done. This incident sparked a multi-million dollar lawsuit which Lacey and Larkin won.

With some of those proceeds they formed the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. They support many organizations such as No More Deaths-No Más Muertes, Si Se Puede Foundation, Justice for Immigrants & Families Project and Justice that Works to name a few. To know more about the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund visit and learn what you can do to make a difference. Browse through the many articles and also learn about all the organizations they support.

Your lips are 100% natural so your lip balm should be too. EOS lip balm is organic, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist approved to make your lips soft and protect them from the elements. With shea butter for softness and vitamin E oil for healing your lips will be cared for when you wear EOS, click this. With flavors like Summer Fruit, which has the smell of strawberry, blueberry, and peach, Strawberry Sorbet, which will remind you of the yummy desert, and Pomegranate Raspberry, which tastes and smells of the summer you don’t have to choose just one, load up on your favorites.

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The sun is out and it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. There are barbecues to attend and beach days to plan all while making sure your skin is protected from the sun. Often we forget that the skin on our lips is some of the most sensitive on our body and gets a lot of sun exposure. When applying sunscreen you don’t want to rub that lotion on your lips, it does not taste good and all the ingredients may not be ones you would want to consume. EOS lip balm makes sure that your lips are covered with their Fresh Grapefruit with SPF 30 and Lemontwist with SPF 15. Like all EOS lip balms, Fresh Grapefruit and Lemontwist are made with shea butter to soften your lips, jojoba oil to hydrate, and are petroleum and paraben-free. Jump in the water and splash around knowing that Fresh Grapefruit and Lemontwist lip balm are water resistant for up to 80 minutes. See for more.


Equities First Holdings is an international financing solution for shareholders. The focus of the organization is to expand and make their services more accessible to the business associates and clients. For this reason, they came up with the decision of relocating Melbourne office.

According to Mitchell Hopwood, EFH managing director of Australia, the relocation of the office will offer bigger space that will give the company a better room of expanding and accommodating more clients. Equities First Holdings offers customers with loans that are stock-based so that they can be able to get business capital, strategic investment or use it to benefit their business in any way since the loan is unrestricted.

Equities First Holding was established in 2002, and since then, it has provided their clients with extra financing solutions, offering them with capital that can help them meet their goals. EFH offers loans that are of high value with interest rates that are fixed and manageable. They provide an alternative capital against the public exchange of shares traded globally. The company is located in nine countries which include, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, London, New York City, Indiana, and Indianapolis.

The main clients of EFH are investors who are given loans after a thorough evaluation of future risk and performance related with the treasuries, bonds, and stocks. Investors get to enjoy flexible securities, and they can use the loan in anything they want to since it does not come with restrictions. The loan also comes with lower interest rates compared to other financial instruments.

EFH clients also enjoy dividends since the pledged collateral is returned to the customer who borrowed the loan. Furthermore, they also enjoy high valued loans of a ratio of up to 75%. The borrower has to wait for only a short time for the loan to be processed. EFH made investors and individual lives much easier through their products and by relocating, more people will benefit from the services offered.

Amazon usually has nothing to worry about, especially when it comes to selling clothing online. This retail giant has been commanding at least 20% of the retail market in this space for a long time, and a new company backed by any celebrity doesn’t rattle their cages often. What is different with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is her company has already made over $250 million selling her clothing in three short years. If she is not on Amazon’s radar yet, she will be in short order.


Talk to Hudson about her success with Fabletics, and she will tell you how it is a unique marriage of memberships and reverse-showrooming. To see these processes in action is something to behold, because she is blazing a trail not too many clothing retailers would take. Women who come to the Fabletics stores at the mall are encouraged to get their free membership and take part in the Lifestyle Quiz. These are keys to the success of the brand because now these women can shop at the retail stores and try on as much as they like, without having the pressure of having to buy anything for the company to succeed.


Hudson says that women love to try on clothes and shop, but many just don’t have the money at the time to make these purchases. Once home, these women head over to the Fabletics website at their convenience, and all the high-quality workout apparel they tried on is still waiting for them in their shopping cart. Since they have already tried on the clothing, all they have to do now is to find something that appeals to them and off they go.


Hudson says the big bonus of filling out the quiz is you get assigns a personal shopper who uses the results of the quiz combined with your size and selects items each month they think you might be interested in buying. There is no pressure, buy, decline, or keep shopping, this is why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is such a huge success.


Another reason that her sales are exploding is the athleisure brand is high-quality. These are pieces that look great and wear well. If Amazon is not afraid of the reverse-showrooming experience, they might be surprised in another few years how Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand commands an even bigger piece of the pie. This company is doing everything to please women, and it appears they have found just the right formula.

Beneful Dog Foods are foods processed frоm natural foods. They аrе high-quality foods thаt are balanced giving the dog all it requires for a healthy lifestyle. They do not contain unnесеѕѕаrу іngrеdіеnts like fillers, flavors or соlоrs and meet the AAFO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for a development of puppies and upkeep of adult dogs.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals

Good ingredients are what one will find at the heart of our Originals with Real Salmon recipe. Real salmon accentuated with sweet potatoes, green beans & carrots is 100% nutrition with a taste all adult dogs will love.These foods are compared and considered as canine’s fast food.

Chopped Blends™ with chicken, carrots, peas, and wild rice

Keep the dog’s taste buds excited with this finely diced, savory mix with real ingredients that can be seen served a little sauce to let its delicate flavor and delightful texture shine through. Many canine lovers know that thе diets of their pets are as vital аѕ thеirs.

Beneful® Dry Dog Food Playful Life with real beef & egg

At the heart of our Playful Life recipe, there are healthy ingredients. This product is made from real farm-raised meat and blended to perfection with whole grains and accents of vegetables. It’s 100% nutrition, a taste an adult dog will love and the protein essential for active muscles.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Savory

After every meal of meaty chunks, wholesome grains and veggies the canine will be happy. It will love digging its teeth into this prepared blend. If there are any leftovers, just reseal the tub.

These foods are simple to digest, and the nutrіеnts are quickly absorbed. Pеt оwners have noticed that thеir dоgs produce fеwеr and lеѕѕ smеlly stools. These foods enriched with nutrіеnts соrrеcts imbalаnces thаt аrе іn a dоg’s system.

People who don’t feed Beneful dog food don’t know its advantages. They can’t comprehend that thеir pets may be sick frоm consuming unhealthy diets. Dogs that feed on a well-balanced meal feel gоod both іnside аnd оut.