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The Academy of Art University is one of the top schools for the arts in the United States. The California-based school has well-over 12,000 students, and it has over 283 full-time teachers. Founded in the late 1920s by Richard Stephens, the school has grown at a considerate rate thanks to its many programs. Academy of Art University offers online courses, offers undergraduate degrees and offers certificates. Its goal is to prepare students for careers in communications, in entertainment and in liberal arts. So, where does fashion come into the picture? Well, the Academy of Art University has an excellent program for fashion journalism and many of its former-graduates have gone on to successful careers.

Fast-forward to today and AAU has just released the name of the winner for its Fashion Journalism Scholarship Contest. This contest wants to know the effects of fashion on modern-day social sites. For 2018, a South African named Adriana Georgiades took home the award thanks to her brilliant portrayal of the subject. This woman comes from a background in this particular field as she currently holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Georgiades, 23, was awarded with a $1,500 scholarship. In addition to that, she was awarded with an opportunity to intern at TRC Marketing. It doesn’t get much better than this. “Is social media the future of fashion?” This was the title of the contest as social media and fashion seems to go hand-to-hand.

Social media is definitely taking over where standard media has left-off. Millions of people spend hours a day in cyberspace instead of reading physical publications. “Social media is certainly the future of fashion journalism,” said Georgiades. She has also stated that a lot of ideas for the contest came from reading the FSH 628 Social and Mobile Reporting class.

The Academy of Art University is doing its job to prepare its students for a successful career in a variety of subjects. The school has a huge presence in fashion as it attends New York Fashion Week on an annual basis and that speaks volumes.


It has become necessary for the private and public companies to hire third-party financial services companies to be able to manage their finance as well as avail a wide range of financial services. One of the leading financial services companies in the United States that provides its services to a vast array of public companies in the country is Southridge Capital. The company was established in the year 1996, and since then has grown at a rapid pace to become one of the primary financial services providers in the industry.


The growth of the company has primarily taken place due to its innovative and unique financial services it provides that specifically meets the financial requirements of its clients. One of the reasons behind the rapid growth of Southridge Capital in the last few years is its focus on few essential services such as mergers and acquisitions, financing solutions, restructuring analysis, legal settlement services, and credit enhancement. These are the services that are in high demand by the public as well as privately held companies, and Southridge Capital has been able to establish itself as a leader in these domains.


Southridge Capital understands that as a responsible company it commits the community as well. It is why it takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and has put into effect various measures to give back to the community in different ways. The company is also engaged in formal as well as informal philanthropy and is associated with various charitable organizations across the country. The founder of Southridge Capital, Mr. Stephen Hicks founded Daystar Foundation along with his wife Mary Hicks that collaborates with various charitable organizations to provide monetary and volunteer support. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Southridge has established itself as one of the leading financial services provider in the country in a relatively short period amidst heavy competition in the sector from other heavyweights. Southridge Capital has focused on few particular services and has been able to become a leader in that specific segment, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the most sought-after financial services providers when it comes to credit enhancement, legal settlement services, financing solutions, and securitization. You can check out their Facebook page.




According to Brooklynite Hilary Reid, designer re-seller the RealReal is “a Radical Vision of Second-hand Luxury.” In an article published by The New Yorker on May 14, 2018, Reid takes readers on a journey through the RealReal’s carefully curated SoHo location on Wooster street, and in part, experiences her first brand authentication workshop (offered for free and lead by the RealReal staff). Detailed in Reid’s article, is the RealReal’s captivating approach to consignment culture, where a blending of re-sale content, industry knowledge, and community outreach redefines the ways in which a complex consumer market (varying income levels) relates to “high fashion.” In “The RealReal’s Radical Vision of Second-hand Luxury,” Reid explains the history of this booming marketplace, which was established online in 2011 by San Fransisco entrepreneur Julie Wainwright. The RealReal, which receives fifty percent of their business from first-time consignment shoppers (many designer buyers are new to consignment) looks to fill a specific niche in the second-hand industry; certified authenticity. As felt in Reid’s account, The RealReal raises the bar by demanding a new level of thoroughness and quality control which simply cannot be matched when shopping in thrift stores such as Goodwill or searching for designer brands over mass online re-sellers such as Amazon, Ebay, and Poshmark. Reid briefly comments on the clear differences between thrifting and RealReal shopping, suggesting that the RealReal’s strict quality standards may undermine it’s original intentions of consumer inclusivity. Nevertheless, any buyer looking for a shopping experience to compliment their fashion intel will find a home at The RealReal. Each and every item (online or in-store) is carefully inspected and certified by hand-picked horologists, gemologists, and authenticators. Once approved by “The RealReal Experts,” the products are professionally photographed for the online marketplace, or creatively displayed in-store with honor and integrity in mind. As detailed in conversation by Reid and creator Julie Wainwright, this process of quality is the only process that Wainwright, her fellow curators, and over fifteen hundred employees can see fit. After all, one hundred and seventy three million dollars in venture capital last year just can’t be wrong.

Michael Lacey was born and raised in New Jersey. He attended school in the late 1960’s at the University of Arizona state.

He dropped out in 1970 to join a group of students in publishing opening matter of Phoenix new times as retort to the ultra-conservation home-grown media’s exposure of campus anti-war complaints. Lacey became the executive editor at the New Times while Larkin headed the advertising department. They worked together to expose both social and political issues affecting the country in this newspaper. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Jim Larkin: and

Jim Larkin, John Brunst, and Scott Spear were arraigned as defendants at Sandra Day United State courthouse in Arizona before magistrate Bridget Bade. The three were accused of being involved in money laundering.

Spear and Larkin had been also accused of facilitating and devising on prostitution. The three suspects pleaded not guilty and two of them were released. Larkin was however left behind pending hearing.

Michael Lacey was also arrested by some law enforcement officer days before his marriage party celebrations which were to be held at his home in Paradise Valley. This veteran newspaperman’s house was invaded by the FBI days before this celebration and according to passers-by and witnesses; Lacey’s belongings were carted away by the FBI agents during the raid. The FBI agents also raided Jim Larkin, who was lacey’s partner in business for a couple of years, Paradise Valley home.

Larkin and Lacey owed a seventeen alternative weeklies news empire together that emerged from initiating the flagship Phoenix News-Times in 1970. Joe Arpaio conducted Lacey and Larkin arrests. The two vended chain, which was by then known as the Village Voice Media (VVM), but still held on to their interest in the giant online listing which excluded VVM from the deal. The FBI also seized the Friday’s back page after the raid.

The company denied the allegations of it being a sex trafficking facilitator and an online brothel. In 2015, Lacey and Larkin ventured their Backpage interests to Carl Ferrer, the CEO. The 93-count accusation is said to have involved seven individuals, but only Lacey and Larkin’s names were tabled at the time.

Larkin and Lacey filled a lawsuit for wrongful arrest which saw them awarded three million, seven hundred and fifty dollars as compensation which was paid by Maricopa County. In 2017, Larkin and Lacey initiated Front Page Confidential which they used to analyze and provide news on issues pertaining to the first amendment.

The move by the government to suppress the website and the arrests made are a clear indication of assaults on the press freedom. Cambria, who is highly knowledgeable in first amendment jurisprudence, said that his client would plead not guilty to all accusation during the hearings that had been set by the court. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

According to Cambria, the FBI’s move of eliminating the Backpage was an act of suppression of media freedom and he expressed his believe in the release of Lacey and Larkin. He also stated that the acts by the government were unconstitutional and he was ready to go head on to ensure the release of the two.

Richard Blair is the owner and founder of Wealth Solutions company. Blair boasts extensive experience and expertise of over 23 years in industry securities registration. Richard Dwayne Blair launched Wealth Solutions with an objective of helping small businesses, families, and individuals grow economically.

Richard grew in an education environment. His mother and grandmother were teachers. His wife too was a teacher. He learned the value of education and knowledge from them. Dwayne understood how training gives one insight into the things that they engage in the day-to-day. He combined education and his passion for finance to come up with the idea of training and educating ambitious people in the society on methods to create, develop and safeguard wealth.

Richard Blair believes that every individual, organization or group of investors needs financial planning to allow them to achieve their financial targets. Dwayne provides economic insights particularly in planning to the people of Austin, Texas. He aims at equipping his fellow community members with financial tips that can drive them through their financial lives.

Mr. Richard Blair uses a three-pillar strategy to create a complete financial plan. He uses the customer’s present financial positions and retirement goals to come up with the best financial plan for that client.

The following are the pillars that Richard incorporates in his financial plan.

  1. Pillar one

The first pillar is drawn with the aim of laying down the customer’s economic roadmap. Richard identifies the client’s financial strengths, growth opportunities, risk tolerance and goals. He then works towards building a sturdy and long-lasting relationship with the client.

  1. Second pillar

The second pillar of the strategy is drafted to develop a long-term investment approach that is effective and customized depending on the client’s needs, desires and preferences. Richard ensures that his plan helps the client to maximize incomes during the high market periods and minimizes losses in the times of low markets.

  1. Pillar three

The third pillar involves implementation and management. Every financial plan is aimed at implementation and monitoring. Without well-conducted surveillance of the implemented financial plan then its impact may not be felt. Dwayne works on this pillar with the client. He uses the client’s goals, expectations and history information to come up with the best implementation program.

There is a common belief that contends that high IQ is the converse of high EQ. That is to say, that a person with a high IQ rarely makes money. Malcolm Casselle is the exception. Though you may not be able to find his IQ posted in the internet, Malcolm Casselle was certified to work on electron microscope by the age of 17. With a Bachelors from MIT and a Masters from Stanford University there is little question that Malcolm Casselle is brilliant.

Malcolm Casselle has been able to show how intelligence can be used to bring forth great economic prosperity. He has reinvented the way people view cryptocurrency. Typically cryptocurrency was a form of currency that was developed to undermine trace ability.

That is to say, a purchase could be made by individual one from individual two without either party knowing anything else from each other than an exchange was done. The initial cryptocurrency’s purpose was to create a currency that was both anonymous and secure. Cryptocurrency’s value was not realized until it was converted back to local currency.

Malcolm Casselle, along with William Quigley, have created a currency that is valued buy a gamers need to enhance a virtual character. Best of all, these virtual assets can be exchanged between gamers and will convert into realized profits for game developers. Since Malcolm Casselle along with his partners are the founders of Wax cryptocurrency, the economic growth potential is multiple faceted.

Not only does Malcom Casselle and his partners provide a platform for exchange, they own the actual platform. It’s equivilant to owning a language used specifically for trade. Although Malcom Casselle’s net worth is presently in the low millions, his virtual and unrealized assets could easy reach in the billions. Thus proving to the world that a high IQ can also equal a high EQ.

There is a great challenge when it comes to; launching a new business into the market. This is because it poses a serious competition challenge in the market that can make your business to fall because of making low or even no returns. For a new business to survive in the market there is need for intense and extensive market research for you to be prepared for what you will face when you get into the market.

One of the issues that should be considered while conducting market research is the target consumers, the changes in tastes and preferences of the consumers among others. Well, one of the new Companies that have been able to cope up with the challenges in the current market situation is the O2Pur company that was stared just some few years back.

Its main objective was to fill the gaps that exist in the traditional cigarettes market by the introduction of e-cigs which is a type of electronic cigarette that stimulates the feeling of smoking a regular cigarette. Although their cigs can be expensive while making the first purchase, it has some more added benefits that make it worth buying. One of the advantages of the e-cigs over the regular cigarettes is that they have no restrictions regarding the places where they should be taken. This creates convenience for users, and thus satisfaction of the consumers is also increased.

With the O2Pur technology in the e-cigs, there is a possibility that the cases of fire accidents will be reduced rapidly over the coming years. E-cigs do not produce some, or tangible fire that could be dangerous especially in places like petrol stations and forests. It uses an electronic device that is used to vapourize the nicotine solution. The user takes in the nicotine vapour which has more or equal satisfaction that could be given by smoking tobacco. But, there are some differences between the tobacco and the e-cigs, one being that the e-cigs have added flavours which are of different kinds which depend on the consumer’s tastes and preferences.

Another difference between the e-cigs and the regular cigarettes is that the e-cigs do not leave the unpleasant smell on the user’s clothes or hands like the traditional cigarettes do. The e-cigs can only be used by the active user. There are no passive users when it comes to e-cigs, and this can be one of the reasons why O2Pur can be highly appreciated and recognized company in the world since the issue of passive smoke has become one of the major concerns not only in the public places but also in the households among other places.

Fortress Investment Group, based out of New York, and founded twenty years ago in 1998, is a leading and highly diversified global investment management firm. They focus on private equity, hedge funds, railroads, red it funds, as well as traditional asset management. It’s subsidiaries include New Senior Investment Group, Railroad Acquisition Holdings, Nationstar Mortgage, New Castle Investment Corporation, New Media Investment Group, and a partial holding of Intrawest Aircastle. The firm has a reported revenue of 1.1 billion US dollars as well as a net income of 180 million US Dollars. The leadership of Fortress Investment Group is as follows: Peter L.Briger, Jr.Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Wesley R. Eden Co-Founder, Principal, and Co-Chief Executive Officer, and Randall A. Nardone Co-Founder and Principal. All three of these businessmen have led successful careers both before founding/joining Fortress and certainly have done well in their role as the Management Committee of Fortress Investment Group., an online employment resource, where personnel (both current and former) anonymously review companies they have worked for and their management reported a ninety-two percent approval rating of the chief executive officer(s) of Fortress.

Personnel ranging from interns to analysts who had worked or were currently working for Fortress had many positive things to say about the company including: There were many opportunities available to them and they were able to learn about many different industries. They felt there was good communication and overall collaboration between teams. Many employees also praised the flat management structure also known as the horizontal organisational structure. This type of management style differs from the more traditional hierarchical structure due to its consisting of few if any middle management positions. This type of management style is favored by companies which prefer temployeeshe removal of excess layers of management to promote communication between executives and staff which in turn allows for personnel to be more directly involved in the decision making process. Certainly the Management Committee of Fortress Investment Group has earned the praise and respect of their employees (as shown in the reviews) due to their diligent and direct business model which has been a cornerstone of their past success.

This past year, in December of 2017, Soft Bank Group Corporation, an internet and telecommunications behemoth, based in Japan, purchased Fortress Investment Group for the sum of 3.3 billion US dollars in cash. The acquisition resulted in Soft Bank Group and it’s subsidiaries owning all outstanding Fortress Investment Group shares. Fortress’s common stock was de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange due to the fact that Fortress’s future financial results are to be consolidated and reflected on Softbank’s financial statements. That being said Fortress is still allowed to operate as an independent company under the umbrella of Soft Bank whois committed to maintaining the leadership, personnel, business model, and brand which over a thousand clients, both corporate and private, worldwide have come to trust in for their investments. Will Softbank now with Fortress’s successful firm in its pocket soar? Perhaps it is too early to tell but if Softbanks numbers from 2017 (after announcing their intent to buy Fortress) are any indication, Fortress Investment Group is a solid boone to the company’s ever growing portfolio.

Any organization or company that is in need of the services of an investment company, like Fortress Investment Group, must ensure that the individuals who are going to be in-charge of the transactions must be aware or should know what are the specific expertise is or specialization of the said investment company. One of the largest private investment companies in the world is Fortress investment Group, which was established in 1998. Fortress is a private equity firm that has a profound knowledge and experience in a wide array of investment areas. And since it is an international firm, it has the capacity to provide services around the world in selected areas or regions. To properly comprehend their field of specialization, Fortress’ core competencies are summarized below.

Asset Based Approach and Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

A company or corporation engage in numerous kinds of transactions that may need a business valuation has the option to obtain the services of Fortress Investment Group’s team of experts who have the skills and experience to deliver valuations and assist with acquisitions and mergers. As an example, a company who would like to merge with another company can request for assistance straightaway from Fortress, especially when their assets based approach competency is urgently needed to ascertain the value of the company.In merger transactions, the Fortress Investment Group’s financial team will concentrate on establishing the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the two companies who are about to become one company. This move is implemented to assist in expediting the procedure. To have the appropriate net value of any company, the standard way of calculation would be to add the net value of all the assets of the company, and then subtract the liabilities. The difference between the assets and liabilities would be considered the overall cost of what will be needed to reconstruct a specific business. Having explained all that, the company has now the data it needs to form a merger or to make an acquisition at any time it desires to do so.

Industry Knowledge

Another exemplary skill the Fortress team have is their industry knowledge. The group has profound familiarity as well as know-how it this capacity since from the time the company was founded it has already conducted plenty of business investments with large corporations and organizations. The company can provide a treasure of industry knowledge in the segments where they are mostly necessary. Based on the past deals and transactions that were productively accomplished by Fortress, it definitely has the proficiency to guide existing and potential clients successfully.The industry knowledge assimilated by Fortress through its years of operation is founded in their effective implementations of various investments including the cumulative growth of their customers’ investment and asset portfolios.Companies, who would want to engage the services of Fortress Investment Group, can at any time have a look at the investment company’s history from 1998 onwards, to familiarize themselves on the core competencies it is offering, and how it conducts its business deals in all the industries it is engaged in.

Founded in 2014, the products of Enhanced Athlete are of the highest-quality, developed and made with the utmost care. The scientists are at the top of their craft. Committed to excellence and moving the human species forward, Enhanced Athlete strives to create the most safe, effective and fair-priced products on the market today. With their eyes set on the horizon of the next step in human evolution, Enhanced Athlete, along with their sister companies: Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear, are striving to move the industry, and the human race, in to a bright, beautiful future.


Their work ethic is second-to-none. Every product is engineered for the top effectiveness, of the highest quality and, most importantly: Safe. Not only all that, the pricing is the market’s best.


Maybe that’s because they’re a not-for-profit company??? This makes this already outstanding company and even better. Research and Development is top priority, and has the funds to keep it that way. You can be sure that Enhanced Athlete products will always live up to their platinum standard of excellence.


If you’re looking to seriously step up your overall health, increase your physicality, Enhanced Athlete has the perfect products for you!!!


Hey, even if you’re just looking to burn off just that little extra, Enhanced Athlete has exactly what you’ll need.


It’s all about moving the human race forward. Enhanced Athlete is not just a company that produces physical products, but promotes evolution of our great race mentally and emotionally as well. Enhanced Athlete is here to help. Plain and simple. The spokesperson for Enhanced Athlete, Tony Huge, has plenty of videos on the company’s website: You should definitely take some time and give them a look as they can give you a a better insight as the mission of Enhanced Athlete.


I believe in Tony’s saying, “Friends of Freedom”. We truly do have the power to be anything we want. We just need the know-how, direction and the motivation to do so. Enhanced Athlete is here to help with just that. Are you ready to evolve into your next you? An even better you than you are now?




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