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The Academy of Art University is one of the top schools for the arts in the United States. The California-based school has well-over 12,000 students, and it has over 283 full-time teachers. Founded in the late 1920s by Richard Stephens, the school has grown at a considerate rate thanks to its many programs. Academy of Art University offers online courses, offers undergraduate degrees and offers certificates. Its goal is to prepare students for careers in communications, in entertainment and in liberal arts. So, where does fashion come into the picture? Well, the Academy of Art University has an excellent program for fashion journalism and many of its former-graduates have gone on to successful careers.

Fast-forward to today and AAU has just released the name of the winner for its Fashion Journalism Scholarship Contest. This contest wants to know the effects of fashion on modern-day social sites. For 2018, a South African named Adriana Georgiades took home the award thanks to her brilliant portrayal of the subject. This woman comes from a background in this particular field as she currently holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Georgiades, 23, was awarded with a $1,500 scholarship. In addition to that, she was awarded with an opportunity to intern at TRC Marketing. It doesn’t get much better than this. “Is social media the future of fashion?” This was the title of the contest as social media and fashion seems to go hand-to-hand.

Social media is definitely taking over where standard media has left-off. Millions of people spend hours a day in cyberspace instead of reading physical publications. “Social media is certainly the future of fashion journalism,” said Georgiades. She has also stated that a lot of ideas for the contest came from reading the FSH 628 Social and Mobile Reporting class.

The Academy of Art University is doing its job to prepare its students for a successful career in a variety of subjects. The school has a huge presence in fashion as it attends New York Fashion Week on an annual basis and that speaks volumes.