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While dog foods are increasingly going premium by offering higher quality blends for dogs, not all dog foods are the same. Some are designed with very special purposes in mind and there is a vast difference in the quality of each dog food blend. This article will highlight some of the trends in premium dog food and discuss some of the options available on walmart to dog owners.

The trend in premium dog food is a move towards higher quality food and healthier products. Large brands like Purina Beneful are expanding their organic food options and providing for even higher quality dog food than they were just a few short years ago. To expand on their organic dog food offerings, Beneful has acquired a large organic food specialist named Merrick Pet Care and have gained their expertise to do so. Many other companies have also entertained similar strategies and are now offering organic dog foods to customers.

Beneful is also offering specialized foods to dogs that are older and having digestion problems which provides these older dogs with a chance to maintain a healthy lifestyle into their old age. Many other brands are offering specialized products to dog owners who are interested in making sure that their dogs are getting the quality of food that they need given their age and circumstances.

Not all premium dog foods are the same, however. Contrast these new product offerings that Beneful has been releasing onto the market with those of their competitors. Mars has had their brand Cesar Delights, announce dishes that sound as if they are right out of an human cookbook. Some of the offerings are pot roast with vegetables and lasagna. While these dishes sound interesting to a person they simply are not the type of food that many dogs like. Dogs like meat and not sauteed carrots. Other brands are trying to brake into the market with preservative free foods and even raw meats similar to sushi.

There is a big difference between the various product offerings and premium dog foods should be designed with the health and thoughts of the dogs in mind.