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Bruno Fagali is one of the rising lawyers in Brazil who has brought a new dimension to the legal system of Brazil. With his in-depth knowledge of administrative law, Bruno has made an excellent reputation for himself. Bruno Fagali has been involved in several law firms from 2006 where he was practicing different legal disciplines. Currently, he serves as the corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB, and he practices independently through his agency by the name Fagali Law Firm.

In the field of law, Bruno Fagali is a very well know name. He is the respected attorney of Brazil, and he is based in Sao Paulo. He specializes in various law branches like ethics, urban, electoral, administrative, regulatory law, and compliance. With his excellent knowledge of the law, he has carved a niche in the Brazil law system. After he finished high school, Bruno joined the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he did his undergraduate in law. Still, at the university, he specialized in administrative law and later he proceeded to do his masters in state law at the University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali also serves the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics as an efficient associate and coordinator of ethics and advertising agency commission. Bruno speaks; French, English, Italian, and Spanish. He also owns a website where he talks about the legal system and different branches of law. His passion for the law is huge because in his free time Bruno Fagali writes and papers and publication. He has actively participated in Brazilian Congress of Government procurement. He is also a member of banking judgment committee.

Bruno Fagali also serves as counsel for some individuals and companies who need public law and business compliance services law. These services are essential, and it helps knowing how a person or a company is protected legally. His knowledge of the law helps his clients choose their direction on each project or case. With his hard work and a good understanding of the law, Bruno Fagali Law firm has recently been appointed the corporate integrity manager in Nova/SB.

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