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Julia JacksonIf you’re a bit familiar with the production of wine then you that many of the individuals that work in this industry aren’t heavily celebrated. Unlike sports and entertainment, winemaking has a subtle nature and a subtle sophistication. Though being a male dominated field, this industry has some females who stand out. Some of these very females can outperform the males on any given day and one of those special females is known as Julia Jackson. This extraordinary woman has a well-rounded education of the winemaking environment. She has entrenched herself into the culture, she has worked in the wineries, and she was born into a family of good wine producers. Julia is one of many siblings, but she just so happens to be the youngest daughter. Born in 1988, she has grown up in this exclusive industry, and her father founded Jackson Family Wines in 1982. Julia Jackson

Thanks to her B.A. in Studio Art from Scripps College, she does a great job of designing the company’s website as well as designing the art on the wine bottles. Whatever you like, whether it’s Chardonnay, Champagne, Merlot or Pinot Noir, this company can provide it all. Julia works a proprietor most of the time, but she also works in the sales department. Being so fluent in French, she travels to foreign destinations on a regular basis to conduct business.Back at home, Julia works at her very own vineyard, and she works at her very own foundation that’s known as Seeds of Empowerment. Jackson Family Wines has a specific wine for any and all, whether it’s the Clone 23 Pinot Noir, or it’s just a random Chardonnay. Is Julia Jackson an unsung hero? It depends on how you view the situation, but she isn’t in this business for the fame, she’s in it for the family.

My daughter is fifteen years old, very beautiful and wanted to get into modeling. Being a guy and a dad who knows nothing about the modeling world, I have to say I had my hands full. My first reaction was noway, but after my daughter continued to insist I thought I better do my research. That is when I came across The Brown Agency.

Wilhelmina Austin had acquired Heyman Talent-South and renamed it The Brown Agency. The two biggest agencies had joined forces to become the only full-service agency in Austin, and one of the few in Texas. Well, to start with I figured if my daughter was going to get into modeling it was nice to find an agency so close to home. No one in their right mind would want to send their fifteen year old daughter half way across the country to an agency. With the help of Justin Brown at the head of the company. The Brown Agency has become one of the most respected modeling agencies. The company provides the talent with greater opportunities across the country and more opportunities for my daughter to achieve her dreams.

With Justin Brown and Michael B. Bonnée heading the company its reach and expertise will be great. A full-service agency is part of their growth strategy service talent and clients. They only want the most professional, elegant and dependable talent. When I heard that I felt that if this is what my daughter wanted, then she would learn a lot from this company. Talent exposure to some of the largest brands in the world such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oréal would be a dream come true for her.

According to Market Wired, Austin’s Justin Brown has a long history in the modeling world. Starting off as a model himself modeling skinny jeans. He quickly learned what it takes behind the camera where he trained models to operate like pros. Knowing this I feel he as a more professional touch and wants everyone to succeed. This is a great quality to have in the management of a company, especially if it means my daughters future. They placed twenty to thirty percent of the talent, which is high for the industry.

I don’t know if my daughters dreams will become reality or if she will simply lose interest in time. For the moment this is what she wants to do. After doing my research into The Brown Agency, I feel a little more confident in the opportunities she will receive in the future. I feel like this maybe the right agency for her and although I am still the over protective father I still want my daughter to have her chance to achieve her dreams.

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Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur with a heart and passion to help others succeed. He wrote and published a book called “They Can’t Eat You,” which is tells about what he had to overcome to become successful. The book became an instant hit because of its no non-sense tips on becoming the entrepreneur that reaches their goal. Marc has the experience of entrepreneurial ship because he has invested in many different businesses.

Marc believes in reaching the C-minus student who doesn’t believe that they have a chance to succeed. He informs potential entrepreneurs that he too felt the same way, but he did not give up. Marc remarks that he doesn’t believe that everyone should go to college to reach their life’s goals. No, college is not bad, he states, he just believes that with the right direction and groundwork, people can achieve their business goals successfully.

Marc Sparks is considered a ‘serial’ entrepreneur because for over 37 years of business which had their ups and downs, he entered into business transactions just to see what would happen, whether the business failed or prospered. His business portfolio motto is not to fear but try out your ideas in a trial and error method which can lead to better funding opportunities and networking.

Marc’s business attitude about how to succeed in venture capitalism funding has helped make him a success. He is passionate about bringing along other future business-minded individuals which is why he also created the ‘Spark Tank.’ Marc is also the President of Timber Creek Capital, located in Dallas, Texas.

Marc founded the Timber Creek Capital company as a private equity company because its formation gives him the sole freedom to help potential entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a lucrative market demand entity. His same efforts are also displayed with the Spark Tank.

With both entities, Marc is a hands-on mentor who provides the groundwork training that entrepreneurs need to take their ideas from the beginning to a fruitful end. He provides office space that would mimic each person’s virtual business site.

In addition to supporting future entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks is a generous philanthropist throughout his Dallas community areas. He supports high school programs and many different charities like Habitat for Humanity and the Samaritan Inn, both of which helps people, not with a hand-out but with a helping hand. Learn more: