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Lori Senecal who was serving as the Chief Executive Officer of CP+B Global left the company in 2017. She assumed the role of global Chief Executive Officer of MDC partner organization CP+B in 2015, and that this time, it was a new role for the organization. Before being given this role, Chief Lori worked as CEO and president of MDC Partners Network. This is a post she continued to gold as international CEO of CP+B.

Lori Senecal has been instrumental in helping the company transform into something new which is an international organization with the flexibility and nimbleness of a risk-taking startup. One of the achievements of CP+B under the international leadership of Lori Senecal was obtaining the American airlines in 2015. The company ripped the account from TM advertising, a firm that had been working with American Airlines for more than 2 decades. Check out


The current generation of leadership tends to take a shape with Danielle Aldrich being promoted to the post of CP+B West CEO, which comprises CP+B Boulder and CP+ B Los Angeles. Previously, Danielle worked as one of the managing directors of CP+B Boulder and he was credited with assisting in the landing of the American Airlines account.

Lori Senecal obtained her degree from McGill University and she served as the president of McCann Erickson in the New York office. Additionally, she assisted big brands such as Coca-Cola and Xbox create a successful advertising campaign. Lori is highly recognized for her exceptional style, creative talent and her relentless capability and determination to concentrate on a task. With the help of Lori’s exceptional leadership skills, KBS is now an international organization that has over 800 workers. Her input in advertising campaigns of giant companies like BMW, Victoria Secret Pink, HomeGoods, American express made Lori to be recognized as an ad branding queen.


Lori Senecal’s urge to get into the world of business began when she was in high school. She has passion is gymnastics and because of her height, she started to coach rather than competing. The coaching allowed her to develop some leadership personalities because gymnastics is both a personal and a team sport. The duty of a coach is to assist the team win and therefore she had to learn how to set objectives and be consistent. She recently spoke at 3% conference.



As Switzerland started seeing things change in 2008 with the financial crisis reaching even the halls of their fortified banks, the call started echoing to start moving away from just safe business investments and to take a risk on the new and the unknown coming in part from President Johann Schneider-Ammann, and being followed by businessman Mike Baur. Baur believes there are many ideas for brand new tech businesses circulating in Switzerland’s universities and other colleges around Europe, but it’s just a matter of being willing to believe in them and take the risks. But he’s working to get these businesses off the ground and to do so rapidly through an accelerator known as the Swiss Startup Factory. This accelerator has not only a lot of pitch and demonstration sessions, but also ongoing coaching and giving entrepreneurs a better understanding of selling their business.


Mike Baur originally saw his path to lifetime success going through banking as it was the most popular way to get rich at the time. He was good with numbers and started out learning the aspects of bank management as an apprentice at UBS while only 16 years old. He was already involved in advising clients in his 20s and came to know some of Switzerland’s wealthiest investors. Baur was promoted several times at UBS until he was almost an executive, but in 2008 things changed as the financial crisis hit UBS. Baur left for another big bank, Clariden Leu where he once again became a prominent manager. But in 2014 he stepped down permanently and decided it was time to enter the unknown.


Other people had also left their previous positions in banking when Baur did including Max Meister and Oliver Walzer who also saw a big opportunity to invest in young people and start bringing about completely new companies to Switzerland. What Baur understood was that many ideas and beginning businesses just needed to develop sustainable plans and be able to connect with capital suppliers, so that’s when he, Meister and Walzer decided to build this kind of network at the Swiss Startup Factory through a partnership with Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion. While many people apply to get to the SSUF’s 3-month accelerator program, not too many are admitted and out of those admitted there are few finalists who make it to the SSUF portfolio. But those who do are also given free office space and resources to launch their companies.


The idea of a family-owned business unusually brings to mind the image of a tiny “mom and pop” type store. Most people probably think of something that has been passed down from generation to generation. However, those are just stereotypes of what a family business is. The reality is a little different from that when you are talking about Jeunesse Global.

This company is a family-owned business, but the owners are a couple who came out of retirement together in 2009 to give this a shot. They had an idea for a company that would sell products that made people’s lives better. What they created is a company that has many billions worth of revenue and several revolutionary products. Follow Jeunesse Global on Pinterest.

Jeunesse Global focuses on selling people the supplements they need to help deal with some of the most common health and lifestyle complaints that people have in their lives. These include things like a difficulty sleeping, a lack of energy, and even a lack of mental clarity and focus. If some of those issues can be helped or resolved by taking a supplement, why not take that supplement?

A fan favorite from Jeunesse Global is something called AM/PM Essentials. These are two different supplements that revolve around the issue of sleep. As you might imagine, the AM Essential is about helping a person get the energy they need when they first wake up. Meanwhile, the PM Essential is supposed to help them when they are trying to get back to sleep for the night. Both supplements provide those individuals with just what they need for their sleep patterns.


Another great product from this company is called “Reserve”. It is a simple supplement meant to help add a little boost to your diet. If you are someone who is trying to watch your weight or simply watch what you eat, this may be the best thing to throw in to your routine. You can find a little fruity and flavorful boost in this supplement, and perhaps not feel quite as hungry as you might otherwise have felt. If it works out for you, then perhaps you will have better luck sticking to that diet. Learn more about Jeunesse Global at

Innovacare Health Insurance packages have hit the markets by storm. It is imperative for you to know that there are certain options available to you in which you will be able to potentially improve the quality of your life. By choosing the company’s health care options, you are giving yourself a guarantee that you will have the support that you may need should you unexpectedly become injured or ill. It is a great guarantee to have as many people aren’t always prepared for the hospital bills that may be incurred by them. If you are unsure about what you can do to improve the quality of your life, it’s highly recommended for you to visit the website of Innovacare Health insurance today so that you can see what opportunities of protecting yourself are available for you to take advantage of by enrolling in appropriate programs.

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Innovacare Health is offering deals that may indeed be difficult to beat among competitors. At this point in time, there are many people who are finding it difficult to find a health insurance program that they can truly rely on for the long term. Many people have found that some of the options that are available to them are priced extremely high. This does not mean that they cannot find a good deal somewhere. If they are lucky enough to find information pertaining to Innovacare Health, then they will discover that it is indeed one of the more attractive options that are around today. Several insurance companies has taken the route of raising their prices for customers seeking coverage due to health insurance becoming mandatory by the newest reformed laws. The raising of their prices are something that essentially guarantees them profits as people do not necessarily have many other options for seeking healthcare due to their necessities of obtaining it in respect to the laws. Innovacare Health exists as an organization that has decided not to take such a route in striving to receive quick profits. Instead, they’ve decided that they will be racing in the long run against their competitors by winning over customers by providing low prices now with excellent services, so that they can have faith in them and what they may offer in the future. Contact details available at

VTA Publications was born in 2012 and is managed by CEO and financial adviser, Jim Hunt. The company offers distance learning classes to the public across the globe. At this company, the main purpose to provide the public with educational courses in non-fiction subject matter. At VTA, the company also sets up events for experts in different genres at The company has an expert specialization in economics and finance. On the company website, there are various articles and products to enlighten any curious learner.

VTA Publications provides learning material in east to understand formats for every customer. VTA prides its self in having access to the top experts in their specializing field of economics and communications on hand. These experts craft the educational courses with Jim Hunt to provide courses and products to VTA’s customers.

One of VTA’s prime products is Make Mum a Millionaire. This is series of videos that shows its viewers how to Hunt trades in ten easy steps to make his mum a millionaire. These videos will showcase the stock trading arrangement that Hunt has established.

Another popular product offered by VTA is Wealth Wave. This is an unpretentious approach to find the Bear market and calculate a way to profit from the fall in the market.

About VTA’s CEO

Jim Hunt is the financial adviser and Chief Executive Officer of VTA Publications. Hunt has quickly made his mark on the stock market, and shows no signs of slowing up. Hunt openly shares his greatest investment tips and tricks on with the general public; so that they may invest like a pro, too. Hunt is a regular traveler between the United States and the United Kingdom, to spread his knowledge about investing. Hunt runs investment boot camps on the weekends and helps hundreds of people to put their best foot forward and invest for the better. Hunt has rave reviews from his many followers he has helped learn how to invest smart on

Watch Hunt on YouTube every week and learn important information pertaining to the world trade market and other economic and financial advice.

Billy McFarland came up with the brilliant idea for Magnises. Those who became members of Magnises are extremely thrilled over the solid work he has done establishing the special member’s card Magnises represents. McFarland has been an entrepreneur since he was 13 years old. At that very young age, he launched his very first business. Years later, after leaving college early, McFarland launched a very successful online advertising platform. Known as Spling, this entity is still something he is running. Since 2013, McFarland has been operating Magnises to great success. The success should not be much of a surprise since Magnises does provide something of huge value.

Magnises has been building up a huge name for itself. As Business Insider reveals, Magnises is designed to help young persons build up their social and professional lives. The whole idea behind Magnisis — in part — is to give millennials the chance to take part in a number of fun activities. Concerts and amazing fine dining are things what young people truly enjoy. Millennials enjoy doing a lot of things. This demographics shares something in common with older people: millennials don’t exactly like to spend huge money on things. No one likes to spend more than they have to on anything. Not being able to afford something necessitates doing fewer enjoyable things.

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Becoming a member of the Magnises club solves a host of problems associated with being able to afford things. The club is designed to provide excellent savings and discounts to those hoping to save. And honestly, everyone wants to save money.

Describing Magnises as a hip discount club would not be too far off from the truth. Magnises does provide an incredible amount of savings to those who really could use them. For a young person who wishes to greatly expand personal and professional contacts while having a lot of fun, Magnises is the perfect and affordable way to do so.

All the fun that can be had going out an about thanks to Magnises discounts should never be, well, discounted. Social and professional networking in the real world sets the stage for the future. See:

There is an old saying that going something like “People are a person’s greatest assets.” The sentiment is true. Cold calling for jobs or sending out resumes to anonymous human resources administrators do not bring forth hopeful images in the minds of job seekers. A young person who spends ten years building up a number of contacts is going to have a host of individuals in which to call upon for assistance. Doing so can make life easier in a number of different ways. Keep this in mind when weighing the merits of Magnises.

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Don Ressler is the CEO of Fabletics and the co-CEO of JustFab, but to those in the business world he is known as an entrepreneur who never stops. Since he first entered the business world Ressler has been hard at working creating companies and then expanding them to sell or expand. Don Ressler has watched several of his companies take off and as the co-CEO of JustFab Inc. has been able to watch his latest venture take on an entirely new life of its own along with his business partner Adam Goldenberg.

As mentioned, Don Ressler has been working hard since he left school and has seen his success through the take-off of various startups. His first startup was called, and he was able to sell it off to Intermix Media in 2001 and then use the funds to help form Alena Media with the then COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg. Together they were able to generate hundreds of millions of revenue from Alena Media. However, Intermix was later purchased by News Corp where they felt that Intermix was being ignored. Since they had no reason to stay, they thought it was time to take their expertise and start afresh.

They already knew about how to propel through the world of online performance advertising and so they created a new brand called Intelligent Beauty. Under this brand name they created DERMSTORE and SENSA which were both innovative products within the fitness and health marketplace. While the company does not release its exact financial results, the companies are both said to be achieving high profits that were likely only tipped higher when they received funding from Technology Crossover Ventures that totaled up to $43 million.

At this point, most people would consider themselves successful, but Don Ressler just kept going. In 2010 they created JustFab, the subscription fashion website that has millions of users to date. It is extremely well known and has even had celebrities such as Avril Lavigne launch products through it. Once again, they continued to expand creating FabKids and then The Fab Shoes. Not done yet, they created Fabletics in 2013 along with Kate Hudson. IN the last few years the company has purchased several rivals and expanded their services opening up an offline headquarters and continuing to raise money leaving the last company valuation to reach $250 million.


Located in lovely Switzerland, Mike Baur’s startup factory is planning a session to assist those who want to make it big in business. Baur is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. He is also the keynote speaker for the Investor Panel that will be hosted there. Baur was formerly a banker with Clariden and Salffort. Baur is assisting Hartweg in identifying budding investors who could potentially make a difference with digital technologies. Hartweg will invest in their companies, if they are viable.

The partnership is scanning Swiss universities for young people who have great ideas that could yield a big return on investment for Hartweg. Baur is focusing on finding digital oriented innovations, giving the ongoing surge in demand that was partly brought about by the popular Apple iPhone. With apps now available, there is plenty of space for young innovators to step in and make something interesting that can be a game changer in the competitive digital market. Baur will serve as a trainer for the group, helping them bring their ideas into reality.

One of the game changing ideas is the free cost of the startup session. Mike Baur is using the no charge as bait to entice new entrepreneurs who otherwise may not be able to attend. Hartweg is hoping for ideas.

Learn more:

300 entries have been chosen, and the 30 best will be share their ideas. There will be an audience of 80 investors who will listen in. CTI invest and the Swiss Startup Factory will work together to grow Switzerland’s economic innovation level. Having new ideas from young people should assist these organizations, as many times, corporate bloat impedes revenue growth. They will be emphasizing “Playing Lean,” maximizing return on investment, while keeping the investment total as efficient as possible. CTI Invest is the top startup backer in Switzerland. Switzerland has a reputation for high living costs, so it helps to have an organization devoted to helping businesses succeed there.

Davos Real Estate Group, a company associated with David Osio, has introduced to the real estate business an app named Davos CAP calculator. The app will help its users calculate and estimate what they are likely to earn as returns from any real estate investment.

Davos Real Estate Group is an independent company that is under the umbrella of Davos Financial Group. The group is among the Latin American market leaders operating in the financial service sector. The group’s aim is to provide an investment opportunity that suits each of their clients.

The company is keen to provide services and products that are compliant with the industry regulations and meet the high industry standards. This is made possible by a professional team that runs the organization and ensuring that they are duly licensed to sell all the services they offer.

Davos Real Estate Group embarked on a six-month project to design and develop a tool that would enable their clients to determine how much they will gain if they invest in a property. It also makes it possible for a client to share his or her real estate history with Davos agents via chat.

The application was developed and designed to use the latest technology making it possible to be used on Android and Apple devices. The company stated that the app was the first in a series of applications that they are developing. They intend to develop apps that will enable their clients to identify profitable properties using their mobile devices.

The app will also enable its users to estimate the amount of rent that a property is projected to earn. This will help them to invest in projects that they feel will suit their desired financial goals. The investors using the app are set to have a clearer projection of how much their investment can earn them.

Davos real estate agents are led by a competent and experienced businessman, David Osio. He serves as a director in the company. He is a graduate of Católica Andrés Bello University. Read more:

David Osio has worked in various capacities in his career. He started out as the vice president of commercial banking in Banco Latino International where he served for four years before forming the Davos Financial Group in 1993. Learn more:

He has served in the company as president and CEO for over 22 years. He has gained experience and expertise in his reign and is a big name in the Spanish community and in Miami. David Osio is an expert in asset management, corporate planning and tax, succession planning, banking, and portfolio structuring.


The Samsung company has started to negotiate talks once more with Jay Z about taking on Tidal from him. This is merely speculation at this point, but it is pretty clear that the Samsung company has something really big being planned in the future.

Tidal has been losing ten million each year. The exclusive releases from artists like Rihanna, Kanye and Beyoncé did little to balance out the company’s numbers or to add enough additional subscribers to the service. Jay Z’s right hand woman Desiree Perez is likely the person who is aware of what the future of Tidal will be. She is in charge of the business aspects of Tidal, Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sports.

Desiree Perez ( is a tough business woman who knows how to handle negotiations with businesses, business people and within the realm of both sports and the entertainment industry. The New York Daily News even gave her the nickname “Babe Ruthless”, for her no nonsense attitude and tough street credibility.

Along with her husband Juan Perez, she has been close business associates with Jay Z for a long time now. This explains why he holds such high trust in Desiree Perez and Juan Perez to not muck things up for his businesses he owns. Whatever Desiree Perez recommends they do about Samsung’s interest in Tidal, it will ultimately be in Jay Z’s best interest what her opinion is on any deal that Samsung throws their way.

Even Spotify and Google are considering taking over Tidal. Spotify was even willing to create a partnership with Tidal rather than a full out take over by their company. They were thinking the company could be called Tidal powered by Spotify.

The future remains only rumors and speculations really on what the future is for Tidal. There are some reports that the Tidal company is suffering to pay off their royalties on time and that Jay Z has been forced to use his money to pay off debts Tidal has amassed. Softbank and Sprint were also considering buying but the deal must not have been sweet enough that they offered because it led to nothing.