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Located in lovely Switzerland, Mike Baur’s startup factory is planning a session to assist those who want to make it big in business. Baur is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. He is also the keynote speaker for the Investor Panel that will be hosted there. Baur was formerly a banker with Clariden and Salffort. Baur is assisting Hartweg in identifying budding investors who could potentially make a difference with digital technologies. Hartweg will invest in their companies, if they are viable.

The partnership is scanning Swiss universities for young people who have great ideas that could yield a big return on investment for Hartweg. Baur is focusing on finding digital oriented innovations, giving the ongoing surge in demand that was partly brought about by the popular Apple iPhone. With apps now available, there is plenty of space for young innovators to step in and make something interesting that can be a game changer in the competitive digital market. Baur will serve as a trainer for the group, helping them bring their ideas into reality.

One of the game changing ideas is the free cost of the startup session. Mike Baur is using the no charge as bait to entice new entrepreneurs who otherwise may not be able to attend. Hartweg is hoping for ideas.

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For the START Summiteer, entrepreneurs will have a chance to share their ideas before some of Europe’s most prestigious investors. 300 entries have been chosen, and the 30 best will be share their ideas. There will be an audience of 80 investors who will listen in. CTI invest and the Swiss Startup Factory will work together to grow Switzerland’s economic innovation level. Having new ideas from young people should assist these organizations, as many times, corporate bloat impedes revenue growth. They will be emphasizing “Playing Lean,” maximizing return on investment, while keeping the investment total as efficient as possible. CTI Invest is the top startup backer in Switzerland. Switzerland has a reputation for high living costs, so it helps to have an organization devoted to helping businesses succeed there. Mike Baur will lead the way in pioneering new growth for old players, by gathering innovative ideas from students

Mike Baur is a strong believer in the power of start-ups. In the last decade, Start-ups have brought exciting new products and new ways to communicate with one another to the entire world. Each start-up has the potential to change the world forever, but many start-ups simply do not have the resources they need. Mike Baur recently recognized that start-ups around the world need support, so he created the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory was launched in 2014. The factory is located in Zurich, and their goal is to help startups accelerate their growth. The accelerator is constantly looking for new digital entrepreneurs because they feel these brilliant minds have the potential to change the world. The Swiss Startup Factory offers a large number of exciting opportunities from the start. Mike has an excellent network in Switzerland and throughout the world. These connections are extremely beneficial to startups that want to grow significantly.

The program includes a unique array of services. These services include mentoring, coaching, and an office space. The office space is located in Zurich, a major financial center. The program can have a tremendous impact on startups that want to grow. Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory also has an entrepreneurial network that is second to none. You can achieve ambitious goals by partnering with the Swiss Startup Factory.

Mike Baur is extremely proud of the Swiss Startup factory, but the factory is just the crowning achievement of his life. Mike has twenty years of experience in the Swiss banking industry. He has become incredibly successful by working hard and building great connections. His connections have helped him considerably in establishing the Swiss Startup factory. Mike has been able to utilize his connections during the fundraising and financing rounds for the Swiss Startup Factory. The Factory is well-funded thanks to Mike’s extensive connections with people throughout the banking industry.

Startups have a huge impact on the world. They offer cool new ideas that existing firms are too stuck in place to think up. Mike Baur realizes that startups are incredibly important to the world economy, and he wants to help companies take their ideas to the next level. The Swiss Startup Factory should help change the economy for years to come.

Shaygan Kheradpir, former Juniper CEO and Verizon veteran, is the new CEO of Coriant as of September 2015. He replaced Pat DiPietro as company head of the optical transport vendor known as Coriant. DiPietro will return to being the operating partner for Marlin Equity partners. Kheradpir took the CEO role after working with Coriant for a while. He has worked with the telecom industry for 28 years now. He graduated with an electrical engineering bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD from Cornell, with a focus in control centers.

His time at Juniper as CEO was short lived, as he resigned after a review of his conduct by the company’s board of directors in November 2014. Before working for Coriant, he worked for Marlin Equity Partners, much like how former CEO Pat DiPietro went to work for. Before Juniper, he’d worked with Barclays, and before that, he was a high ranking executive for Verizon. GTE, which eventually became Verizon, was the company he worked for first. He became the EVP and Chief information officer, helping the company start the FiOS FTTH service and bring it to the modern age. When he joined Barclays, he helped form the TRANSFORM program, which helped transform the bank for the present times.

The company Coriant started as an optical vendor created out of the combination of NSN Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. Kheradpir has to help the company grow against competitors. Coriant’s optical revenues in 2014 went down by 11%, while rival companies Ciena, Infinera, and ZTE went up by 12-26%. This was according to an IHS Infonetics report, however a separate IHS report said Coriant “positioned itself as a vendor focused on large customers and carriers and expects to build on a successful track record of supplying packet-optical systems.”

The company has won deals with a number of crucial customers, especially international carriers. Kheradpir must, as CEO, drive new sales of its equipment to meet service providers’ need for 100G service with optical networking solutions. Kheradpir must also prepare Coriant for long haul transport deployments, large scale data centers, and cloud infrastructure build outs, and mobile back haul upgrades to accommodate 4G and eventually 5G service.


Sanjay Shah is a British Businessman and the CEO of Solos Capital Partners. Shah is also the founder and CEO of organization Autism Rocks. He was born in 1970 in London his parents migrated from Kenya. Sanjay Shah started his study as a medical doctor but felt his passion was in business. He graduated as an accountant afterward. He worked at Merrill Bank Lynch as an accountant in Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley, later in ING & the Dutch bank. He did enjoy his work and was a heard working person. His passion, nonetheless, was not working in an office every day and wanted to do more.

For the past ten years, Shah has sponsored children in India through Plan International. By then he did not have a specific charity that he focused on and only sent money every month.

When Shah left his job in 1999, he had no prospects of getting any job at the time due to the economic crisis of that year. It was then that Shah decided to take a gamble and started his brokerage business. Being a broker was a good way to earn without limiting his prospects. The company that he created was Solo Capital, and he started it in 2009 with a couple of graduates.

The company has now a net worth of $280 million with offices in London and Dubai. Being the boss of the business has made it possible for Shah to focus on philanthropy and new business ideas.

In 2012, Shah’s son developed a complication and had to be taken to the hospital. He and his wife Usha took their son to doctors in Dubai. Nikhil had a problem of food intolerance that was later found to be Autistic.

Shah was able however to pay for his son’s treatment but noted how expensive it was. It was through the experience with his son that he decided to help needy families who had the same problem. He approached Dubai Autism Centre to see how he would assist them.

Shah has partnered with many people including friends and musicians to raise money for autism. Indeed, he has helped many families with the poor background and his contributions are unmeasurable.

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Coriant is a dynamic company in the market when it comes to innovative networking technology that serves over 100 countries (1). It’s technology boast an impressive history that is derived from Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks (2). The company specializes in hardware and software for optical transmission (2) serving hundreds of thousands of networks worldwide (1).

For those unfamiliar with Coriant, they offer a variety of services including those for “video, cloud, and mobility applications (4).” They also service more than 500 customers which include “service providers, enterprises, and cloud/data center operators (4).” Coriant offers a variety of products which include Packet Optical Transport Solutions, Software Defined Networking, Intelligent Network Management, Edge Routing Solutions, and MSPP and Cross-Connect Solutions (4).

You may have already heard much of this information since the company’s debut in 2013, but do you know about Coriant’s new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir? What does he bring to the table of this already impressive company?

Shaygan Kheradpir’s resume speaks volumes for itself with over 28 years of experience, he comes to Coriant with a wealth of knowledge and background in order to enhance Coriant, an already vibrant company. He began his training for his career with an impressive engineering Ph.D. from Cornell University(3).

Kheradpir’s prior work experience has been with giants in the market such as Verizon and Barclays. His work with Verizon really stands out in this sector as he was an executive leader in the team heading up Verizon’s Fios, a 20 million dollar venture (3). At Barclays, he also held a leadership position in the company’s TRANSFORM program (3).

Coriant really seems to have found a gem in Kheradpir to fit into their already outstanding team of proven executives, including their vice-chairman Pat DiPietro.

Coriant’s combined 35 years of technology backing, along with excellent new and existing leadership, should help continue to prove themselves and provide excellent service to it’s clients as it competes in this fast paced world-wide networking market (1).

For additional information, be sure to check out Coriant’s website and Kheradpir’s bio to learn more about the new leadership of the company.


A serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and one who embraces the importance of a quality education, Alexei Beltyukov recently took on the role of chief operating officer of an online homework space for high school students.

Beltyukov, who also holds a medical degree, started his career in the medical world in 1994 and after a few years decided to make a career change to pursue business.

He was the first recipient of the Insitut Europeen d’Administration des Affaires (INSEAD) School of Business Lister Vickery Scholarship which helped him support his family while putting himself through school.

The scholarship assists MBA participants from Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries.

After attending INSEAD Business School where he received his MBA, Beltyukov launched several successful businesses. He went on to set up the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD to make financial support available to Russians accepted at INSEAD University.
Beltyukov and his wife have donated money to the Russian Alumni Scholarship.

His bio shows that Beltyukov started his career in 1998 with McKinsley & Company and later on launched new ventures in railcar leasing, asset management, real estate and car repair shops.

In 2013, he formed Endemic Capital to provide angel funding for Russian start-ups.

Beltyukov also set up A-Ventures Ltd., a Russian company set up to assist other Russian companies with financial support when they are facing difficulties. In addition, he co-founded New Gas Technologies and Mechanicus.

He works with the Russian government to offer financially viable guidance and support through the Skolkovo Foundation as its vice president. The foundation endows grants and prospects for Russian technology start-ups and support for entrepreneurs looking to extend opportunities throughout Russia. Beltyukov is also a board member of Interactive Educational Services.

His latest endeavor,, was recently listed as one of the world’s most promising startups by SOLVY makes use of practical or actual problem solving as a way to relate to math.

SOLVY is an interactive tool that helps high school students succeed in math. The online system presents a set of choices to students and teachers of pertinent subjects and follows an individuals advancement while they get to the bottom of the math problems. It also makes available instant feedback to the student about their progress.

Beltyukov, who tributes much of his success to his education, continues to have other new ventures in mind.  More info can be sought on Alexei’s website.

Susan McGalla has built a career on branding and getting customers to buy clothes. She is the former president of popular clothing companies Wet Seal and American Eagle. This is a perfect fit for the position in which she currently holds. Susan has a great plan to change the way that consumers look at the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line. For many years the most popular selections from the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing collection was the black wildcard hoodie and some of the Pittsburgh Steelers short sleeve T-shirts. What Susan McGalla has done is create an extended line of clothing for men, women and children. There are Pittsburgh Steelers breast cancer awareness T-shirts and along with stripe polo shirts. The clothing line that has been revamped by Susan McGalla also includes things like Aztec crewneck sweaters and V neck sweater vests. Susan’s hard work on the clothing line gives everyone that wants to show their team colors the opportunity to do this regardless of where they are. There are some companies that allow workers to wear team T-shirts on Fridays during football season. This is part of the new plan that Susan has implemented in order to broaden the options for customers that purchase Pittsburgh Steelers apparel. The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a popular team for a long time. The black and yellow colors have become the favorite team colors for millions of football fans around the world. It is always going to be easy to find something that a Pittsburgh Steelers fan can wear to show their support now that Susan McGalla of has revitalized the clothing line. Many of the garments that are listed on the website come in different colors than the standard black and yellow colors that people are used to. The site also contains some special Steelers apparel that comes in different colors like gold, pink, green and silver.

Siemans Optical Networks, Sycamore Networks, and Tellabs have a technology that they want to expand. This expansion was what created Coriant. Coriant was founded in 2013 which became independent of Siemans and operates under the ownership of Marlin Equity Partners, however as of December 2013 the company will now operate under the name Coriant.

Coriant is selling hardware are software for optical transmissions. The backbone of network voice, data, and mobile networks. These products are for optical multiplexing over fiber optic cables, electrical cross connection of optical paths and multi service provisioning. These products are essential to our daily lives as the majority of humans have mobile devices.

Currently, the CEO of Coriant is Shaygan Kheradpir. He is a business and technology executive. Kheradpir has several degrees, such as a bachelor’s. master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering which he obtained while attending Cornell University. However, There is a lot to know about Kheradpir’s career prior to being appointed as CEO of Coriant. Prior to Coriant, Kheradpir held several executive positions with GTE, Verizon, Juniper, and Barclay networks. While in these positions, he developed cost cutting initiatives and developed various other products.

While Kheradpir worked at other telecommunications networks, he has developed several products that we still use today. He has pioneered himself over the last 13 years and has much more to offer. While at GTE, he worked on network routing, management, and control. While at Barclays, he developed products like the Pingit mobile payments software. He developed and instituted a restructuring and cost-cutting plan While at Juniper,they referred to it as an Integrated Operating Plan.

Besides Kheradpir career, he also served on a board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology from 2010 to 2013 and is also know as the Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology. He even served on an advisory board for the YMCA of Greater New York from 2007 to 2010. Additionally, Shaygan Kheradpir is a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council. Kheradpir is a well rounded individual and works hard to keep up with the ever growing technological world.

Coriant is an enterprise that distributes software and hardware for visual broadcast in the area of statistics, speech, and portable networks. The portfolio established allows system workers to decrease functioning difficulty. Coriant also increases the operation of several system assets. Coriant is also noted for creating firsthand profit amenities that enhance the developing difficulties of occupational and customer submissions. Some of the networks associated with Coriant include portable and permanent line facility suppliers, cloud and statistic knowledgeable workers, MSOs, enormous enterprises, administration organizations, economic organizations, and service corporations. With a great majority of networking services Coriant has been established as the irrepressible groundwork for billions of cash associated with service income.

Coriant is an established leading network. It has become a well-known solution for steering transportable and permanent system operators. This company also has statistics and cloud providers, initiatives, and management organizations. The client database for Coriant is more than 500 customers that stretch across several continents and over 100 countries. Coriant also has established an empowering and impressive multi-functional portfolio. With its establishment as a company for several years Coriant has become a well-known and reputable network. The network has provided reliable services and products for the public. With the success of being established in the industry for many years Coriant also has succeeded in having over 1,500 patents.

He was born in London however he grew up in Iran majority of his life. Shaygan has his Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Doctoral degree. He obtained his degrees at Cornell University in electrical engineering.

Before his position as CEO for Coriant he had prior executive experience in other companies such as Juniper Networks, GTE, Verizon, and Barclays. In 2000 Shaygan held the position of president when Bell Atlantic formed with the company GTE which paved way for the establishment of Verizon Communications. In 2011 he joined Barclay and had more success. Eventually with his success he became CEO of Coriant.

The world of optical networks is largely dominated by many of the traditionally powerful companies found within the world of optical networking; however, the major companies have recently been joined by newcomer Coriant who have developed a major position in the industry since being established in 2013. The Coriant brand has developed a strong following amongst the major companies of the world who are seeking the best opportunities in providing their customers with the highest quality talk, text and data services.

The success of Coriant comes after the company was spun out of the optical networking department of Nokia Siemens, which had found success in the industry before being purchased by Marlin Equity. In a bid to cement its position within the industry Coriant has recently been making some changes at boardroom level, which have included appointing Shaygan Kheradpir as the CEO. Kheradpir has developed his skills as both a developer of technology and as a savvy businessperson over the last few years through his executive roles with companies as diverse as Verizon and Barclays. In his career Shaygan Kheradpir has worked diligently to make sure the businesses he has worked for have achieved success across a wide range of areas.

As a technology based executive Shaygan Kheradpir developed many of the strategies used across the industry to make sure research and development are completed under budget and on time. At GTE Labs Kheradpir struck upon the idea of developing small teams of technology experts who would work for 30 days on a project before reporting their findings. After moving on to Barclays Shaygan Kheradpir became a key member of the board at the financial giant, which saw him develop a system of accepting payments from customers open to locations around the world.

Kheradpir is looking for a wide range of ways to assist in developing the future of Coriant, which has included the completion of a wide ranging review of the company to identify areas needing attention. This review completed by Kheradpir with the assistance of former Coriant CEO Pat DiPietro has allowed a better understanding of the company and the areas the executive will focus open in his forthcoming days with Coriant.