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In case you did not know, the state of Illinois is a leading energy producer. This state uses many alternative energy forms to provide high-quality services at low prices for consumers. Illinois produces lots of ethanol and biodiesel fuels and it has a robust alternative energy program. Many great incentives, rebates, and discounts are available for energy users within this state.


Stream Energy has been providing low-cost energy services since 2005. This company operates inside of Dallas, Texas but has branches in places such as Georgia, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Stream Energy’s move into Illinois only makes sense. This is because the state is a prime location for people who are conscious about energy production and savings.


The state of Illinois has been upgrading its energy programs for many years. However, in 2017 the region implemented energy programs that would impact the public sector, low-income communities and various market segments throughout the state. Cities such as Chicago, Joliet, and Peoria all benefit from the great energy services that the Illinois energy program provides. The Department of Energy within the state of Illinois created a variety of different energy services.


Stream Energy realizes that customers need a reliable energy program that will not break their pocketbook or cause them to be without electricity ( This company uses a multi-marketing approach to reach consumers. This approach is set up through the use of Stream Energy employees who are out working to bring information and knowledge to the general public about their services. If customers are convinced that this is a great program they typically sign up with Stream.

The company can save consumers anywhere from 2% to 6% on their energy bills. For some people that could equate to thousands of dollars within a year (RenewableEnergyWorld). Stream Energy has a great energy plan for any person wanting to lower their utility bills and to save money in the process.