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NexBank is the among the top five banks within Dallas, Tx and has been providing quality financial services since 1922. Currently being lead by their President and CEO John Holt who has continuously grow NexBank since 2011. They operate in three main sectors commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services.

The commercial sector is focused on helping small and large business with short and long term loan and lines of credit. They have helped several small business grow into new markets which could not be possible without the proper capital. NexBank also is accelerating the process of obtaining SBA loans because they are SBA approved lender to help cut out red tape and do their own underwriting.

Their mortgage sector includes both warehouse lending and wholesale both have competitive rates and fees. Warehouse lending offers same day funding and no cash pledges required. On the wholesale side they offer VA, FHA and Conforming loans which meet the requirements for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac underwriters.

The Institutional sector has been growing steadily for the past year and they fund various investments. They offer term loans, revolving lines of credit, depository services, corporate finance, merger guidance, restructuring and real estate advisory. The real estate section handles the finance guidance when it comes to real estate investing. They also help with the administration after the property has been acquired and leased out. This is done with their on site management team that monitors everything from contract administration to construction supervision.

As you can see NexBank is a well rounded bank that offers many different services for their members. They are well diversified and will make any investor or customer happy to be a part of their family. NexBank three main sectors are the cornerstones of what makes it the fourth largest bank in Dallas.