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Herbalife Nutrition is an organization that was first established in 1980 with the aim of changing the way people live through nutrition. The primary agenda of Herbalife Nutrition has always been to introduce people to a new way of life that is healthy and nutritious. Herbalife Nutrition is responsible for setting up a number of nutritional programmes that aim at improving people’s diet and causing them to live happier lives. Apart from being involved in health and nutrition, Herbalife is an organization that is also involved in philanthropic efforts. It gives back to the community by offering support whenever it is needed. One organization that Herbalife Nutrition has supported is the American Red Cross. This partnership has been ongoing for four years now.

Herbalife donated protein bars to over 120 donation centers across America for the Red Cross. These protein bars are the Herbalife Nutrition Protein Deluxe bars that will be donated to Red Cross’ across the United States. This amounts to half a million dollars in retail value that Herbalife Nutrition is giving to the American Red Cross. Herbalife Nutrition has a decade of history for pitching in to help the American Red Cross as it is in line with their humanitarian efforts. The Deluxe bars are a perfect fit for individuals that want a snack after donating blood. The protein bar has all the necessary nutrients that will provide one with energy and nutrients after blood donation. The protein bar contains 10 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of proteins that quickly replace the nutrients that one loses after drawing blood.

When giving blood, one loses red blood cells which are important for the body. The Herbalife Nutrition snack has vitamin B2 and B6 which are responsible for replacing the blood cells that are lost after the donation. The Herbalife snack is also made in different flavors to provide different nutrients into the body. For example, the protein bars have a flavor with dark chocolate that provides sufficient iron for the body after donation. The Herbalife Nutrition snack is not meant to be taken by those that donate. It can be a snack for people that want to maintain a healthy diet because it is nutritious and a healthy option. Herbalife Nutrition has also contributed blood drives in their offices in support of the American Red Cross. These blood drives are meant to encourage more individuals to donate their blood.

Serge Christian Pierre Belamant has become one of the world’s prominent influences where blockchain and digital transactions are concerned. He is a French born individual who spent the better part of his adolescence in South Africa, and this time saw the boy become a strong chess and rugby competitor. He graduated in 1972, but surely could not have predicted the trajectory that his career would eventually follow back then. Learning about information technology, for Serge Belamant, took place through something called UNISA, and this education was clearly of great value to him, given the industry he eventually ended up playing a largely influential and powerful role in at the later stages of his professional life.

Matrix was one of the very first firms which Serge Belamant worked with, and much of his time there was spent with him using IBM computers. Later he would also work with Cybernet, and he was even one of ESKOM’s greatest analysts for quite some time. When he was with DATABANK, there was a special financial system, driven purely scientifically, that was introduced by Serge Belamant. He further proved himself to be quite innovative by creating something known now as the VIB network. 1980 was a special year for him, though, as that was when he received the Analyst of the Year award. Amazingly, he was also System’s Analyst of the Year for the second time in 1982.

Later on it was time a bigger move in his financial career trajectory, and Serge Belamant started up not only Net1 UEPS Technologies, but also Zilch Technology Limited. With Net1 at the ready, Belamant used his business and technology prowess to bring into existence our first ever debit card that used Blockchain. This was an instrumental innovation in the realm of reduced cost banking, and it utilized full compatibility with the ever-popular Europay Master Card Visa, and users benefited from the privilege of using it anywhere. Although it was many, many years before Blockchain would truly take off, this was one of the events that the Blockchain world looks fondly back upon for its brilliance.

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