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Sussex Healthcare is a highly reputable home care provider in the united kingdom. The practice offers home care services to elderly persons as well as managing patients with neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s syndrome, stress, dementia and learning disabilities. Besides, the clinic also manages patients with physical disabilities. The company is approved by FDA and has also been accredited by ISO. It is the only home health care provider center which is accredited in UK.

Sussex Health care was founded in the year 1998, and since then it had recorded history of providing quality services, and this has made a name for itself. The founders of the company are Mr. Shafik Sachedina, a dental surgeon from the Ismaili community and Mr. Shiraz Boghani, a well-known hotel and restaurant manager. The hospital has its bases in Horsham, West Sussex and its branches are distributed across the region. It has over twenty homes across Sussex as it mainly concentrates its activities in the Sussex region.

The facility is equipped with highly professional staffs that are talented and have a passion for helping people improve their health status. Sussex Healthcare employs a unique technique in the management of the conditions mentioned above. It uses non-invasive and drug-free methods which mainly include social and physical activities. The activities include games and sports which help in boosting the physiological and psychological health of the patients.

The hospital also has a spa and a gymnasium where the patients can attend and maintain their physical activity and health. Spa helps in relieving tension from the patients as well as stress and depression. The chief executive officer of the Sussex Healthcare is Ms. Morgan Taylor, a highly experienced health professional who has worked in the social work and healthcare sector for over 20 years. MS Morgan is a highly skilled leader who ensures that the company runs smoothly and provide quality services.

The CEO in cooperation with the logistics team and the staff work hand in hand and ensure that the reputation of the company is retained. Sussex Healthcare has also received many awards in the United Kingdom.

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Avi Weisfogel is someone that cares about others, looks out for others, and is always thinking of them. He is one of the most unselfish people you are likely to encounter in your life. That was certainly the case when he put together a GoFundMe page which will benefit Operation Smile. For those who might be unfamiliar with Operation Smile, it is an international medical charity which provides free surgical procedures for children. They also help adults who suffer cleft palate, cleft lips and other facial deformities. It’s not an exclusive group. It truly is for everyone and doesn’t leave anyone out. That is the true beauty of it.

Their current goal, which was set up by Avi Weisfogel himself, is $2,000. The key is making sure that children and adults can have a future to look forward to and a reason to smile. These days, times can be tough. Everyone and anyone can use a smile on their face. It helps make their day easier and gives them the confidence they need to ask out that boy or girl or get that job that they have wanted. It opens doors for them and enables them to feel good and look good when they look in the mirror. Nothing is unattainable with the right smile and the right attitude.

Going back to Operation Smile, they work side-by-side with various local medical professionals, hospitals, governments and other organizations to ensure various surgical care models. They sit down, put on their thinking caps, and try to come up with the best possible solution. They look at every angle, every corner, and every possible way to get it done. They aren’t going to rush through the job or hurry up and move on to the next person.

That person, when they are in the medical chair, are promised to get the best medical care possible. They will be treated like a human being and with respect. They will leave feeling special and like their treatment and procedure was done by a professional with experience, knowledge, and compassion. That is what everyone deserves.