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Richard Mishaan is considered one of the World’s best designers. Mishaan has established a reputation as one of the greatest interior designers of all time. Richard Mishaan Design has been used for luxury homes and five star hotels. Richard Mishaan Design has been showcased all over the World. Mishaan is able to combine special furniture and art. Mishaan has helped design The Shelborne Hotel, Marriot AC, and Hotel Tcherassi.

Based out of New York, Richard Mishaan has origins in Italy and Colombia, where he spent his childhood. At an early age, Mishaan was enamored with design and architecture. Mishaan enrolled in the Colombia University School of Architecture and earned a degree from New York University. Mishaan continued to study interior design, fashion, and architecture. Richard Mishaan Design has published multiple books on design and architecture. Richard Mishaan Design loves creating special works of art on something small.

Richard Mishaan Design’s home is an example of his creativity. There is beautiful furniture and great examples of art. The home has been influenced by Spanish themes and the work of famous Italian painter Fedeico Andreotti.

Richard Mishaan Design wants his work to be symbols of his individualism. He wants to impact the lives of every single one of his clients. This philosophy has helped Richard Mishaan Design grow his brand. People continue to be amazed at his ability to create wonderful art.

Richard Mishaan Design is influenced by going to different art exhibitions and international design shows. The arts; such as fashion, theater, and movies, help Mishaan gain new ideas.