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The 2010s are filled with female actors who are light hearted, do what they want and are all about women choose their own paths. The freshest face among these women is Rebel Wilson.

She is one of those actors who are somewhat new on the scene and not as well known as others. However, she is still getting to be well-known because she is the headlining actress of a movie called Isn’t It Romantic.

Isn’t It Romantic is about a lady who gets assaulted on the and passes out. When she wakes up from her injuries, she realizes that her life has become a dreaded romantic comedy. Being the the cynic of love that she is, Rebel Wilson is in hell because she hates romance and romantic comedies.

Rebel Wilson is 5 feet, 4 inches. She is originally of Australian origin. Her skin is white and she has blonde hair. One very prominent characteristic about her is that she is morbidly obese. Her obesity has heavily affected her career. It automatically put her in the direction of comedy because people think that obese people are funny.

Being an obese actress in a drama and trying to get serious reactions from audiences, without laughs, was like pulling teeth. It is not really right that people should think that obese people are automatically funny, because it is actually pretty insulting to be laughed at for being obese. That’s just how Rebel Wilson looked. However, Rebel Wilson had the last laugh because of the fact that she leveraged her obesity to become a comedic actress.

Rebel Wilson has been a great role model for so many different reasons. One reason is because of the fact that she is so successful in a field that puts heavy importance on people’s appearances. Being fat has always been a beauty faux pas, and many people in the entertainment industry have resorted to all sorts of crazy things to make themselves skinnier.

The types of things that people have done to make themselves skinnier have been either not healthy or just very, very questionable. People have starved themselves, become bulimics and have followed crazy diets in the pursuit of dropping weight.

Rebel Wilson, on the other hand, has accepted herself. She has currently been indulging in a healthier diet, but she is not killing herself to be skinny so so many before her have.

Rebel Wilson is a great role model for girls because she shows that you don’t have to be malnourished and/or bulimic to be beautiful, successful, well-to-do, classy and/or famous.

She is also a great role model because of the fact that she is one of the few Australian actors who have come to the United States to become a comedic actress.

Whenever an Australian comes to the United States to become an actor, the person usually becomes a dramatic actor. She shows that you don’t have to be a dramatic actor just because you come from Australia. You can be any kind of actor that you want to be and make it work.

Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson, or Rebel Wilson as the world fondly refers to her as, is an Australian born, American transplant comic actress. She became active back in 2003 soon after successfully graduating from the Australian Theater for Young People that very same year. In 2010, she moved from Australia to America in the hope of making it big in Hollywood, a dream that she not only achieved but cemented.

Rebel Wilson has so far appeared in a plethora of movies as well as TV series. Some of the most notable movies that she has graced include Bridesmaids, Bachelorette, Struck by Lightning, Pitch Perfect, Ice Age: Continental Drift, This Means War, And Small Apartments among many other blockbuster hits.

Isn’t It Romantic?

Thanks to her incomparable acting ability and impressive work ethic, Rebel Wilson has a number of movies slated for release in 2019. And one of these movies is a rom-com dubbed ‘Isn’t It Romantic?’. This fantasy movie is about a young architect by the name of Natalie (played by Rebel Wilson) who wakes up in a new reality after getting hit on the head after an accident. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter and Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList

What’s even more exciting about the upcoming rom-com is the fact that Rebel Wilson isn’t the only megastar being featured. Some of the most notable names include Tom Ellis, Priyanka Chopra, Liam Hemsworth, Adam DeVine, Betty Gilpin, and a few others. This highly anticipated movie is slated to drop this coming February on Valentines’ Day.

Her Life as A Rebel

True to her name, Rebel Wilson has had to overcome a lot of hurdles to get to where she is today. For starters, she was arguably the very first Australian comic to cross over to Hollywood. And as usual, the naysayers thought she wasn’t going to make it big. But almost a decade later, the Aussie plus-size princes is still doing it big. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

At an early age, Rebel Wilson has to rebel against her shy nature to not only become the iconic actress that she is but as an inspiration to millions of women worldwide. Rebel Wilson has also had to rebel against the glitz and glamor that comes with her line of work. She has managed to keep her love life on the down low and to make matters even better, she still remains humble amid her plausibly tremendous success.

At one point in her life, Rebel Wilson was a devout feminist. She fondly regards this as the time in her life where she learned all about the importance of self-love and going for exactly what she wanted. This explains her unbreakable belief in herself which has seen her break all the barriers that the naysayers thought she wouldn’t.

Finally, the Aussie-born actress has also rebelled against the belief that a girl has to strip down for the world in order to become successful in entertainment. She did this by using nothing but her sharp wit and undeniable talent. And the latter is the reason why she’s a personal favorite to many.

Even though Alex Pall started singing and DJing with The Chainsmokers, he knows there is so much more to the band than what was available in the beginning. Alex Pall knows what to do with the band and wants to always make sure he can help people try different things. It’s important to him to always show people what they can get and how they can make more out of the options they have. For Alex Pall, things continue getting better and things keep making more sense for him. It’s his goal to always let others know what they need and how they can get a great show experience from the band.

When The Chainsmokers perform, they always make sure they put on a show. They want their audience to connect with them and that’s a big part of why they make music. Since they are made up of a DJ and a singer, they feel they can make the most out of all the options they offer to their fans. They also feel they can try different things that might make it easier for them to connect with the audience.

From the beginning of their career, The Chainsmokers have been showing people they can be different and still manage to be popular. Alex Pall knows he can make a big difference for everyone and that’s why he pushes to become one of the best performers in the industry. He spent a lot of time learning what to do and how to perform and it pays off.

The Chainsmokers are looking forward to helping more people see their music. They know their upcoming tour will have a big impact on everyone who comes and they want to make the music their main focus. It’s their goal to put the music front and center so more people have a chance to enjoy different things. As long as they can make music, they’ll provide a great show for their audiences. People can try different things and get more from everything Alex Pall does with the Chainsmokers. He does this so they can be successful.

Reaching Diamond Certification status for a song is an incredible achievement. For this to transpire, a song must reach at least ten million unit sales and streams. That’s precisely what happened for The Chainsmokers, a renowned EDM-pop duo, with their track named “Closer” featuring Halsey. The duo and the singer both broke the news on their Instagram accounts on September 15, 2018 by posting photos clutching their diamond plaques. The song was originally released on July 29, 2016 through Columbia Records and Disruptor Records, and produced by The Chainsmokers. In the United States, “Closer” developed into the duo and the singer’s initial number one song on the Billboard Hot 100. The track sustained leading primacy for twelve successive weeks. The Chainsmokers also shattered the previous record held by Calvin Harris for having four songs reign at the top of the Dance/ Electronic Songs chart, with “Closer” being the fourth. The hit song also became The Chainsmokers’ and Halsey’s first number-one single peripheral to the United States in countries including Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and the United Kingdom, to region the top spot in the musical charts. Furthermore, “Closer” also was named the first song to reside in the leading five songs of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 26 weeks. It was also named as the solely second song in Hot 100 chart history to rest in the top 10 of the charts for 32 weeks.

The Chainsmokers were nothing less than shocked to hear this news, stating they would have never thought that one of their songs would reach 10x platinum. In March of 2017, “Closer was first certified by the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) where it rapidly progressed all the way to 7x platinum. The mega-hit also went on to tie several other hit releases as one of the fourth prolonged running number one songs in U.S. history.

Not only did this track burst many musical records, it also helped both acts obtain Grammy nominations. Although they didn’t win, “Closer” was a true breakout hit single for Halsey as the track continued to notch streams and sales.

As a live entertainment firm owner, the nature of his work does not allow him to conduct his business like any ordinary business proprietor, and that’s why he usually reaches his work venue before everyone else. In a recent interview, Mr. Hutson said that doing so is not a necessity, but a way to ensure his work meets and surpasses the expectations of his clients.

His typical workday starts before seven, and starts by exploring the area where the show is set to take place, reviews his schedule, creates a storage plan, and develops a list of tasks that each of his crew members should take care to prevent any confusion when the actual work begins.

When he is hired to manage a show, Clay Hutson usually works with his crew in setting the stage a day before, and does so in such a way that it is easy for him and his staff to break it down, once the show is over. Additionally, instead of waiting until the entire concert is over to assign tasks on how to break down the venue, Clay usually organizes his team on how they will go about it while the event is still going on; hence ensuring everything goes on as planned from the time the show commences to the moment it comes to an end.

Apart from talking about his normal workday, during the interview Clay Hutson also touched on many other topics. For instance, he says that purchasing an iPhone has significantly benefitted his business as it allows him to manage his company, since he can share files on Dropbox and refer to his client list, all at the touch of a button, and from the comfort of his home.

Similar to any other successful person, Hutson life has not always been smooth sailing, and he has had ups and downs as well. For instance, he revealed that he was once sued by a company that had hired him as a subcontractor when a client became dissatisfied with its services and decided to hire him independently. Even though it wasn’t his fault and that the plaintiff dropped the case, he still underwent a loss of more than $145,000 which he used in his defense.

Who is Clay Hutson?

Clay Hutson is a household name in the entertainment industry, especially in the music arena. He is the man most musicians turn to whenever they are planning a concert or musical tour. Before establishing his company, Hutson worked in various companies playing roles such as audio engineer and project manager. He once was a crew member for the Billy Graham’s traveling outfit, and has worked with many other A-list artists such as Pink, Guns n Roses and Kid Rock among many others.

With their latest track ‘’Closer,” just released after much anticipation from their fans, the Chainsmokers are focused on becoming great artists globally. Remarkably, they have established their brand, and they are yet to make a killing as their fan base grows worldwide.


In an interview, Alex Pall, the duo half talks about how he started as a DJ based in New York City and how his manager linked him with Drew, who moved from Maine. Alex quitted his job to concentrate much on music as his career. It was their love for music and ambition that kept them going despite the challenges. They would consider what was working for them and be more cautious about what was killing their dream.


Pall attributes their growing social market to Drew’s prowess as a producer. They worked for hand in hand in creating an identity and pushing their music to great heights. Hysterically, Alex Pall speaks of how they would work round the clock driven by their core values in the journey of self-discovery to be the best artists.


As an electronic genre artist pushing to build a strong identity, Mr. Pall states that contrary to other artists, they work with songwriters to write the songs with them. Earlier, they had been deliberating on better album concepts as the pressure to release mounts from fans and their recording label. They don’t entertain the idea of launching an album of merely 10 to 12 songs with no constant rhythm.


Pall considers working with Halsey on the hit “Closer,” as excellent due to her unique and loud voice. Notably, they wrote the song on their tour bus never to imagine how far it would take them in the right direction. Strangely, Drew was singing on the song as they got their hands on producing, which was unfamiliar to many of their audience.


Pall accredited social media such as Instagram for his precision on connecting with the sense of their audience. He speaks of how the young and old from places like the Philippines and South Africa find an emotional connection with their music. This proves that it cuts across different age and origin, which inspires them even more. Lastly, Pall explained how they are continually working to satisfy their growing audience in improving their live shows. They have toured the world twice or thrice to bring a new and delightful show experience.