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The mid-term elections for 2018 may be just around the corner but End Citizens United is still hard at work supporting the candidates who believe in campaign finance reform. Despite there being a Republican President this term, Democrats have been gaining a considerable amount of momentum and have gained dozens of seats in the last year. Not all of these came from traditionally liberal areas, many came from locations that almost always voted Republican traditionally.

One of the most surprising developments this election season are the poll results showing that Texas Democratic candidate for Senate Beto O’Rourke may overtake Ted Cruz. As the election gets closer it appears that O’Rourke’s chances of winning keep getting better. While End Citizens United doesn’t believe his win would have that much impact on the big picture, it would be a great momentum builder for the Democrats.

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End Citizens United believes that one of the main things that put Ted Cruz in danger of losing to a Democrat is his own actions. Polls show that the majority of voters are not happy with how he has handled his responsibilities in the office this term. His reputation or putting his own desires and interests over those of the voters has preceded his this election cycle.

End Citizens United was created in an attempt to get the campaign finance laws that have been abused by politicians for years to be reformed. They hope to achieve their goals by supporting the candidates who support finance reform in order to make sure the well-being of the citizens if put before the corporations. In addition, they are pushing to get laws passed at least in the short term concerning reform. On a long-term basis, they hope to have the constitution amended to protect the right to freedom of speech for individuals and not legal entities like corporations and organizations.

A Supreme Court Decision in 2010 allowed fro PACs to keep their financing sources secret. End Citizens United believes that campaigns should have to reveal their funding in order to make sure that corporations and other money-rich groups do not have too much political power. Politics should be for the people and not just a select few.

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It has become necessary for the private and public companies to hire third-party financial services companies to be able to manage their finance as well as avail a wide range of financial services. One of the leading financial services companies in the United States that provides its services to a vast array of public companies in the country is Southridge Capital. The company was established in the year 1996, and since then has grown at a rapid pace to become one of the primary financial services providers in the industry.


The growth of the company has primarily taken place due to its innovative and unique financial services it provides that specifically meets the financial requirements of its clients. One of the reasons behind the rapid growth of Southridge Capital in the last few years is its focus on few essential services such as mergers and acquisitions, financing solutions, restructuring analysis, legal settlement services, and credit enhancement. These are the services that are in high demand by the public as well as privately held companies, and Southridge Capital has been able to establish itself as a leader in these domains.


Southridge Capital understands that as a responsible company it commits the community as well. It is why it takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and has put into effect various measures to give back to the community in different ways. The company is also engaged in formal as well as informal philanthropy and is associated with various charitable organizations across the country. The founder of Southridge Capital, Mr. Stephen Hicks founded Daystar Foundation along with his wife Mary Hicks that collaborates with various charitable organizations to provide monetary and volunteer support. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Southridge has established itself as one of the leading financial services provider in the country in a relatively short period amidst heavy competition in the sector from other heavyweights. Southridge Capital has focused on few particular services and has been able to become a leader in that specific segment, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the most sought-after financial services providers when it comes to credit enhancement, legal settlement services, financing solutions, and securitization. You can check out their Facebook page.




Richard Blair is the owner and founder of Wealth Solutions company. Blair boasts extensive experience and expertise of over 23 years in industry securities registration. Richard Dwayne Blair launched Wealth Solutions with an objective of helping small businesses, families, and individuals grow economically.

Richard grew in an education environment. His mother and grandmother were teachers. His wife too was a teacher. He learned the value of education and knowledge from them. Dwayne understood how training gives one insight into the things that they engage in the day-to-day. He combined education and his passion for finance to come up with the idea of training and educating ambitious people in the society on methods to create, develop and safeguard wealth.

Richard Blair believes that every individual, organization or group of investors needs financial planning to allow them to achieve their financial targets. Dwayne provides economic insights particularly in planning to the people of Austin, Texas. He aims at equipping his fellow community members with financial tips that can drive them through their financial lives.

Mr. Richard Blair uses a three-pillar strategy to create a complete financial plan. He uses the customer’s present financial positions and retirement goals to come up with the best financial plan for that client.

The following are the pillars that Richard incorporates in his financial plan.

  1. Pillar one

The first pillar is drawn with the aim of laying down the customer’s economic roadmap. Richard identifies the client’s financial strengths, growth opportunities, risk tolerance and goals. He then works towards building a sturdy and long-lasting relationship with the client.

  1. Second pillar

The second pillar of the strategy is drafted to develop a long-term investment approach that is effective and customized depending on the client’s needs, desires and preferences. Richard ensures that his plan helps the client to maximize incomes during the high market periods and minimizes losses in the times of low markets.

  1. Pillar three

The third pillar involves implementation and management. Every financial plan is aimed at implementation and monitoring. Without well-conducted surveillance of the implemented financial plan then its impact may not be felt. Dwayne works on this pillar with the client. He uses the client’s goals, expectations and history information to come up with the best implementation program.

Fortress Investment Group, based out of New York, and founded twenty years ago in 1998, is a leading and highly diversified global investment management firm. They focus on private equity, hedge funds, railroads, red it funds, as well as traditional asset management. It’s subsidiaries include New Senior Investment Group, Railroad Acquisition Holdings, Nationstar Mortgage, New Castle Investment Corporation, New Media Investment Group, and a partial holding of Intrawest Aircastle. The firm has a reported revenue of 1.1 billion US dollars as well as a net income of 180 million US Dollars. The leadership of Fortress Investment Group is as follows: Peter L.Briger, Jr.Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Wesley R. Eden Co-Founder, Principal, and Co-Chief Executive Officer, and Randall A. Nardone Co-Founder and Principal. All three of these businessmen have led successful careers both before founding/joining Fortress and certainly have done well in their role as the Management Committee of Fortress Investment Group., an online employment resource, where personnel (both current and former) anonymously review companies they have worked for and their management reported a ninety-two percent approval rating of the chief executive officer(s) of Fortress.

Personnel ranging from interns to analysts who had worked or were currently working for Fortress had many positive things to say about the company including: There were many opportunities available to them and they were able to learn about many different industries. They felt there was good communication and overall collaboration between teams. Many employees also praised the flat management structure also known as the horizontal organisational structure. This type of management style differs from the more traditional hierarchical structure due to its consisting of few if any middle management positions. This type of management style is favored by companies which prefer temployeeshe removal of excess layers of management to promote communication between executives and staff which in turn allows for personnel to be more directly involved in the decision making process. Certainly the Management Committee of Fortress Investment Group has earned the praise and respect of their employees (as shown in the reviews) due to their diligent and direct business model which has been a cornerstone of their past success.

This past year, in December of 2017, Soft Bank Group Corporation, an internet and telecommunications behemoth, based in Japan, purchased Fortress Investment Group for the sum of 3.3 billion US dollars in cash. The acquisition resulted in Soft Bank Group and it’s subsidiaries owning all outstanding Fortress Investment Group shares. Fortress’s common stock was de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange due to the fact that Fortress’s future financial results are to be consolidated and reflected on Softbank’s financial statements. That being said Fortress is still allowed to operate as an independent company under the umbrella of Soft Bank whois committed to maintaining the leadership, personnel, business model, and brand which over a thousand clients, both corporate and private, worldwide have come to trust in for their investments. Will Softbank now with Fortress’s successful firm in its pocket soar? Perhaps it is too early to tell but if Softbanks numbers from 2017 (after announcing their intent to buy Fortress) are any indication, Fortress Investment Group is a solid boone to the company’s ever growing portfolio.

When you have financial problems, it can be difficult to get rid of them and get your life back on track. Unfortunately, a lot of people are trying to get help without hiring the right professionals, so they are stuck talking to creditors on their own and making bad decisions. If this sounds like something you’ve had issues with in the past, it is time for you to hire a financial solutions agency like Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital is located in Connecticut, but they work with lots of different clients from all walks of life throughout the country and they can help you as well. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Because of the experience that Southridge Capital has, it can make you feel good that you’re finally hiring someone who is going to be able to help you out. There are tons of different people out there who are able to help your situation and get you where you would like to be. Southridge Capital is a great company to choose because of their experience and the number of clients they have worked with in the past. Plus, Southridge doesn’t charge a large fee for their services, so you can hire them even if you’re currently in thousands of dollars’ worth of debt and do not have much to afford to get out of it. Check out scribd to see more.

Once you make the decision to give Southridge Capital a try for yourself, you’re going to find that it helps you to feel confident in the type of work they are able to do for you. Once you’re out of debt, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that you did the smart thing by hiring a financial solutions expert team who is there for you when you needed it. You will love what Southridge Capital is able to do for you and how they have worked with thousands of people since they were put into business over 20 years ago. It’s a great company with even better experts working for them, so you will find that the work is done quickly and without you doing a thing.

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It is hard for many entrepreneurs to invest in the future technologies. Most people want immediate profits. Jason Hope believes that the future of the industries solely depends on the future technology. Jason Hope besides being a futurist is also a philanthropist and an investor in the healthcare technologies.

Jason says that he believes that any individual after acquiring a degree in Finance and an MBA; the best thing one can do is begin their venture. His first business was in the mobile communication technology. Jason says the reason he chose mobile tech is that it reaches many individuals. It was simply the fastest way to reach out to people. He encourages other investors who want to venture into the mobile sector saying it still has room for growth. Investing in the mobile tech set his pace in his medical research and his dream as a futurist. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Unlike other individuals who take long before achieving their goals, Jason Hope did not face difficulties at the beginning. He says that he made profit fast and this encouraged him to enlarge his portfolio as well as invest in other firms and individuals. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

Jason Hope has a different dimension on which he views the doubts that arise in his journey. He says that all investors have a high affinity for doubts. There are multiple times that one doubts whether their strategy is going to work or failure is going to destroy them. Hope says that this is not the ultimate challenge, the issue is how we chose to deal with the thoughts. For Jason Hope, he says that he uses the doubts to fuel his passion. His love and belief of technology also take him through such moments.

Jason says that he believes that social media is still a valid platform for marketing. He says that it is a proven method of tapping more opportunities. He also says that he loves marketing strategies that keep people connected. Jason gives an example of Twitter, as a good platform for sharing news. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Jason says that one factor that has rendered him successful is having an eye for the future. He always visualizes on the impact that the future technology will have in our lives. This helps when challenges come along because he is not ready to give up his big picture. Practicing philanthropy has also been helpful as he says it helps in making everything feel in place even when the going is tough. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

There will be an important vote in Great Britain on Thursday, June 22,2016. The results of the vote will likely be known by Friday morning at the earliest. The subject of the vote is whether Great Britain should leave the European Union (EU) or whether Great Britain should remain in the EU. Billionaire George Soros recently offered his opinion on the issue.

There is a great deal of robust debate ongoing in Great Britain on the topic of whether or not Great Britain should stay in the EU. Many public personalities and political figures are coming out fervently as either “for or against.” Billionaire George Soros feels that the United Kingdom should remain as part of the European Union. He cautioned that leaving the European Union could be disastrous for the British unit of currency, the pound.

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Soros pointed out that the lifestyle of the average family would be far worse than before if Great Britain votes to leave. He stated in the Guardian newspaper that problems with the pound’s valuation would be worse than the challenges that the country suffered through in the early nineties. This could cause financial turmoil that is unnecessary and would be destructive. There would be problems with exports and manufacturing and he feels that Great Britain would suffer overall.

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The European Union is a group of 28 countries in the territorial and geographic region of Europe. The EU began in 1999 with the purpose of fostering free trade among its members and with the rest of the world. The various members of the EU are allowed to withdraw from the union when they vote to do so. The popular abbreviation “Brexit” refers to the possible British exit from the EU.

Billionaire George Soros is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management. Presently eighty-five years old, he is married to his third wife Tamiko Bolton and has five children. He is a noted philanthropist who has given away more than seven billion dollars. He has written many books, some of which include The Alchemy of Finance, The Crisis of Global Capitalism and Open Society.

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Philip Diehl, who is currently the president of US Reserve has offered his insight into the demise of the penny and its uncertain future during interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Mr. Diehl also debunked several myths on the penny, including the assumption that getting rid of it would increase prices and lead to a disruption of the economy. The president of US Money Reserve can be considered an expert on such matters. He has served as the director of the US Mint from 1994-2000 and was also a former US treasury chief of staff. Mr. Diehl also served on the senate finance committee where he was the majority staff director. If there is a person that can be considered an expert on the affairs of the US Mint and its coins, it is Philip Diehl as he knows the minting process, the value of currency and its affect on the economy in depth.
The interview, which took place CNBC’s Squawk Box mentions how it actually costs more money to make the penny that what it is actually worth. Mr. Diehl revealed that the penny has been costing the US Mint losses for the past 25 years now, and he believes it should be removed from circulation. He estimates that such a move would save the US government more than a hundred million dollars a year which is also impacting negetively on the US Money Reserve. The penny which is thought by many to be made out of copper, is now actually made out of 97% zinc, with the remaining 3% copper. This was done to prevent people from melting the penny down and selling the copper at higher prices.

Another critical point discussed in the interview with US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl is the idea some economists have that taking the penny out of circulation could raise prices and increase inflation. Mr. Diehl responded by saying that the effect should be minimal, and prices most likely will remain the same. “Companies” he says “Can raise or lower the price as they see fit.” The removal of the penny could actually lower prices, if prices have to be rounded. While the penny is slated to remain, it is costing more to produce than it is worth and most of its production is actually done by private companies and not the US Mint.