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If you’re looking for a dog food that will satisfy your hungry dog, consider Beneful. This Nestle Purinastore manufactured brand offers a great range of dry and wet dog foods specifically formulated for dogs with various nutritional needs.
For instance, puppies and dogs with high energy will benefit from Beneful‘s Healthy Puppy and Playful Life dry dog food formulas.

The Healthy Puppy dog food is designed with young dogs in mind, including ingredients important to a puppy’s development. With DHA to help promote good vision and brain development, this food is the ideal starter food for any puppy. It is also made with real chicken, whole grains and veggies.

The Playful Life dry dog food, designed for active dogs who require extra protein, is made with real beef and eggs. This dog food also features blueberries and spinach, which both add flavor and contribute additional nutrients, for a well rounded meal. This formula is ideal for dogs that get a lot of exercise and thus require a protein-rich food to maintain muscle mass and supply energy.

But maybe you’re dog isn’t young or active. If you have a dog that needs to lose weight, Beneful offers a dry dog food for that too. The Healthy Weight formula, featuring ingredients like chicken, apple, carrots and green beans, is a great solution for dogs that need to lose a few pounds. This dog food is calorie-controlled to help your dog lose weight or maintain a healthy weight while still enjoying a delicious meal.

How about dogs with no unusual dietary needs? Beneful, of course, offers a range of standard dog foods for the average dog. The Originals line of dog food is designed for most dogs, and offers a nutritionally balanced meal with a choice of meat flavors: beef, chicken or salmon. All of these dry dog foods include whole grains, veggies and fruits too, for additional flavor and nutrients.

Besides dry dog food, Beneful also makes wet dog foods and treats [see;]. There is truly something tasty and healthy to eat from this trusted brand for every dog, no matter his age or health. Beneful is available on Walmart, online and local pet supplies stores.