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With an abundance of hair care products on the market to choose from, it can be especially frustrating when you see minimal results after trying nearly them all. One little lady who worked at a hair salon was especially getting frustrated because her livelihood depended on her looks, and her hair was less than inspiring to anyone close enough to see it.

Before we can follow along with this little lady’s journey, we need to look at the creator of the Wen By Chaz products, see: Chaz Dean is the owner of a hair salon in Los Angeles, and he too was frustrated with the way the products in his store left his client’s hair. He decided to create the Wen line of hair care products and change the world.

So when Dean decided to use only organic ingredients in his products, he was able to separate himself from the crowd. Dean developed such a successful line that celebrity clients began to line up at his door demanding he work on their hair.

Getting back to a story originally posted on Bustle, we see a young woman who was frustrated with her greasy hair and decided to make a case study of the Wen By Chaz conditioner for fine hair. Looking at the first picture in her journal, we can see that she did need some work, but were not sure what to expect after 7 days.

Throughout her journey, we see that she doesn’t stick to a plan, and some days she is so flustered she forgets to even apply the conditioner correct. But by day 7, her hair has literally undergone a transformation. With minimal effort using the hair care conditioner, we discover that her greasy and flat hair has undergone the transformation she was hoping to achieve all along.

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