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The Brazilian Minister of Health has just deployed 200,000 troops throughout Brazil and especially in the concentrating on the city of XerĂ©m in the state of Duque de Caxiasc. State Sec. of Health Dr. Sergio Cortes is holed up in his “situation room”as he monitors all the information coming in from the seven dengue hydration stations and emergency shelters that have recently been erected in his state. Dr. Cortes is comparing the numbers of Zika verse infections in the area and trying to figure out how to best control the health crisis. The Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes has taken a proactive stance on twitter against the Aedes aegypti mosquito. It seems that this inset, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the female to be exact, this by far the biggest transmitter of a virus in the region. After all the torrential rains and flooding that has besieged this area of Brazil lately, there is an incredible amount of contaminated water that has been left standing and is becoming a breeding grounds for this aggressive bitting mosquito. Dr. Sergio Cortes is also coordinating the evaluation teams that his state has sent out and are working directly under his control.
According to Extra.Global, the teams will be seeking to decontaminate the waters by applying disinfectants. In addition to the disinfectants applied by the teams the local residents are also being instructed on contamination measures and techniques. Local residents have been armed with 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite by authorities so they can go out and help with the disinfection.

The Zika virus has been causing alarm in Latin America and now has spread to the North American continent by infecting people in Mexico and the United States. The Brazilian authorities are at the heart of the world health crisis and authorities like Dr. Sergio Cortes already have become experts in dealing with dengue, hepatitis A and the Chikungunya virus which are also spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. By gathering samples and training the locals and help supply disinfectants needed to clean up the leftover water Dr. Cortes is really attacking this health issue on Linked In in its root. Scientifically the research that is being done in Brazil will soon be available to assist in the widespread prevention of this outbreak from becoming a full-blown pandemic.

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