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The Georgetown Genius

Georgetown University has one of the most respected business schools in the country. When someone from Georgetown University decides they want to start a business, people listen and ideas become reality. Naturally, Georgetown graduate Nathaniel Ru peaked the interest of big name investors when he decided he wanted to enter the world of fast food. Normally, most businessmen don’t see amazing successes in their first attempt to open up a business, but this is exactly what happened when he and his friends founded Sweetgreen.



What Sweetgreen Means To Food

Sweetgreen isn’t just another fast food joint. It is an attempt to change the way we think of fast food in general. America is facing a serious health epidemic, and our fast food industry carries much of the blame. We need a new approach to fast food that considers our need for healthy food above all other interests. This is what Sweetgreen does. It gives the convenience of fast food without all of the health problems so often associated with the modern fast food industry.



Why Millennials Love Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru founded Sweetgreen in 2007. This was a year that brought many of the biggest changes in culture and technology we see today. Facebook was growing, Twitter was founded, and the internet entered its adolescence. Sweetgreen is a product of all of this and Millennials naturally take a liking to the restaurant. A great example of this is the Sweetgreen app. Although there are other fast food restaurants that have allowed their customers to use apps to order food online, the Sweetgreen app takes things a step further. The money you spend at Sweetgreen will actually go towards philanthropic goals and towards improving the world.



The Mission He Set Before Him

Nathaniel Ru has set some ambitious goals in front of him. Not only does he want Sweetgreen to become a successful franchise, he wants to make the restaurant stand for something bigger. There are so many things going on in the world and someone needs to find a way to solve these problems. He wants Sweetgreen to serve as part of that solution. At every step of the process Sweetgreen is designed with the goal of helping others in need of assistance. This isn’t always the most proitable solution, but it speaks to the causes Nathaniel Ru holds dear.