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Normally, professionals and academics shun any involvement with Wikipedia, the online open-source encyclopedia. However, professors at the University of Sydney have discovered a way to challenge students by changing the way they are assessed. Some of those professors believe that the traditional academic essay does not engage nor properly utilize their students’ knowledge. The new approach is in tune with the digital age, providing a way for students to use what they have learned to make Wikipedia edits or create a Wiki page from scratch. While Wikipedia gets a bad rap, this exercise allows students to use their imagination and enhance their digital proficiency. 

As part of a writing course at the University of Sydney, students learn by researching and developing Wikipedia entries. They also contribute better references to already existing articles. They, in turn, get feedback from Wikipedia editors. This allows students to get hands-on with the course material and to get real, useful feedback in return. This is becoming a preferred method of examination in classrooms because it gives students an in-depth look into topics taught the course, and it also encourages digital literacy, which is essential in today’s job markets. So far, University of Sydney has English, sociology, chemistry and biology departments have utilized Wikipedia. 

An exercise like this shows the usefulness of Wikipedia. It is also a testament to the caliber of writers and academics involved in Wikipedia business page creation. With more intelligent and academically inclined individuals contributing to the online encyclopedia, its reputation might improve as a source of reference. The website has a range of articles with information on historical figures, entertainment icons, prominent locations, and more. So the website can prove useful in many ways. One way is to provide information on businesses and individual for SEO purposes. Whatever is on Wikipedia can be openly seen to the public. 

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