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Goettl Air Conditioning has returned to Las Vegas. While announcing the company has now opened a new office in the city, owner Ken Goodrich said that it was a move meant to serve clients in the greater area as well as Henderson, Nevada. The company targets to offer HVAC replacement, repair and maintained from customers in this region. The owner says that it a move that has been in the pipeline for quite some time. Over the years, they have been planning on opening an office in the city but they were just waiting for the perfect time.

New job opportunities

There is good news for the locals. Not only will they get HVAC services from one of the best AC companies in America (Goettl) but there also are new jobs lined up for them. Ken Goodrich says that local HVAC technicians are just part of a larger group that is likely to enjoy the new opportunities. The company will seek to increase new employees to 250 meaning that they will have to hire at least 50 new ones. However, this is an expansion that is likely to happen over three years according to information released by the company.

Jobs for veterans too

According to Goodrich, the company will prioritize hiring veterans. This is because other than creating jobs, the company is more focused on creating successful careers. The company’s policy is more based on education and training even though they also keen to hire.

Goodrich’s connection to Las Vegas

One of the reasons why Goettl has been keen to move to Las Vegas is because that is where Goodrich grew. He was trained in this industry by his father and has gone ahead to establish an amazing career out of it. For him, the move was an opportunity to honor his father.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning has been offering comprehensive HVAC services for many years. They service both commercial and residential properties. Although the company has been mainly operating in Phoenix, they now have a new office in Las Vega.

It is more of a family business because the owner was trained by his father and manages the business himself. Some of the services offered include duct cleaning, furnace repairs, heating solutions and many others. With a large customer base, the company has provided employment for various technicians. It also is still in the expansion process as part of its plans to become the biggest HVAC servicing company in America.