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Ted Bauman is the Editor of the Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and the Alpha Stock Alert. He is employed by Banyan Hill Publishing. He was born in the United States, however his education was completed at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. It was there that he would receive postgraduate degrees in Economics and History. Ted Bauman began his professional life in the nonprofit sector where he served as a fund manager for low-cost housing projects. Eventually he would go on to assist in the development of an an organization called Slum Dwellers Internationals. This organization helped over fourteen million individuals in low income housing construct housing. Additionally, he worked to assist communities in maximizing the efficiency of their resources. He did this by assisting in developing systems to manage their finances. These experiences provided him insight into the life of the working class. Additionally, they allowed him the opportunity to understand the importance of the working class contribution to society.

Ted Bauman recently published an article which explored possible scenarios for a stock market crash. He explained typical trends in the market as well as the common factors which can either improve or deteriorate its conditions. Initially he discussed the danger in overvalued stocks. For example, during the dotcom mania people were under the impression that all tech companies would take off and so they overpaid for the stock shares. Ultimately they ended up losing money as not all of the companies were successful and the investors were unable to get their money back through dividends. Ted Bauman’s article discusses ways to protect yourself volatile stocks. He provides strategies to get the most out of your money in the market. He emphasizes the importance of diversifying, hiring an expert to assist you and purchasing stocks with low volatility.

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Jason Hope made a half a million dollar donation to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is an organization that carries out intensive research on the aging process, the effects of aging on the body and strives to develop anti-aging mechanisms that will help reduce these effects on the human body. Research has proven that aging results in deterioration of the body and its organs causing hormone-secreting organs to slow down hence leading to hormonal imbalance. The imbalance, in turn, results in mental illnesses like depression and anxiety and other disorders such as Alzheimer’s. Jason Hope is enthusiastic about the approach that the SENS Foundation is taking towards preventing these illnesses before they kick in. Jason is specifically excited to support a course that would help reduce the cases of Alzheimer’s heart and lung disease.

SENS is just one of the many biotechnology-related companies that Jason Hope supports financially and morally.

Who is Jason Hope?

Jason Hope is an Arizona based philanthropist, activist, self-confessed activist, technological inventor, and entrepreneur. Jason holds a degree from the University of Arizona State as well as an MBA from the Business School of Carey. Jason has always been passionate about technology and all its trends. As soon as he graduated from college, his very first endeavor was creating a mobile communication company. Over the years, he has successfully developed mobile and computer apps and software with the intention of advancing technology in his society and beyond.

Jason regularly visits both public and private schools all over the United States giving talks on technology. He has also developed a program through which he gives grants and scholarships to students and entrepreneurs in the field of technology. Through these, he hopes to help students become great thinkers and push towards achieving their goals in life in an innovative manner. Jason is also an active angel investor for startup companies that are looking to make it big in the technology market and have a great game plan mapped out. He is partially keen on politics in the United States.

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