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Andrew Rocklage is a well-read individual with an extra sharp mind. He attended the prestigious Suffolk University Law School for his undergraduate program and went on to enhance his skills, knowledge base and counsel qualifications at the Isenberg School of Management.

As busy as such intense studies should have kept him, it is surprising that the legal scholar could be as versatile as to successfully indulge in business, making a fortune from a business that he started from scratch.

The man has made a remarkable name for himself, having the reputation of being a brilliant and hands-on businessman. The Sky Zone Trampoline Park, which he founded and owns, benefits from the fact that he runs it himself, thus making plenty of profit. The business is reported to be one of the most innovative concepts to be implemented in Boston as it features indoor trampoline parks.

Andrew Rocklage proves to the world every day just how endowed he is with the understanding of how Boston business works. His in-depth understanding is evident in the way he operates the Sky Zone, Trampoline Park.

He ensures that customers visiting his establishments receive stellar customer services. The overall effect of his insistence on pleasing his clientele has always been increasing referrals and happy return clients. Read more: Andrew Rocklage | Facebook

To ensure that his business is run exactly the way he intends it and to have the impeccable services he desires delivered to his customers, Rocklage only hires the most talented and diligent employees to work at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

He takes his time to screen the potential employees to determine just how interactive they could get with his customers at the park. He insists on the quality of customer services that he would like all Sky Zone Trampoline Park visitors to be accorded because he knows that customer service is at the heart of the business success.

Already, he is happy with the way his customers happily go on exclaiming how well they get treated at the establishment. Fortunately, his talent search always yields the impressive business results and he never runs short of good employees. Also, Andrew Rocklage has an innate talent for growing the talent of his employees, keeping them focused and motivating them.

The corporate mind does not only do business. He does many other things which reflect on his ability and qualification to be one of the best legal counsels one could decide to hire in Boston. He has served as one of the corporate counsels with whom the EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals have worked.

Apart from legal counsel, Rocklage is also appreciated for his innovative ability. Owing to the uncanny decisions that the young attorney has been making since clearing his legal, Rocklage remains to be unpredictable.

One can only tell that he has almost finished dominating Boston and is likely to blow out to the rest of the country because he is known to love new people and new places.

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