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Papa John’s is an American pizza licensed company with Steve Ritchie being the president and CEO since taking over from the former chairman. The new Papa John’s management has stated that since taking over, he has realized a lot of issues that affect the restaurant’s productivity hence affecting its profits. Steve Ritchie mentioned there is a lot to be done and since taking over as the president, he is willing to fight for the company’s diversity, inclusion, and equity to all.

Steve Ritchie’s Visions on Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie’s new visions to change the Papa John’s, as regarded from his statements from letters and comments from different visits to other franchises, is to make the firm more productive while ensuring all stakeholders and clients enjoy the services provided. In one of his statements, Ritchie mentioned that he would do away with poorly trained individuals throughout the country to ensure that everyone under his leadership gets treated equally.

Some of his key visions include reduction of some royalties, reduced online fees and minimum pricing of foodservice. He also aims at providing funds to support new marketing programs and establishing his grass-root visions.

Papa John’s Fresh Goals

The firm, however, has put up two long-term goals with the aim of expanding the business while putting up programs to develop further and an initiative to promote positive influence in the community with better employees’ working areas and the services they provide. Papa John’s President and CEO Steve Ritchie posted on social media that he has received numerous complaints from his team and clients concerning the services offered and swore to make everything better again. He is eventually working on reclaiming the duties that Papa John’s used to play in its merry period.

Steve Ritchie’s additional comments on Papa John’s include establishing a new program working around the clock to remove the biasness that separates them. The plans, as mentioned by Ritchie, are also going to retain its advisors to ensure a smooth running business. Besides, he targets new advertising and marketing strategies and other promotional institutions with his goal of development and expansion of Papa John’s and its service delivery.