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Talkspace is an exciting new startup that has been making waves in the mental health sector due to the revolutionary platform that it offers to patients who suffer from mental health issues. The company has a goal of connecting patients with qualified mental health therapists when and where they need them and the company has already garnered the endorsement of some impressive individuals including world-famous swimming champion Michael Phelps. Talkspace has also announced another big piece of news recently. This is the fact that CEO and Co-Founder Oren Frank is bringing in Neil Leibowitz to serve in the capacity of Chief Medical Officer for Talkspace. More about of Oren Frank at Huffpost.

This is a huge next step in the growth of Talkspace and Leibowitz will be charged with a number of duties that will include working toward being able to begin offering prescriptions through the Talkspace app as well as working to continue to build the company’s enterprise business. Oren Frank has proudly declared the fact that Talkspace is really taking off and has already generated an impressive amount of overall revenue. The company already has over one million users and revenue is into the tens of millions. Adding a new team member of the caliber of Neil Leibowitz is yet another great step toward continuing to build up the Talkspace business model. He has extensive experience in the healthcare field that includes his previous position as UnitedHealth’s Senior Medical Director.

Oren Frank has also been working hard to build up people’s awareness of the work that Talkspace is doing by keeping a steady presence on social media outlets such as Twitter. Those who follow Oren Frank on Twitter will see him posting on a variety of topics that are related to mental health. He has recently posted on the fact that a new study has revealed that there might be mental health consequences associated with the phenomenon of selfie posting. This kind of information and much more is available through the Twitter profile of Oren Frank.

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