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One of the most successful women in the medical field to come out of Austin, TX has returned to the city to make her expertise and experience available to the residents of the city. There is an old saying that “you can’t have it all”. Dr. Jennifer Walden never apparently was made aware of that colloquialism when she was growing up in Austin, TX. She must’ve heard something more like “You can have whatever you work for” because that’s exactly what she did.


She is certainly one of the most notable female plastic surgeons in the United States. She sits on the board of the National Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association. She is one of the only women to every do that. She has also been recognized as a great plastic surgeon by publications like Harper’s Bazaar. Her hard work, knowledge, expertise, and dedication to her patient’s happiness have not gone unnoticed.


She grew up in Austin. She also went to school there. She received both her undergraduate and her medical degree from the Univeristy of Texas. She studied plastic surgery at the University of Texas at Galveston. she has said that she chose plastic surgery because the operations saw such immediate results for patients. She also likes the creative and artistic aspect of plastic surgery. Walden was also guided by relating to the self-esteem issues of fellow women when it came to their looks.


After college, Walden moved to New York City where she was a resident at the prestigious Manhattan Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital. When her residency was finished it came time to open a private practice. Walden developed this practice for years and was extremely hard working. This is when she decided she needed something a little more out of life. She wanted to start a family.


Her work and lifestyle left little time for dating or romance. She wanted kids but didn’t have a husband. This is why she chose to become pregnant via in vitro fertilization. Once her kids were 2 or 3 she realized that she wanted them to grow up around their extended family. This was the reason that she moved back to Austin to rebuild her practice three years ago.