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Securus Technologies has been the market leader in the inmate communications and investigative technology industry since its inception in 1986. The company offers a vast array of services, such as video visitation, video services, phone services, email messaging, voicemail messaging, money transfer services, photo sharing services, and more. Such services help tremendously in ensuring that the law enforcement officers can do their duty with ease, and inmates can communicate with their loved ones without having to spend a fortune. The services of Securus Technologies are much more advanced and superior in all aspects than what is offered by other competitors.


Securus Technologies’ products and services are used by more than a million and a half prisoners across the United States and Canada. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, which is where the company also has its specialized technology center used for research and development. The company recently announced that it had invested more than $600 million for patent acquisition as well as research and development, which shows the commitment of the company to the industry and helping build products that are safe, reliable, and futuristic. One of the primary focuses of Securus Technologies is to bring down the cost of the inmate communication services and open up more communication opportunities for the prisoners, which it aims to achieve shortly.


Recently, the company displayed the admiration it receives from the law enforcement officers through a press release. The law enforcement officers feel that the Securus Technologies is doing a tremendous job by offering advanced investigative technology, which is giving the law enforcement personnel an edge over the criminals and making it easier for them to keep criminals in check. I feel Securus Technologies is the company to look out for in the future as it continues to roll out new products and services in the sector.


Securus Technologies is a highly reputed information technology firm based out of the lonestar state of Texas. The company is focused on providing the greatest and most reliable forms of communication and security software and products to their clients, who are individuals directly involved in the American justice system in one way or another. The company was recently accredited with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a fact that sets Securus Technologies far above its competitors in the industry. This accreditation required a vast amount of time and dedication to meeting strict Better Business Bureau rubric requirements, with Securus meeting these requirements with integrity and purpose. This accreditation has not only increased the prestige of the company but has also recognized Securus as a great humanitarian company as well.


Securus Technologies serves customers from several walks of life, with their main customer base in the form of incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States penal system. These individuals are often overlooked by other corporations as being unmotivated and not worth their time and energy, while Securus identifies them as useful and important members of American society. In order to better support these customers with their communications needs Securus Technologies offers inmates and their family members a free downloadable application that solves many of their problem. This application allows inmates and their loved ones the ability to communicate through a virtual video chat interface, effectively bypassing unwanted security checks and the time that it takes to physically appear at a prison for visitation purposes. BY cutting out the middle man Securus is providing a wonderful service to these customers.


Securus Technologies has gone above and beyond the call of duty to supply customers that others ignore with the highest level of care. This makes them truly humanitarian.

Securus Technologies, the company that raised is profile last year by purchasing the electronic payment company Jpay Inc, has more news. Securus has worked with JLG Technologies to create a software program called Investigator Pro. Securus Technologies has incredible skill in forming key partnerships that allow it to be the premiere provider of criminal and civil justice technologies worldwide. Through its honesty, and business acumen Securus Technologies has a presence in corrections, monitoring, investigation, public safety and more. Securus is on top of the needs of these industries and as a result it decided to have the Investigator Pro 4.0 software developed which will change the way investigators work on many crimes that occur within the prison system. Securus Technology aims to be a valuable partner to law enforcement and all criminal investigation organizations within the nation.


The Investigator Pro 4.0 is a program that is specialized at analyzing vocal patterns. It is so adept at analyzing them that it can differentiate between different human voices on a phone call, isolate that voice, and then search through a massive array of calls made in the past to find other instances of that voice. There are many calls made within the prison system on a daily basis that use Securus Technologies phone call system. Some of these calls are innocent efforts by family members of inmates to stay in touch. Other calls are less innocent. They are being made by members of gangs in order to coordinate criminal activity. In some situations, gang members may reveal information that is useful to criminal investigators in solving some crime.


The Investigator Pro 4.0 can connect the dots together like no other software that has ever been developed. Thanks to Securus Technologies corrections officers and law enforcement have another valuable tool that can be used in the battle against crime.


Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.