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More than a million people have booked services with Cleaning Services. There are a large number of customers that have become loyal to the Handy On-Demand Services like painting, garbage disposal repair, TV mounting, picture hanging and home cleaning. There are bountiful services that have made it possible for a large number of people to use their time to do so many other things. This is the benefit of having a company like Handy available.

This is the organization that has made it possible for many people to free up time that would have otherwise been spent cleaning. Venture capitalists have realized that this would be an effective way for homeowners to clean their homes, and they knew that this would be a profitable business venture. That is why venture capitalists have given more than 100 million in funding to the co-founders of Handy Cleaning Services. They knew that getting a healthy return on investment would be easy.

Handy is the type of business that has managed to build a large clientele because the co-founders knew how to grow the business. When they started the business they got people interested with cleaning services. When they built-up the trust with clients that were booking cleaning services they knew that they would have access to a company were the employees were dependable. That allowed this organization to expand with a plethora of other services that catered to people that may have needed something other than cleaning. Some people will have the chance to get their televisions mounted. Others may need furniture assembly during the holidays. There are a ton of different needs that the workers from Handy can assist homeowners with. This is where the real profits lie for this organization. The multiple jobs that these workers do keeps business booming.