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Distraction is not an option within the Rocketship education. Rocketship education is a charter school model aimed at closing the achievement gap in tough communities where the majority of the students are poor, and significantly behind their peers. The goals within the Rocketship education, are just as the name itself; rocket high. By years in the students are expected to perform at 85% or higher in Math, and make 18 months of progress in Reading. To reach those goals the Rocketship model essentially puts students in traditional classrooms. The teachers are Math and literacy specialist, and the students are with them for 2/3 of their day. In line with hands behind their backs the students file into the computer lab 100 at a time. The real strength of a computer is that it can interact 1 to 1, as well as adapt. The Rocketship education system utilizes an adaptive curriculum, so if the student gets something wrong and somehow backtracks, they can be supported with reteaching material. If the student gets an item right, they continue on to advance. This system works effectively to collect data, and keep track of how every student is doing. The students spend 2 hours of their day in huge learning labs. While a single group is in the learning lab, their teacher is working with another group of students. In this way, Rocketship can hire fewer teachers and use any savings to reinvest in professional development. To add to the professional development and computer learning, the 3rd part of the Rocketship model intends parent participation. Parent participation empowers parents and students to take charge in their education. Each student knows exactly what level they are on, and are self motivated to perform higher. The Rocketship system is not a forceful model, each student in the program chooses to enroll in hopes that this new model in education will be the difference between falling too far behind to catch up, and rocketing to the top.