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Being efficient is much easier when taking tips from Upwork. The company has many interesting articles on getting things done during the day, and someone who has taken advice from this company will be much happier with the way they quickly complete tasks. The tasks are much easier to manage because they are written in one place, and they are done faster when they are staring the worker in the face.

  1. They Create A Sense Of Urgency

The lists create sense of urgency that cannot be found in any other place. The lists are constantly telling people what to do, and they will notice that some tasks are staring back at them because they have done them yet. People often get hard jobs out of the way because they do not like seeing them on the list, and this makes workers much more efficient.

  1. Write A Pretty List

People are much more likely to complete the items on their list when they have spent some time writing it up in a lovely way. Nice lists are more fun to work with, and they provide people with a chance to marvel at the little things they do well. They might take pride in that list, and the list makes it much easier for someone to get organized. They could make edits to the list, but even the edits would look nice. The workers stays organized, and they are on-task because they know the list is waiting.

  1. Start Early

It is nice to check things off a to-do list not long after the day starts, and it is simple for someone to use the lists because they will have gotten something done right when they got to work. They will feel more accomplished, and this usually leads to them doing more during the day.

  1. Conclusion

The to-do lists that people create for work must be taken seriously. The list should be written in lovely handwriting, and it must start the moment they get to work. This is the simplest way for someone to increase their productivity every day.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur that has invested money in studying how diseases can be prevented. He has put his money towards anti-aging research. The SENS Foundation established in 2009 conducts research studies on what he believe in. He believes the medical community should be conducting more research on preventing age related diseases.

In 2010, he donated over $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. This donation helped them build a laboratory for research. Since that time, the SENS Foundation has begun on several research projects. Jason Hope thinks that this type of research is important to advance medical technology. He wants to see cures in the future for major diseases.

The foundation focuses on rejuvenation biotechnology a technique that focuses on preventing diseases not curing them. As we age, the metabolism slows and diseases occur. The SENS Foundation is searching for a way to repair the damage that aging causes.

Jason Hope recently released an e-book called Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution. It is about how people can use the Internet for business and research purposes. His book talks about how IoT is used in many industries to improve efficiency and production.

He reviews all devices connected to the Internet and how to use them safely. He speculates about the future and how the Internet will affect consumers daily lives. Some day there may be smart streets that can conduct traffic and change signs with environmental cues. Food production might be streamlined and appliances networked in your home.

Today IoT or wireless technology is helping airline become safer and improving customer service. This technology schedules maintenance and tracks the safety of items like life jackets and tool boxes. It improves customer service by making check in easier and developing seat sensors for monitoring temperatures and humidity. This is part of the Internet of Things Jason Hope explained.

Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Finance. He received an MBA from Arizona State University. His business specializes in mobile technology and helping other businesses turn ideas into reality.

He has a website that offers businesses grant opportunities. His special interests are healthcare and educational technologies. He donates to many organization and is on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Science Center.

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Eric Pulier started off his career in technology by moving to Los Angeles back in 1992. Upon landing in California, Pulier made it immediately clear that his goal was to become an entrepreneur who pushed the limits, stretched the boundaries, and made fundamental difference in the lives of the people he would go on to work with. Since then Pulier has become one of the leading tech innovators and investors in Los Angeles, founding over 15 companies while raising millions of dollars for his work along the way. Right now Pulier is focused on his newest project, a micro transaction based company called vAtomic Systems.

Eric Pulier has always been something of a wunderkind in relation to technology. From a young age it seemed pretty evident that all Pulier wanted to do was work with technology, work with computers, and develop solutions to problems he found along the way. Growing up in New Jersey Pulier would spend the majority of his free time learning how to program. By the time he graduated high school he would have gone on to establish his own unique computer database company. Keep in mind that Pulier graduated in 1984, well before the tech boom that we know about today.

As an entrepreneur his goal has always been to look for market trends in order to find a way to capitalize upon marketplace. Pulier looks at disruptive technology as an event of convenience that offers him the ability to dig deep and find a new way to do something interesting. You can look at how Uber took advantage of GPS wired smart-phones, Google Maps, and the cheap cost of cloud computing. In this same vein we saw Pulier come up with what we now know of as vAtomic Systems. Looking for opportunity within disruptive technology is an easy way to get ahead of the rest of the people you are competing against.

Though he is an avid investor and entrepreneur, Pulier is also someone uniquely focused on helping others. Pulier has worked hand in hand with various philanthropic foundations to help bring aid and funding to children who suffer from chronic illness — such as the Painted Turtle summer camp.

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