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The mid-term elections for 2018 may be just around the corner but End Citizens United is still hard at work supporting the candidates who believe in campaign finance reform. Despite there being a Republican President this term, Democrats have been gaining a considerable amount of momentum and have gained dozens of seats in the last year. Not all of these came from traditionally liberal areas, many came from locations that almost always voted Republican traditionally.

One of the most surprising developments this election season are the poll results showing that Texas Democratic candidate for Senate Beto O’Rourke may overtake Ted Cruz. As the election gets closer it appears that O’Rourke’s chances of winning keep getting better. While End Citizens United doesn’t believe his win would have that much impact on the big picture, it would be a great momentum builder for the Democrats.

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End Citizens United believes that one of the main things that put Ted Cruz in danger of losing to a Democrat is his own actions. Polls show that the majority of voters are not happy with how he has handled his responsibilities in the office this term. His reputation or putting his own desires and interests over those of the voters has preceded his this election cycle.

End Citizens United was created in an attempt to get the campaign finance laws that have been abused by politicians for years to be reformed. They hope to achieve their goals by supporting the candidates who support finance reform in order to make sure the well-being of the citizens if put before the corporations. In addition, they are pushing to get laws passed at least in the short term concerning reform. On a long-term basis, they hope to have the constitution amended to protect the right to freedom of speech for individuals and not legal entities like corporations and organizations.

A Supreme Court Decision in 2010 allowed fro PACs to keep their financing sources secret. End Citizens United believes that campaigns should have to reveal their funding in order to make sure that corporations and other money-rich groups do not have too much political power. Politics should be for the people and not just a select few.

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  1. Braelynn Skylar says:

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