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While many students are questioning whether or not their college degrees that they are working towards will help them find a good career, Gareth Henry believes that majoring in Actuarial Maths is a great way to go far in finances. As one of the 3 principles that make up the executive team at Fortress Investment Group, his ability to analyze numbers through the knowledge he has learned through his education has made him a success.

Gareth Henry earned his degree in Actuarial Sciences from Heriot-Watt University and believes that the students of today will find that their degrees in the program will be a great tool that they will be able to implement in their careers. He is a strong believer in the power of education which is why he is supporting the students in the program at the school with a scholarship program that is funded by himself. While receiving the money for expenses is important, advice and guidance is as much and possibly more valuable. This is why he has also agreed to provide the students who have earned the degree a phone call with him every term while they are in class.

In order to be qualified for this scholarship from Gareth Henry and Heriot-Watt, students who are enrolled in Actuarial math and Statistics course must also be resident of the United Kingdom. An Overview of Private Credit with Gareth Henry.The students who graduate from the program are well-prepared for a career in finance, technology, and the insurance industry. In addition to creating highly-educated students, Heriot-Watt also engages in some very important research that is well-known throughout the world. Gareth Henry believes that the university is producing students who will have a huge impact on education, engineering, science, and business.

Before becoming Fortress Investment Group’s Global Head of Investor Relations, Gareth Henry held several positions at Angelo, Gordon & Co. These positions included Partner, Global Head of Investor Relations, and Managing Director. Prior to this position, he was with Schroder Investment Management as their Director of Strategic Solutions. With his knowledge, skills, and experience, he is able to provide solutions for their clients that help their financial future.

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