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Limits should not be set in stone, they should be markers that the athlete seeks to go past. No one understands this better than soccer champion Cristiano Ronaldo. He credits his elite nutritional plan supplemented with Herbalife as the reason that he is able to consistently outperform the best soccers players in the world. In his youth Ronaldo did not recognize the importance of nutrition and training, believing that he could succeed on his natural ability alone. As he grew as a person and player Ronaldo realized that he could not go past his limits unless he incorporated a proper diet into his life. Herbalife, when used in conjunction with a proper diet, helped propel Ronaldo into his prime.


Herbalife was born in the 1980’s when its founder, Mark Hughes, began selling Herbalife branded weight loss products. Though humble in its beginnings, it was the goal of Herbalife to change the way that the world understood and practiced nutrition. Never straying from this goal, Herbalife saw rapid expansion from 1980 to 1985 when the company became the fastest growing company in America with approximately four hundred million dollars in sales. Throughout the next twenty years, Herbalife expanded its reach internationally and consistently improved the products that it offered.

Currently, the company focuses on a variety of weight loss and protein enhancement products. Products such as the soy-based meal replacement shake have changed the way that Herbalife customers eat. Herbalife customers understand that the products alone will not alter their lives, they need to use the products in conjunction with proper training and planning to achieve their dreams. For those with dietary or religious restrictions, there are products to meet their needs. With proper use of Herbalife products, there is no reason that people cannot feel as successful as Cristiano Ronaldo.

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