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According to Lulu, Brian Torchin schooled at the University of Delaware where he majored in science and obtained a bachelor’s degree in medical science.

He later furthered his studies in New York where he graduated with chiropractic degree to be a doctor, and later he was licensed to be a certified chiropractic practitioner. He then set up his small clinic which was located in Philadelphia.

As there is an increasing number of cases of unemployment across the world, Brian saw it wise to launch a company that will be training and connecting workers with companies and employers. Brian is the head, founder and the CEO of the Health Care Resource Center Staffing.

He is driven by one goal which he believes that he is worth doing when he is assisting other medical students and practitioners achieve their goals in life.

Brian uses his Facebook page and other social media platforms to sell his company mission and name, plus to reach more people.

Through his social media he has been able to have more likes, and through these likes, people can see the links to the latest job openings, where those who are in search of jobs gets to find the openings posted by employers and companies which outsource workers from the firm.

From the day it was launched, the HCRC firm has been assisting people and industries to come together to one platform. The firm’s services include staffing, and it has been rated as the greatest recruiter’s agency which has penetrated a lot in the health sector.

In his earlier life, Brian Torchin used to manage some of the healthcare offices in Florida, Delaware, and Philadelphia and he considered these as his greatest achievements.

By using Brian’s services, the medical graduates have it easy to get employment opportunities through the platform. Even if Brian Torchin is a busy man, he always writes some blog posts to show his dedication in helping medical professionals.

On his Facebook pages, you cannot miss his blog reviews which are important to those in the field of medicine. The firm believes in integrity, and hence recruits well skilled and trained staffs.

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