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There are those friendships that start from when the people were young, they blossom and are still going on. Like Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. OSI Group McDonalds are like that. They are both from Illinois Chicago where they started and are still in partnership to date.

How it all started – OSI Group McDonalds

Otto Kolschowsky who had moved to the US specifically Illinois from Germany and opened a butcher place which served the people who lived in the area as a way to sustain him and the family. That was in 1909. 10 years later, he had grown enough to supply meat to other businesses in the environ. Another 10 years down the line, they changed their name to Otto & Sons.

The McDonald’s family, Richard and Maurice, had a restaurant which they opened in 1940. 15 years later, Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s as a franchise of the McDonald’s restaurant in Illinois.

Ray Kroc had met with the sons of Otto & Sons and agreed to provide them with fresh ground beef from their company when he opened the first McDonald’s. And that is how it all started. Ray Kroc bought beef company from the McDonalds and as it grew one by one to over 36000 franchises, guess who was there along with it; Otto & Sons, now OSI Group.

As new technology was coming up, Otto & Sons and McDonald’s were not left behind. Flash freezing was rapidly getting popular in the later years of the 1960s and the companies embraced it. This helped OSI Group McDonalds reduce their cost whilst create opportunities to grow their products. Otto & Sons even opened a facility exclusively to meat processing for McDonald’s.

In 1975 Otto & Sons became OSI Group when Sheldon Lavin joined the company. It was no longer a family company, although one of the biggest cultures of OSI Group McDonalds is treating the employees like family.

They eventually both broke into international markets like in Germany and Spain, together. Even though both companies have relationships and partnership with other companies, they do not forget each other and the humble roots they started on, in Illinois.

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