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VTA Publications was born in 2012 and is managed by CEO and financial adviser, Jim Hunt. The company offers distance learning classes to the public across the globe. At this company, the main purpose to provide the public with educational courses in non-fiction subject matter. At VTA, the company also sets up events for experts in different genres at The company has an expert specialization in economics and finance. On the company website, there are various articles and products to enlighten any curious learner.

VTA Publications provides learning material in east to understand formats for every customer. VTA prides its self in having access to the top experts in their specializing field of economics and communications on hand. These experts craft the educational courses with Jim Hunt to provide courses and products to VTA’s customers.

One of VTA’s prime products is Make Mum a Millionaire. This is series of videos that shows its viewers how to Hunt trades in ten easy steps to make his mum a millionaire. These videos will showcase the stock trading arrangement that Hunt has established.

Another popular product offered by VTA is Wealth Wave. This is an unpretentious approach to find the Bear market and calculate a way to profit from the fall in the market.

About VTA’s CEO

Jim Hunt is the financial adviser and Chief Executive Officer of VTA Publications. Hunt has quickly made his mark on the stock market, and shows no signs of slowing up. Hunt openly shares his greatest investment tips and tricks on with the general public; so that they may invest like a pro, too. Hunt is a regular traveler between the United States and the United Kingdom, to spread his knowledge about investing. Hunt runs investment boot camps on the weekends and helps hundreds of people to put their best foot forward and invest for the better. Hunt has rave reviews from his many followers he has helped learn how to invest smart on

Watch Hunt on YouTube every week and learn important information pertaining to the world trade market and other economic and financial advice.

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