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There is a common belief that contends that high IQ is the converse of high EQ. That is to say, that a person with a high IQ rarely makes money. Malcolm Casselle is the exception. Though you may not be able to find his IQ posted in the internet, Malcolm Casselle was certified to work on electron microscope by the age of 17. With a Bachelors from MIT and a Masters from Stanford University there is little question that Malcolm Casselle is brilliant.

Malcolm Casselle has been able to show how intelligence can be used to bring forth great economic prosperity. He has reinvented the way people view cryptocurrency. Typically cryptocurrency was a form of currency that was developed to undermine trace ability.

That is to say, a purchase could be made by individual one from individual two without either party knowing anything else from each other than an exchange was done. The initial cryptocurrency’s purpose was to create a currency that was both anonymous and secure. Cryptocurrency’s value was not realized until it was converted back to local currency.

Malcolm Casselle, along with William Quigley, have created a currency that is valued buy a gamers need to enhance a virtual character. Best of all, these virtual assets can be exchanged between gamers and will convert into realized profits for game developers. Since Malcolm Casselle along with his partners are the founders of Wax cryptocurrency, the economic growth potential is multiple faceted.

Not only does Malcom Casselle and his partners provide a platform for exchange, they own the actual platform. It’s equivilant to owning a language used specifically for trade. Although Malcom Casselle’s net worth is presently in the low millions, his virtual and unrealized assets could easy reach in the billions. Thus proving to the world that a high IQ can also equal a high EQ.

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