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Throughout Emily’s week long test trial of WEN hair by Chaz Dean, her most hesitant moment was when she was dispensing the WEN Hair product into her palms before cleansing. The amount of cleansing conditioner she was instructed to use far exceeded the amount of shampoo she was used to using. When using a normal lathering shampoo she was used to using a quarter size amount in her palm and then mixing it with water as she created a lather through her hair.
Emily found that she was instructed to use more at one time of the WEN but as she was running the WEN through her hair, it did not lather, and her hair felt thicker in her hands than usual. The difference between WEN and a normal lathering shampoo is that it keeps the natural oils in the hair intact. This is part of the reason why Emily’s hair felt thicker, because the natural oils were not being stripped away.

As evidenced in the pictures, Emily’s hair was beginning to look much thicker and actually more vibrant. It is easy to see that throughout the week the pictures of Emily’s hair are improving with the use of the WEN products:

Without fail, everyone that tries this QVC marketed product also experiences this same effect. WEN does not strip away hair oils, so the natural oils coat the strands keeping them moisturized and bouncy. The hair’s natural oils provide a glossy and vibrant sheen for the hair and also lessen hair damage from heat and prevent breakage from brushing. If this is even one of the positive aspects gleaned from Emily’s WEN hair trial, it is a success that anyone can incorporate into their beauty routine! Wen hair is available online thru Amazon.

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