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Cancer Treatment Centers of America has introduced an entirely new method of treating cancer. Their approach is designed to treat the entire patient, not just the area where cancer resides, but the physical and mental health of every patient.

The Emotional Effects of Cancer can be just as devastating as the illness. Cancer Treatment Centers of America have taken a new approach to attacking cancer and stabilizing the emotional damage with support and care. The staff at these centers join the patient in their fight to be cancer free. Stabilizing the emotional effects that accompany this life-threatening illness helps to support the patient’s strength, stamina, and wellness.

Designing A Specific Approach for each patient considering the severity, type, and successful result with the least amount of invasive methods to be used. The whole patient is the concern of the staff at all Cancer Treatment Centers. The integrative approach can include surgery, drugs, radiation, targeted treatment, chemotherapy, nutrition therapy and many other means of care, all for the treatment and support of the patient.

Cancer Treatments Centers Use State-of-the-Art Technologies to treat every patient, while working hard to reduce the side effects of every treatment. The overall health and mental state of the patient are their number one concern and the staff is committed to the success and health of every patient.

CTCA Hospitals are located in Phoenix, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, and Tulsa. To locate the facility nearest you and to make an appointment, visit their website at or call their main number at 855-821-2693 and speak to an Oncology Specialist. There is someone at this number 24/7 to answer your call and provide you with the information you need.

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the patient’s health is the number one concern of the entire staff.

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