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There is a great challenge when it comes to; launching a new business into the market. This is because it poses a serious competition challenge in the market that can make your business to fall because of making low or even no returns. For a new business to survive in the market there is need for intense and extensive market research for you to be prepared for what you will face when you get into the market.

One of the issues that should be considered while conducting market research is the target consumers, the changes in tastes and preferences of the consumers among others. Well, one of the new Companies that have been able to cope up with the challenges in the current market situation is the O2Pur company that was stared just some few years back.

Its main objective was to fill the gaps that exist in the traditional cigarettes market by the introduction of e-cigs which is a type of electronic cigarette that stimulates the feeling of smoking a regular cigarette. Although their cigs can be expensive while making the first purchase, it has some more added benefits that make it worth buying. One of the advantages of the e-cigs over the regular cigarettes is that they have no restrictions regarding the places where they should be taken. This creates convenience for users, and thus satisfaction of the consumers is also increased.

With the O2Pur technology in the e-cigs, there is a possibility that the cases of fire accidents will be reduced rapidly over the coming years. E-cigs do not produce some, or tangible fire that could be dangerous especially in places like petrol stations and forests. It uses an electronic device that is used to vapourize the nicotine solution. The user takes in the nicotine vapour which has more or equal satisfaction that could be given by smoking tobacco. But, there are some differences between the tobacco and the e-cigs, one being that the e-cigs have added flavours which are of different kinds which depend on the consumer’s tastes and preferences.

Another difference between the e-cigs and the regular cigarettes is that the e-cigs do not leave the unpleasant smell on the user’s clothes or hands like the traditional cigarettes do. The e-cigs can only be used by the active user. There are no passive users when it comes to e-cigs, and this can be one of the reasons why O2Pur can be highly appreciated and recognized company in the world since the issue of passive smoke has become one of the major concerns not only in the public places but also in the households among other places.

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