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Richard Blair is the owner and founder of Wealth Solutions company. Blair boasts extensive experience and expertise of over 23 years in industry securities registration. Richard Dwayne Blair launched Wealth Solutions with an objective of helping small businesses, families, and individuals grow economically.

Richard grew in an education environment. His mother and grandmother were teachers. His wife too was a teacher. He learned the value of education and knowledge from them. Dwayne understood how training gives one insight into the things that they engage in the day-to-day. He combined education and his passion for finance to come up with the idea of training and educating ambitious people in the society on methods to create, develop and safeguard wealth.

Richard Blair believes that every individual, organization or group of investors needs financial planning to allow them to achieve their financial targets. Dwayne provides economic insights particularly in planning to the people of Austin, Texas. He aims at equipping his fellow community members with financial tips that can drive them through their financial lives.

Mr. Richard Blair uses a three-pillar strategy to create a complete financial plan. He uses the customer’s present financial positions and retirement goals to come up with the best financial plan for that client.

The following are the pillars that Richard incorporates in his financial plan.

  1. Pillar one

The first pillar is drawn with the aim of laying down the customer’s economic roadmap. Richard identifies the client’s financial strengths, growth opportunities, risk tolerance and goals. He then works towards building a sturdy and long-lasting relationship with the client.

  1. Second pillar

The second pillar of the strategy is drafted to develop a long-term investment approach that is effective and customized depending on the client’s needs, desires and preferences. Richard ensures that his plan helps the client to maximize incomes during the high market periods and minimizes losses in the times of low markets.

  1. Pillar three

The third pillar involves implementation and management. Every financial plan is aimed at implementation and monitoring. Without well-conducted surveillance of the implemented financial plan then its impact may not be felt. Dwayne works on this pillar with the client. He uses the client’s goals, expectations and history information to come up with the best implementation program.

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