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Surf Air wanted to honor their customers on their fifth anniversary. The company is making changes to the way that they offer memberships, and they are making it even better for people to fly with them. Surf Air is making their airline a better place for people to fly, and they are convincing more and more people every year to fly private.

1. What Are They Changing?

Surf Air is adding to their membership in the most intriguing ways possible. They are taking on partners from All Roads North. That company makes luxury road trips for their customers, and now the two are working together on bringing customers to luxury road trips for less money. It is much easier to get a package from this firm, and the traveler pays much less because they have a Surf Air membership.

2. The Luxury Suite

The jet-setters and executives who use Surf Air are hoping for the most comfortable experience possible, and that will happen through the luxury suite that was opened in Los Angeles. This suite was made to give all the travelers a nice place to rest before getting on their plane,a don this hub will become one of the best luxury ports in all the world.

3. The Founders Card

The Founders Card is a networking and experience card that some of the best executives in the country use, and the airline has partnered with the card to make new experiences for their people. The Founders Card has a lot of power around the jetset locations where Surf Air travelers like to go, and it allows people to save even more money on their many adventures.

4. Surf Air Is Known For Great Flights

Surf Air provides some of the best flying experience in the world, and they are known for giving their clients the best care before and after their flights. The all-you-can-fly membership is perfect for those who travel often.

5. Conclusion

The Surf Air changes in membership make the flights from this airline much cheaper, and they allow for people to create better experiences for themselves and their families.

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