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Susan McGalla has built a career on branding and getting customers to buy clothes. She is the former president of popular clothing companies Wet Seal and American Eagle. This is a perfect fit for the position in which she currently holds. Susan has a great plan to change the way that consumers look at the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line. For many years the most popular selections from the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing collection was the black wildcard hoodie and some of the Pittsburgh Steelers short sleeve T-shirts. What Susan McGalla has done is create an extended line of clothing for men, women and children. There are Pittsburgh Steelers breast cancer awareness T-shirts and along with stripe polo shirts. The clothing line that has been revamped by Susan McGalla also includes things like Aztec crewneck sweaters and V neck sweater vests. Susan’s hard work on the clothing line gives everyone that wants to show their team colors the opportunity to do this regardless of where they are. There are some companies that allow workers to wear team T-shirts on Fridays during football season. This is part of the new plan that Susan has implemented in order to broaden the options for customers that purchase Pittsburgh Steelers apparel. The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a popular team for a long time. The black and yellow colors have become the favorite team colors for millions of football fans around the world. It is always going to be easy to find something that a Pittsburgh Steelers fan can wear to show their support now that Susan McGalla of has revitalized the clothing line. Many of the garments that are listed on the website come in different colors than the standard black and yellow colors that people are used to. The site also contains some special Steelers apparel that comes in different colors like gold, pink, green and silver.

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  1. Roland says:

    Employees that do not have casual dress policies on Friday can still dress up with the Pittsburgh Steelers Broadview sweater vest or the Pittsburgh Steelers bow ties. These are discrete garments that have a small Pittsburgh Steelers emblem. That’s is why why I will do my essay and make sure I get it right.

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